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Machu Picchu Special Adventure Tour (SPT1229) - Final Recap

21. Juli 2012

Machu Picchu Special Adventure Tour - Final Recap Hi Worldtourers out there!

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SCOUTING Breweries & Castles

1. Juni 2012

Hi all together and welcome on our "Scouting Breweries & Castles" motorcycle tour. Let me shortly introduce our guests: This is Netanya and Gershon Gaist from Israel, Eddy Preston from Australia and Dave Dery from Pittsfield, USA. Dave is ob his 25th "Anniversary" Tour! ...

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NEW: Scouting Breweries & Castles

21. Februar 2012

TOUR DATE: May 28 - June 10, 2012 Join Edelweiss Bike Travel for a unique ride through the center of Europe on this motorcycle expedition! This tour focuses on some of the first things that come to mind when you think of Europe: romantic castles ...

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NEW: Scouting Unknown Greece

12. Januar 2012

TOUR DATE: April 29 - May 11, 2012 Greece in spring – that’s an experience of a special art! Shortly before the summer tourism falls in the country we will enjoy the roads far off the beaten track and the awakening of the nature. ...

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BRAND NEW: Tridays Tour Combos 2012

15. Dezember 2011

Tridays is life - the rest is waiting! Enjoy the world's largest gathering of Triumph motorcycles on the Tridays Tour Newchurch. The Triumph Tridays, the biggest Triumph motorcycle meeting in the world is our destination for these tours. The town of Neukirchen in Austria ...

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Edelweiss PROGRAMME 2012

31. August 2011

Edelweiss Bike Travel Motorcycle & Scooter Tours 2012 * * * We keep hold of the world * * * . It is hard to believe, but we now go into our 33rd Edelweiss year. ...

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DUCATI Tour - Finito, ma non basta!

4. Juli 2011

DUCATI TOUR 07-07-2011: Gabicce Mare to Bologna   Ciao tutti viggiatori di mundo! (Hi Worldtourers everywhere!) We are exhausted, but happy. Today we rode incredible 280 (group Juergen) / 370 (group Christian) kilometres from Gabicce Mare to Bologna, via Misano (Juergen), ...

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Adventure Machu Picchu - Over, But Not Forgotten!

8. Juni 2011

ADVENTURE MACHU PICCHU, FINAL DAY: Arequipa to Arica Hi Worldtourers out there! Today was the last riding day of our Adventure Machu Picchu tour. About 400km (250 miles) from vibrant Arequipa to Arica, passing by Moquegua and Tacna. It was a good mix ...

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Ethiopia - office staff goes scouting

22. April 2011

In more than 30 years of  Edelweiss tours worldwide there are not many countries we have never been to on a bike. However, we are still in search for new countries with new routes and experiences to share with Edelweissers from all over. Ethiopia is a ...

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On our way through Mexico...

28. März 2011

Children love to see our motorcycle group, they love to talk to us, they love to joke with us and for us it is also one of the greatest things on this expedition. - All of Central America has something in common and that is ...

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SOS Children's Village says "thank you"

22. März 2011

As part of the motorcycle expedition Discover our Earth, the participants visited the SOS Children's Village in Marrakech and donated a sum for necessary purchases and repairs. Here a short summary of the letter from the village: "With this letter from the SOS Children's Village, ...

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Santiago de Chile is great

10. Februar 2011

Villarica is one of the greatest volcanoes on earth – it is a beautiful mountain and it is very active. We could not help but walking up there in spite of the fact that we didn’t make all the top it was a fantastic experience that we ...

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Edelweiss Christmas Celebration 2010

21. Dezember 2010

Hello friends! Last friday we had our annual Christmas celebration close to the Edelweiss Office in Tirol/Austria. After a nice dinner we had the chance to make some extra money at the "world famous Casino" of Seefeld, the Ski resort where our Alps Touring Centre is ...

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Section 1 is almost over

16. Dezember 2010

    Now, we are on the fourth week of our Discover our Earth world tour which is organized by Edelweiss Bike Travel in cooperation with GlobeBusters – it is really fantastic. We have now conquered the dessert in Southern Morocco, including the Western Sahara ...

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