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9SK - Tour of Corsica and Sardegna 2015 - a look back

18. Juni 2015

So, 11 days went by in a flash. Again. My third Ducati tour of the islands of Corsica and Sardegna and I am already looking forward to the next one in 2016. How come? Let me tell you about this year's tour and you might understand why. ...

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BOE1405 - The final one (for this year...)

9. Oktober 2014

All participants for the final Best of Europe tour in 2014 have gathered at Erding and  enjoyed a sunny afternoon before taking possession of their bikes. The weather forecast for the first riding day is perfect. Tomorrow we will know if it was accurate. Stay ...

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CBC1401 - Castles and Breweries

23. August 2014

The one and only 2014 Castles and Breweries tour is over. On the way across Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg we enjoyed the roads, food, drinks and scenery. 

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Scouting Israel - SPT14101

1. Juli 2014

!History, Religion and beautiful landscapes - the Edelweiss scouting tour of Israel is under way. Summer in Europe might be a bit patchy, but here in Israel it is already in full swing. Seven participants are exploring the country away from the usual pilgrim ...

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SPT14020 Corsica-Sardinia - the other way round

13. Juni 2014

Rumour has spread that there are two islands in the Mediterranean which are as close to motorcyclist's heaven as can be. Nine riders have embarked on a tour to find out if this is true. But before they crossed the sea, it was back to the ...

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