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Alps Extreme 4AE1702, Welcome to (motorcycles) Heaven!

25. Juni 2017

Riding day 6, Dobbiaco - Mieming The last ride of this beautiful tour has unfortunately arrived, and I think nobody was really willing to go because already for the briefing there were some delays! Also today's route was quite challenging, we did the Passo ...

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Innsbruck city tour

24. Juni 2017

The morning started with a train ride from Seefeld to Innsbruck.   The railway offers spectacular views while hugging the cliffs of the Inns valley.   Once in Innsbruck, Jon, Marilee, and Rob set off on foot to see the old town.   After trekking around for ...

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Sommer im Kurvenparadies

24. Juni 2017

It is hot in paradise. The short thunderstorm over Bologna on the frist day did not result in a change of temperature. So the group enjoyed the airconditioned rooms of the Ducati museum before hitting the winding roads of Emilia Romagna and Tuscany on the way to ...

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BOE Best of Europe 1702

24. Juni 2017

Day 7: The last day

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22. Juni 2017

Tour start in INNSBRUCK and the first riding day with destination FISS

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20. Juni 2017

Time flies when you are having fun! Last day already of this fantastic week of fun in the sun in the Ulitmate Alps motorcycle tour! And what a great week it was. Fantastic riders in a fantastic group! And also the final day of the ...

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Perls of the Adriatic Sea. Custom Tour

18. Juni 2017

Kotor back to Dubrovnik It goes once more into the mountains. Twenty-four switchbacks are waiting for us - the Stelvio of Montenegro! Along the coast, we return to Dubrovnik where the tour ends. Unfortunately this tour was great. ...

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4PE 1701 Pyrenees Extreme!

17. Juni 2017

On top of the Coll du Tourmalet

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HAT170A: High Alpine Thailand

13. Juni 2017

Day 6: Au to Erding 

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SPT17052 - Touratech Travel Event Tour with 37 guest from Thailand

12. Juni 2017

LAEW POB GUN MAI KHOB KHUN KUB LA GON Marko, Ursula, Malcolm and Andy

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Auf den Gipfeln der Alpen - ATC 1701

11. Juni 2017

looks like group is happy

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Descubre Europa! Munich to Rome SPT17040

8. Juni 2017

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Moto GP Mugello under the hot Tuscan sun (9MU1701)

5. Juni 2017

DAY 7: MotoGP Mugello   Today is race day. With the MotoGP race in Mugello the highlight of the tour is on the program. 150000 visitors and we are there too...

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First Alps Extreme Tour 2017

4. Juni 2017

30 degrees, blue sky, crystelclear view and 14 Riders from the U.S: and Canada and Mexico have choosen the perfect time to travel this week thorugh all the main passes in Austria and Italy.

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