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CUA2103 Alpen pur

7. September 2021

Sonia and Farr from the US decided to have a relaxed start of the tour by touring the city of Innsbruck with Angela

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Best Of Europe (BOE2104)

2. September 2021

Cow riding at the Rheinfall in Switzerland

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The Highest Passes of the Alps - Challenge Part I completed!

31. August 2021

Checking another big one off our list...

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CPO2101 From Paris to Omaha

24. August 2021

Our two guests, Sharon and Ken from the USA, had decided to start the tour from Paris to Omaha properly - by touring the city of Paris with our famous tour guide Pablo who also lives in Paris.

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Alps and Lakes (5AL) from the bottom to the top

22. August 2021

sleep well, tomorrow we start into our Adventure

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High Alpine Tour (HAT2104)

17. August 2021

We are back in the business of Touring again - and it feels GREAT! Dominik and I looking forward so much to leading this tour and showing our guests around the marvellous Alps, riding through Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, with a lightning visit to Liechtenstein thrown ...

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Alps Riding Academy 6AA2108

10. August 2021

Riding the Academy

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Iceland - Fire and Ice, the adventure returns (3FI2102)

8. August 2021

Doesn’t the motorcycle handover always feel like Christmas?

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Alpen und Seen 2021

7. August 2021

A very beautiful Alps and Lakes tour. We had nice weather, some rain, fog and mist, surprises and were at some of the nicest sightseeing spots around. It was an awesome group riding together: Chris, Bryan and Kowi, we are looking forward seeing you again! Wir ...

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4AE2103 - Alps Extreme

5. August 2021

If you can't get enough of curves and switchbacks, then you will love this tour, however, you should not underestimate this tour in any case. Good driving skills are a must for this fantastic tour. This tour has it all: winding roads, technical switchbacks, beautiful hairpin turns ...

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Best of Europe BOE2103 - Back on Tour!!

31. Juli 2021

Finally back on tour!! After a heavy year of corona crisis, finally all the tours start to pick up again. We are very happy that we have a great group of riders from  the USA  who flew into Munich to join us for the first Best ...

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Fire and Ice - Iceland Adventure 3FI2101

29. Juli 2021

Bikes are ready with adventure tires

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Alps Riding Academy 6AA2107

18. Juli 2021

the training park

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best book there is, Teil 13: Die verlorene Sozia

23. April 2021

In den 11 Jahren, die ich inzwischen für Edelweiss Bike Travel tätig bin, habe ich eine Menge erlebt. Erlebnisse, die mir mit einem Schmunzeln immer in schöner Erinnerung bleiben werden. Wenn mich Kunden nach meinem schönsten, lustigsten oder außergewöhnlichsten Erlebnis als Tourguidin fragen, fällt es mir ...

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