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Beiträge von Angela

NTC1902 Norway Touring Center - the continuation

21. Juli 2019

What do you do, if you did something that you enjoyed very much, and it has come to an end? Correct, you simply start it all over again   So I consulted the Vikings - the masters of the boats and ferrys, I had ...

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NTC1901 Norway Touring Center - Under the Norwegian sun

16. Juli 2019

Good morning to the world out there We have started our Norway touring center already a couple of days ago and were simply enjoying ourselves in this magnificent part of the world. Lucky us had sunny weather only so far and so all we can ...

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CBS1901 St. James Way - Tapas, Peaks & Turns

9. Juli 2019

We are back again in the north of Spain, riding some of the most beautiful roads of the country. When ever I tell people about this fantastic St. James Way tour, that Edelweiss Bike has in the north of Spain, I keep hearing the same question: ...

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CUA1901 The Ultimate Alps Tour

30. Juni 2019

The yougest need a power nap

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The only first one in 2019! HAT1901

2. Juni 2019

Angela, Goddfrey and Johanna are hoping for everyone to come back: we'll always guide you everywhere! Thanks for the great week together!

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RTS1902 Rom to Sicily

17. Mai 2019

Our last riding day of the 'Rome to Sicily' tour took us from Agricento to Catania. Unfortunately we got rained on half of the day and so we weren't getting many pictures to show you here on the blog. As if he wanted to show off ...

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Morocco Tour Spring 2019 ( MCT 1901)

1. Mai 2019

Beautiful weather to load the bikes in Mieming / Tirol to start the season

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Secrets of Japan, springtime in the Land of the Rising Sun - (CJA 1902)

27. April 2019

All the best and thank you all for a great two weeks in Japan!!

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MCT1802 Best Rides in Morocco

7. November 2018

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CCC1802 Christopher Columbus in autumn

21. Oktober 2018

Our second rest day - A tour through the city of Lisbon

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SPT18122 The Northern Spain Experience - crossing through Spain from east to west

7. Oktober 2018

Day 6: North-West of Tineo & Bay of Biscay

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CUA1804 The Ultimate Alps in the autumn

30. September 2018

Your tour guides Mike and Angela say thank you for riding with us through these beautiful Alps. Take care and stay safe until we meet again riding a motorcycle somewhere down the road

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Grand Alps Tour 1802 - the second and last in 2018

3. September 2018

The last day - Kaprun back to Seefeld

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ATC1804 Touring Center Alps

24. August 2018

We say a big thank you to all of you, it was great fun travelling through the Alps with you on this touring center. We thoroughly enjoyed the laughter we had together, you are great fun people. And we are looking forward to seeing you again on some ...

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