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Nord- und Südamerika

Classic Cuba (CKU180A)

14. März 2018

Welcome to Cuba!! A new tour begins for a small, diverse and friendly group from; Germany, Usa, Cuba and Spain to share a holiday together!

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Best of Cuba CCB1801

10. Februar 2018

Varadero - Havana Last ride of this beautiful tour, today we took our bikes back to Havana. But, even if the ride was quite short, it was a full day and we had a lot of things to see! We left Varadero not too early, passed ...

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Adventure Patagonia 2018

10. Februar 2018

Giribaldi Pass outside of Ushuaia is a biker's dream road...

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Best of Cuba CCB180A

26. Januar 2018

Riding day 6, Varadero - Havana To complete our Cuban experience, we were missing the tropical rain, but today we finally we got some! I'm joking, of course So, today we had to ride back to Havana and give back our bikes, the tour is ...

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Classic Cuba CKU1703

25. November 2017

Riding day 9, Varadero - Havana Today we started our engines for the last time and cruised back to Havana, but despite the short distance it was a very full day... and ended with a great surprise, a old car drive through Havana before dinner! My ...

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20. November 2017

Chosen as one of the world’s hottest ‘new’ destinations by Lonely Planet, the New York Times and Bloomberg News (among others), Cuba is enjoying a well-earned place in the sun since the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States started in 2014. If you’re wondering what all ...

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Best of Cuba CCB1703

12. November 2017

Riding day 6, Varadero - La Habana Even the best trips come to an end. Today cruised back to Havana, mostly on the main road that connects Varadero with the Capital City. After a nice coffee break at the Bacunayagua bridge, the biggest bridge of Cuba, ...

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Kuba - dein Motorrad Reiseziel in 2018?

5. Oktober 2017

Auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Motorradtour Reiseziel? Sie möchten im 5-Stern-Resort logieren, internationale Haubenküche genießen, während des Kaffeestops ins Internet gehen und Ihre Aktienkurse checken, abends zum Shopping in die Läden von Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci oder Louis Vuitton? Dann vergessen Sie Kuba!

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EBK 1701 - Reunion Ride

1. Oktober 2017

    Shout-out to all Reunion-Weekend folks: If you have some pictures for me you want so see on the blog please send them to michael.kreuzmeir@edelweissbiketravel.com!   Sorry for the delay - picture comments will be added soon!   ...

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Adventure Altiplano August 2017

5. September 2017

we made it to Antofagasta!! This tour is great like that: Start at the Pacific Ocean, end here too!!

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H.O.G HANOI & SAIGON. CHAPTERS, VIETNAM CHAPTER Custom tour Denver, Sturgis, Denver...

12. August 2017

The Mile High City..

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Canada West Tour 2017

4. August 2017

Western Canada is speckeled with quaint little towns- nice place to ride!

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Alaska and Yukon Adventure (AYT170A)

4. Juli 2017

A scenic ride across the big north! This long adventure with our very kind group of Taiwan with Manuel (Italy) and Mark (USA) in the lead has just finished! I have collected a few of the hundreds of memories.. follow us in this big trip! ...

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SPT17006 A special tour through Chile and Argentina

11. März 2017

Meanwhile back in Europe again, I want to say thank you, Herbert and Gerald, for a great South America experience. I enjoyed your good company and all the good off-road parts we took Keep on riding, and maybe see you again on the road some ...

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