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Adventure Big Five ABF1802

28. August 2018

Day 16, Citrusdal - Cape Town Today we reached our final destination, the beautiful Cape Town! And it was another full day of riding, with lots of curves and amazing sceneries. We would like to thank this wonderful group for these two beautiful weeks that we ...

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Adventure Big Five ABF1801

24. August 2018

Day 16, Kasane - Victoria Falls And the tour is unfortunately over, today we reached our final destination, the magnificent Victoria Falls! We left our hotel in Kasane by bus and then we had to face a very long line at the border to Zimbabwe, but ...

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Morocco, the perfect early spring tour ! (MCT 1801)

8. Mai 2018

A big thank you to a fantastic group and 2 wonderful weeks. Hope to see again Ted, Ursula and Pierre

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Morocco tour 2018 (MCT 180A)

5. April 2018

Day14 Chefchaouen - Malaga

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Die Saison ist eröffnet - Marokko Tour 2018

19. März 2018

Day1: Malaga - Ceuta  

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South Africa - first tour 2018 (SAT1801)

4. Februar 2018

The final tickmark: Cape of Good Hope

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Morocco, here we come! (MCT 1702)

20. November 2017

....and then there was the last day already of this Tour! Wih mixed feelings we started again (yes, again..!) under a clear blue sky downhill from Chefchaouen for a nice half day riding through the Rif mountains towards the border crossing near Ceuta.  Enjoying the last ...

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South Africa Tour a multicultural trip through the country of the rainbow nation (SAT 1702)

11. November 2017

DAY 1: The arrival in Johannesburg 

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Adventure Big Five, the way back ABF1702

12. September 2017

Day 16, Citrusdal - Cape Town The final ride of this tour has "finally" arrived, today we reached Cape Town. It was a great ride, a perfect way to finish the tour! We started with the Middelbergpass (on gravel!) and then after a nice break in ...

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Adventure (very) Big Five ABF1701

26. August 2017

Day 16, Kasane - Victoria Falls Finally, after more than 4000 kilometres, we have reached the final destination of the tour, the spectacular Victoria Falls! Today we did not ride our bikes, we moved by bus and the biggest challenge was the border control: around 3 ...

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Morocco tour (MCT 1701)

12. April 2017

Day 1 - Arrival Day   One by one the tourmembers are arriving in our starthotel in Malaga, in the beautiful motorcycle area of Andalusia, to begin the first Morocco adventure of 2017. The transport with the bikes has safly arived and bikes are all ...

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Die Kanarischen Inseln es geht wieder los - TTE _ 1703

20. Februar 2017

Teide turns white

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The Canary Islands in spring - TTE_1702

20. Februar 2017

Centro Historico - Guia de Isora

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South Africa Tour SAT1701 in Cape Town!

4. Februar 2017

We made it! Our group of 12 mtorcycle riders and passenger has finally (and safely) arrived in Cape Town! Two great riding days brought us to the southern tip of Africa! Yesterday we started in Montagu and rode straight down to Africa's southernmost point, Cape Agulhas. ...

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