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High Alpine Tour - the last for 2019

16. September 2019

The incredible view from Penegal

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15. September 2019

GRAND ALPS Group 2019

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5EB - European Bike Week

11. September 2019

Starting at freezing temperatures in the rain and still having fun on the motorcycle? Must be an Edelweiss Tour. Challenging conditions from rain to snowfall as we are re-entering Austria made this last riding day an exceptional experience.

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Touring Center Austria..THE FIRST OF ITS KIND!!!

6. September 2019

The Touring Center Austria is a new tour organized by Edelweiss in 2019!                                                We have our base in Velden am Woerthersee and ride ...

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Alpine Miracle Tour

14. August 2019

Day 1: Milano - Martigny

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4AE1903: August Alps Extreme

4. August 2019

Day 6: Antholz to Mieming 

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CUA1902 - Ultimate Alps - Mountains, Curves and Strudel

14. Juli 2019

After a well deserved rest day, it is time to tackle a few more passes before the tour comes to an end at Edelweiss HQ in Mieming: Penser Joch, Jaufenpass and as a final higlight Timmelsjoch. Weather forecast was for a dry part in the morning and ...

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Alps Extreme 4AE1902. Food and Curves

14. Juli 2019

Last riding day! That means...more curves to go! We leave Anterselva in the early morning, the clouds are gone and everything is perfect. We start climbing the passo Furcia and right after that the passo delle Erbe. Zero traffic, nice roads and perfect weather. After ...

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CUA1901 The Ultimate Alps Tour

30. Juni 2019

The yougest need a power nap

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The High Alpins HAT1902

30. Juni 2019

we say thank you !! For a nice week with you. everybody comes home well. your tour guides michaela and michael

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The Ultimate Alps Ride Special

29. Juni 2019

DAY 8: KLobenstein (Collabo) to Mieming 

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Best of Italy - the new one

17. Juni 2019

Day 9: Pienza - Rome

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Unpaved Tuscany UPT1901

4. Juni 2019

Welcome to the first of its kind in Italy, the Unpaved Tuscany tour is about to start and we are all ready to ride, learn and enjoy, because after all, it's what we love doing.    The guys are full of energy and ready for ...

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Tuscany by scooter 2TU1901

24. Mai 2019

Welcome to Tuscany!!! A cloudy sky in Florence is not too bad when you want to go for a walk through the centre! And this is how the tour started, with a visit to the cradle of Reinassance. We could admire some of the most impressive monuments, ...

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