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NSZ1702- New Zealand - the Paradise Down Under

25. November 2017

We have to say good-bye to Cliff and Debra and to Tim, they are not coming on the North Island Extension. It was a pleasure having you on tour. Watch the blog, so you know what you missed .-) Have a save flight back home, we ...

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Alps & Lakes

17. Oktober 2017

Last day: back to Erding

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Pyrenees in warm, sunny weather... ... is over! (PYT1703)

30. September 2017

Spectacular view of Pic du Canigou

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Pyrenees in style (PYT1702)

21. September 2017

Day 5: From Carcassonne back to Catalunya

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Breweries & Castles: one last time...

1. September 2017

Day 11: Rothenburg to Mainz

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HAT1703 - Switzerland - Liechtenstein - Austria

24. Juli 2017

Last highlight of the High Alpine Tour: We visited Castel Linderhof, but King Ludwig II was not at home ;o)

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Guided City Tour in Munich

16. Juli 2017

John, Dave and Mike at Marienplatz

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Back to Dubrovnik: a great tour is coming to an end (CAS1701)

4. Juni 2017

Thanks everybody for joining us on this amazing tour. It was a blast! See you next time!!!

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The best and most exclusive Tour of Europe

11. Mai 2017

Last day: back to Erding

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Tourguide academy - das Streben nach Perfektion - Modultour 2017

30. April 2017

A week of intensive training just came to an end. Lots of work, lots of fun, lots of rain and lots of interesting experiences - everybody just had a blast. Eight highly trained, ultra-professional tour guides couldn't wait to head out to their assigned tours, but before ...

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NSZ1701 New Zealand part 2: the North Island

6. Februar 2017

Day 13: Rotorua - Auckland

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CNS1701 New Zealand - North Island Extension

5. Februar 2017

The Bay of Islands.... the Old Russell Road.... what a fantastic ride.... so much fun....

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Let's go north!

26. November 2016

The old road to Russell: one of the best rides in the world!

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It's been a blast! (NSZ1602)

21. November 2016

Day 11: Hike, ride and fly  

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