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High Alpine tour

17. Juli 2022

Welcome brieving to get everybody ready for our tour

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SPT Special Peaks and Passes

1. Juli 2022

The Night before the Tour Starts - Welcome to Vienna

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High Alpine HAT2202

25. Juni 2022

We did it STEVIO 48 switchbacks up 39 switchbacks down 3048 ft And the best lunch stop ever By Bruno

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Best of Europe -BOE2202

20. Juni 2022

what a crazy and warm group

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2TC2201 - Tyrol by Scooter

14. Juni 2022

Fun everyone? YEAAAHHHH!!!! Und - habt ihr Spaß? YEAAAHHHH!!!

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UPT2202: Enduro-Wandern Toskana

4. Juni 2022

"Go play in the woods", they said. "It will be fun", they said. They were right!

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BOI2202 Best of Italy - the second

23. Mai 2022

Patricia and John from the USA have arrived in Italy a few days ahead of the start of our Best of Italy tour. They are both pretty tough as they walked the city of Rome already 2 days before. And since they had seen many sights already, ...

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Best of Italy (BOI2201)

11. Mai 2022

Welcom to the best of Italy, in Rome. Your Tourguides Michaela and Stefan are looking forward to showing you the most beautiful corners of Italy!

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Rom nach Sizilien

11. Mai 2022

The Theme Of The Day - Rain Man 2.0 - We did it

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Ducati Cordoba in Italy SPT22012

9. Mai 2022

The tour guides Julia and Angela welcome the Argentinian Ducatistas in Rome. A group of twelve lively Argentinians from Cordoba have taken the leap over the big pond to ride Ducatis only in Italy. How much better can it get?

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Modultour 2022 (6TG2201)

14. April 2022

Modul Tour 2201 for new tourguides 2022

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RTS Rom to Sicily - A journey through history

8. November 2021

Benvenuti a Roma

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RTS2103- Sicily to Rome

28. Oktober 2021

A great group exploring southern Italy!

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Best of Italy tour! (BOI2103)

2. Oktober 2021

Rome, the Eternal City, is the perfect starting place of this wonderful tour that will take us through the central part of Italy! Everybody has arrived and today a bunch of us took the chande to go on a guided walk to see the most beautiful sights ...

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