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Majestic Alps - Exclusive Tour

16. August 2016

but every pic was worth to do stop for it! Thank you guys, for an unforgotten trip! Andreas &Thomas

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The Ultimate Alps Tour is on the way (CUA1603)

15. August 2016

going up the Penserjoch in the morning

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High Alpine Tour - HAT 1604

14. August 2016

After another stop to visit "Monastery Ettal" and a really good Lunch - wie finished our Tour. Had an enjoyable " Farewell Dinner" and - next  morning - also breakfast all together. "Good By". Have a good flight back home, and a good time  when ...

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The North Cape Tour

8. August 2016

After long hours riding, seeing wild animals on the way and enjoying the amazing landscape, we finally made to get to the North Cape!

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3FI 1601 - Iceland First Lap

8. August 2016

Day 10: Flúðir - Reykjavik On our last day there was still someting to see! This big island can leave you breathless every day! Thingvellis, the plain where the old parliament was (already in the 10th century) and also the long crack between the two tectonic plates. ...

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Adventure NORTH CAPE, Norway

8. August 2016

Final day: Enontikiö (Finland) to Tromsø (Norway) And then, suddenly, it is here: the last day of this fantastic North Cape Adventure tour! All saddled up in the morning even before 9 o' clock (always on time!!), we took off for our last track through Lapland ...

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Perfect Alps ROUND TWO 2016

4. August 2016

And so it had to come to an end.   The time simply flew by, new friends were made, new sights were seen, better riding skills were learned.  Perfect Alps Harley Tour by Edelweiss is becoming legandary, great ride, great roads, great food and great scenery........   P E ...

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... and back to Vienna: Kings & Castles is over (CKC1601)

31. Juli 2016

...and take care guys. Keep your sunny side up

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NTC1602 - another Norway Touring Center - another Troll

27. Juli 2016

Time to say good-bye!

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(Very) High Alpine Tour - HAT1603

25. Juli 2016

Time to round it all up... 

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Majestic Alps for Lebanon SPT16097

20. Juli 2016

It is all about Ducati here in Bologna, and this is why 9 riding buddies from the Ducati Club Lebanon have met here for their tour crossing the Alps from the south end all the way to the north end. What a great feeling to start a tour ...

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Norway Touring Center - NTC1601

16. Juli 2016

Life is good!!! thanks to all of you for a wonderful week, for your cooperation  and for all the fun we had. Hope to see you all again Ursula and Domenico

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Best of Europe 1603

15. Juli 2016

Before we could get on the bikes today, we first had to fix a flat tire on one of the bikes. Thanks to the help of the hotel owner the bike was ready to go again after ten minutes.When we headed out of the garage the rain ...

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Pyrenees Classic 1601

14. Juli 2016

Pyrenees Classic

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