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Grand Alps Tour 2013

30. Juni 2013

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3HT130A - Brazil conquers Scotland!

29. Juni 2013

Day 6: Rest day A long sleep and a late breakfast leaves us refreshed and ready to explore Inverness. The afternoon is spent visiting the Glen Ord whisky distillery on the famous Black Isle.

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Day 4 Edelweiss Movie Tour SPT13121

24. Juni 2013

Hollywood watch out! Edelweiss is doing a movie about a motorcycle tour! But it is not just another tour: it is a tour with special participants to special destinations! Today we were in Seefeld, Austria, and did a loop to Germany: First stop was the Walchensee, ...

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Best of Europe BOE1302

21. Juni 2013

The Best of Europe BOE1302 is over As all good things come to an end, also this tour finished! It was a pleasure to meet all of you and we had a great time together, thanks for coming and see you hopefully soon again! ...

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Munich City Tour GCT1321

20. Juni 2013

It was a beautiful day today in Munich, blue sky and 37°C/99°F. Despite the heat a small group of three Canadians and two Americans managed to climb the 299 steps to the viewing platform of St. Peter's church, also known as "Old Peter", to enjoy the spectacular ...

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Tour of the Pyrenees (PYT1301) - Dancing with Pyrene

17. Juni 2013

Day 6: Carcassonne-Molló Leaving Carcassonne, with the castle behind.

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Guided City Tour Barcelona in June 2013

17. Juni 2013

The Barcelona City Walk - impressions of a beautiful lively modern city:

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Triumph Balkan Adventure (3BA1301), enjoying Dalmatia!!!

15. Juni 2013

Riding Day 5, going home from Mostar to Split After our nice evening yesterday we got together for our last briefing and head out early to avoid a little the heat. In the morning the road toke us through the backcountry of Bosnia. At ...

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Ultimate Alps Tour.CUA1301

12. Juni 2013

Passo dello Stelvio, Stilfser Joch

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4SC1301 Austria, Slovenia, Croatia

12. Juni 2013

And to finish the blog, our last supper Was a great week

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SPT1348 - Special Tour of the Adriatic Rollercoaster

11. Juni 2013

Better late than never.  Here is the story of our special tour with 7 Mexican couples in Slovenia and Croatia.  This was my first time to the region and with Stephan's expertise we learned a lot about the region's history. For instance, the war in Slovenia only ...

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Back in Erding: Alps and Lakes CAL1302

9. Juni 2013

We have made it: we are back in Erding! All riders and bikes have found their way back to Germany - even though it was not easy to leave the Alps behind! It just doesn't get more beautiful than this:

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SPT1336 Adriatic Sea and Mountains

5. Juni 2013

You want to travel through Croatia and Slovenia with a touch of Ireland? How do you think this will work...? Well, just get a bunch of Irish guys over into these countries, give them motorcycles and enjoy a great time! This tour is ...

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Finish line: Best of Italy Ducati MotoGP Tour 9SI1302

1. Juni 2013

Mugello, here we come! Today an excited group of motorcyclists from all over the world gathered in Bologna. The center of attention were 9 Ducati Multistradas and 3 Monsters! Tomorrow we will start early - it is race day in Mugello, Tuscany!

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