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Beiträge von Domenico Schiano Moriello

The heart of Italy 4IT1402

2. September 2014

Day 5, Urbino - Florence Unfortunately the last riding day of this great tour has arrived! Today we first rode to San Leo, a very important town in the middle ages, where we enjoyed a nice coffee break. Then we took the highway for ...

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Majestic Alps 9AS1402

3. August 2014

Day 7, Kals to Seefeld The last riding day of this fantastic trip has sadly arrived but it was another great day! We first rode on the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, the most famous alpine road of Austria. There, on the Franz Josefs Hütte, we could ...

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The Viking Experience SPT14021

22. Juli 2014

Day 8 - Rest day in Oslo Hello - today we too the chance to visit and see a bit of Oslo, the capital (as well as the biggest city) of this beautiful country! This city is a hub of Norwegian trade, banking, industry ...

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French Riviera by scooter 2CO1401

25. Juni 2014

Day 5, Cannes and Antibes On our last riding day we went to Cannes and Antibes, two of the most famous tourist destinations of the French Riviera. Despite the hot weather it was another pleasant day! Goodbye everybody, have a safe trip back ...

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Tuscany by Scooter 2TU1401

16. Juni 2014

Day 5, Cooking Class in Villa Pitiana Last day of this beautiful Tuscany by scooter tour! Is there a better way to finish it then with a cooking class? The chef Marco showed us how to prepare very tasty bruschettas and pizzas and, after ...

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Croatia by Scooter 2CR1401

9. Juni 2014

Day 5, Risnjak National Park The day started with a coffee break by the lake and a nice welcome by Jack, a friendly dog. What a nice experience tracking in the Risnjak Nation Park! One hour walking in the nature surrounded by brighting  coulours ...

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Sicily to Rome... RTS1402

6. Mai 2014

The RTS1402 is over We would like to thank all tourmembers for a wonderful time together and we wish everybody a safe trip back home. Ride safe and keep in touch! Ciao!!! Your Tour Guides Alan Domenico ...

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Rome to Sicily RTS1303

12. Oktober 2013

The Rome to Sicily tour is over Thank you for a wonderful tour! What a great group, people from the USA, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, England... all together creating always a very nice atmosphere. We hope to see you soon again on another Edelweiss tour, ...

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The Heart of Italy 4IT1302

11. September 2013

Thank you for a great week!!! Michael, Vincent, German, Carmen, Daniel, Alejandro, Fernanda, Irma, Shawn, Christian, Carmen, Karin, Arthur, Barbara, Jean, Philip, Susan, Chris, Veronica, Ignacio, Francisco. We hope to see you soon on another tour! Your guides, ...

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Pirelli Alps Tour SPT1382

7. September 2013

We are really pleased that Pirelli has chosen Edelweiss Bike Travel to organize an incentive trip for their best customers from Benelux! It was a short tour, just two days of riding from Mieming to Livigno and then to Milan, but we ...

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Royal Edelweiss Dream RED1301

31. Juli 2013

Goodbye everybody! The Royal Edelweiss Dream is over and we would like to thank all our tour members, great riders and first of all very nice people! We hope to see you soon again on another Edelweiss tour!

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Best of Europe BOE1303

12. Juli 2013

The Best of Europe tour is over and we would like to say thank you to all tourmembers for the great time we had together during these days! Hope to see you soon again!

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Best of Europe BOE1302

21. Juni 2013

The Best of Europe BOE1302 is over As all good things come to an end, also this tour finished! It was a pleasure to meet all of you and we had a great time together, thanks for coming and see you hopefully soon again! ...

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Rome to Sicily RTS130A - 18 Brazilians exploring southern Italy! 18 brasileiros explorando o sul da Itália!

30. April 2013

5 May, Day 8, Cefalù - Agrigento Today we crossed the island again and we went from the northern coast to the southern one, where we could admire the famous "valley of the temples" in Agrigento, a town founded by the greeks ...

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