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Nord- und Südamerika

Cuba 2015 - What a place to ride a bike! (CCB150A)

24. Januar 2015

Hello Bikers out there, Just came back from a great place - Cuba! What a country... just amazing. Not a lot of people have ridden a motorcycle around this wonderful island... Great weather, nice roads and amazing people - the best - nearly no ...

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Edelweiss Feschtl Lake Placid EBK1401

10. Oktober 2014

The party is over - but the memories still last. The  traditional Edelweiss reunion, now called "Feschtl", took place in Lake Placid, NY. This beautiful location, home of the Olympics in 1932 and 1980, was close enough to the Canadian border, so that a lot of ...

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Adventure Colorado! September 2014

21. September 2014

Great backdrop for the morning briefing!

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America "Der Westen" (SPT14048)

3. September 2014

TEXT & PHOTOS: Ted Goslinga and Manuel Marabese Day 16 - San Francisco Today we had the entire day to explore San Francisco. Most of the group were paying a visit to the Fisherman's Wharf, riding the famous ...

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Adventure Altiplano AAP 1401

29. August 2014

DAY 16 San Pedro de Atacama - Antofagasta We made a short stop once more at "Valle de la Luna":

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CHO1401 Highway Number 1

19. August 2014

Pismo Beach - Santa Monica All good things come to an end. Sad to leave Pismo Beach where we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, we took Foxen Canyon Road which brought us to Solvang. Solvang was founded by Danish pioneers between 1850 and ...

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Canada West 1401

4. August 2014

Day 10:  Rest Day in Vancouver The rain came at no better time, on a rest day.  Mal and Annie took the seaplane to Victoria Island to see the gardens.  The majority of the group went with Michael on the Hop On, Hop Off bus tour ...

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Triumph Rides America

7. Mai 2014

DAY 7: Zion to Vegas TRIUMPH VIDEO DAY 7 Last day of riding... Sad but true, the tour is coming to an end! Although we have already had so many wonderful sights during this trip, one more highlight is awaiting us: Valley of ...

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California Backroads 1401

27. April 2014

The California Backroads Tour 2014 has begun!  Our group assemble in Las Vegas from Canada, Austria and Germany ready to explore the United States southwest.  Luckily we started when we did because the day before there were very strong winds but that brought cooler weather which made ...

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Exploring the end of the world - Patagonia 2014

26. Januar 2014

Day 20 Rio Grande - Punta Arenas 430 km - 120 km gravel Our last riding day! This time the ferry crossing is no problem, only strong side wind makes the ride challenging. We made it! Exhausted but happy we arrive in Punta ...

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Patagonia - World´s End we are coming...(APA1302)

6. November 2013

It is over - what an adventure! Nearly 3 weeks fighting through Patagonia - with incredible landscapes, all kind of weather like sun, heat, rain - even snowfall... It is really an amazing trip down to the end of the world!

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Southern California Backroads (CSW1302)

5. Oktober 2013

DAY 7. THE END. ... and also this tour is coming to an end. We have been across a great variety of landscapes, from the empty deserts like Death Valley to snowcapped mountains on San Bernardino, spending a relaxing day sightseeing San Diego in ...

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Edelweiss Feschtl 2013: the Sequoia Gathering

28. September 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not your regular motorcycle tour, and therefore this is not gonna be your regular blog: this is Edelweiss Feschtl 2013! Once a year Edelweiss organizes a double event (in North America and in Europe) to gather together friends that have ...

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A review to the recent Machu Picchu Adventure 2013 - ACP1302

16. September 2013

Now we are all at home or on the way to it. It was a pleasure to be the last two weeks in a fascinating country - on a motorcycle tour through Peru! Jetzt sind wir schon wieder zu Hause oder noch auf dem Weg dorthin. ...

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