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Rome to Sicily RTS1303

12. Oktober 2013

The Rome to Sicily tour is over Thank you for a wonderful tour! What a great group, people from the USA, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, England... all together creating always a very nice atmosphere. We hope to see you soon again on another Edelweiss tour, ...

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Tour of Tuscany - BIT1303

29. September 2013

Tour of Tuscany

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Tour of Tuscany BIT1302

20. September 2013

First Day - Firence - Siena Beautiful scenery in the morning - the moon wait for the BMW Bikes

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Best of the Alps SPT13119

16. September 2013

Day 5 Andermatt - Zürich (Last day) Even the greatest things in live must come to an end at one point! So did this tour. None the less we had a great last riding day in the Alps! Today we did some nice passes ...

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The Heart of Italy 4IT1302

11. September 2013

Thank you for a great week!!! Michael, Vincent, German, Carmen, Daniel, Alejandro, Fernanda, Irma, Shawn, Christian, Carmen, Karin, Arthur, Barbara, Jean, Philip, Susan, Chris, Veronica, Ignacio, Francisco. We hope to see you soon on another tour! Your guides, ...

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Adriatic Rollercoaster: up on the mountains and down to the sea (4SC1303)

10. September 2013

DAY 4 Rest day... but full program today, for those wishing to visit the Plitvice Lakes and waterfall (the most visited Croatian park under the Natural Heritage UNESCO list). An early start brings us ahead the herds of tour coaches and we enjoy a ...

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Pirelli Alps Tour SPT1382

7. September 2013

We are really pleased that Pirelli has chosen Edelweiss Bike Travel to organize an incentive trip for their best customers from Benelux! It was a short tour, just two days of riding from Mieming to Livigno and then to Milan, but we ...

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Majestic Alps on Ducatis - it is over... what a trip!!! (9AS1302)

3. September 2013

Hello Ducatisti out there! We are exploring the most incredible Alpine Roads on brandnew Ducatis - what else do you need???

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From Beer to Wine - From the Black Forest to the Champagne (CBC1301)

27. August 2013

The guided tour through the Rothaus brewery was not only very interesting, it also included two samples! It was a great way to round off our rest day in the Black Forest.

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Norway Touring Center (NTC1301)

7. August 2013

The Norway Touring Center has its basecamp in the pretty town of Ålesund, reconstructed in art nuveau style after a big fire happened in 1904. Most of the wooden houses were burnt and German architects and carpenters helped to recreate the town, giving its unique flair. The sun ...

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Adventure North Cape ANC 1301

7. August 2013

Day 12. The End. Text & Photos: Tobias Wachter and Manuel Marabese As every good fairy tale, even this one has an end, at some point. We have been riding over 3500 km along some of the finest road ...

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It's over: Ducati Majestic Alps Tour 9AS1301

4. August 2013

We have made it: everybody has arrived back in Seefeld, healthy and with a big smile on every face! The final day wasn't just a boring ride home - actually it held a special highlight: the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain!

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Royal Edelweiss Dream RED1301

31. Juli 2013

Goodbye everybody! The Royal Edelweiss Dream is over and we would like to thank all our tour members, great riders and first of all very nice people! We hope to see you soon again on another Edelweiss tour!

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Now we are certain: Krakow is it! (CKC1302)

31. Juli 2013

After Prague we headed straight for our next major highlight: an Edelweiss picnic lunch, out in the beautiful countryside of the Bohemian Switzerland. From here we went to Dresden/Germany for two nights, only to return to the Czech Republic for two more days of great riding. Then ...

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