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Welttour // Afrika: Kapstadt - Mombasa 1CD

Worldtour // Africa: Cape Town - Mombasa

14. Juni 2023

Welcome to Cape Town, our tourstart for the Africa leg of our Edelweiss Wordltour! The team members: Wolfgang and his son Alex, Steffen, Natali and Marc, Michael and Martin, Jaco and Holger. Some of the names sound familiar? That's correct, Martin, Michael, Natali and Marc had been ...

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SOS Children's Village says "thank you"

22. März 2011

As part of the motorcycle expedition Discover our Earth, the participants visited the SOS Children's Village in Marrakech and donated a sum for necessary purchases and repairs. Here a short summary of the letter from the village: "With this letter from the SOS Children's Village, ...

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Section 1 is almost over

16. Dezember 2010

    Now, we are on the fourth week of our Discover our Earth world tour which is organized by Edelweiss Bike Travel in cooperation with GlobeBusters – it is really fantastic. We have now conquered the dessert in Southern Morocco, including the Western Sahara ...

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Western Sahara - we arrived!

13. Dezember 2010

"Yes, the weather is getting much better. We had great blue sky the last week and rode down mostly the Atlantic Coast and experienced some extraordinary roads and fantastic views. And then down here in Western Sahara we are now confronted with sand ...

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