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Scooter Tour Toskana 2TU

Durch die Toskana auf zwei kleinen Rädern (2TU2302)

9. Oktober 2023

Wir - eine Gruppe von Zweiradfans aus Deutschland und Nordamerika - sind bereit für die schöne Toskana. Wir treffen uns in Florenz, unserer Basis für die nächste Woche. Innerhalb von 5 Tagen werden wir historische Städte entdecken, tolle Landschaften erkunden, lokale Köstlichkeiten genießen und natürlich stilecht jede ...

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2TU: Scooter Tour Toscana

16. September 2022

Silvia, out italian chef is showing us the italian way to make pasta

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Around Tuscany with Vespas (2TU190A)

15. Oktober 2019

After a long journey from China we are happy to welcome in Firenze a group of Vespa riders. Manuel, Kim and Ms. Limeng will take good care of them, showing some of the most iconic highlights of this famous Italian region.

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2TU1902 Tuscany by Scooter - ain't no lollygaggin' here

7. Oktober 2019

While in northern Europe riders start to prepare their bikes for winter season, here in Tuscany in Italy, you still can get a little more out of the riding season. Even though it is no summer temperatures here either, it is still nice and comfortable for riding.  And although the ...

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Tuscany by scooter 2TU1901

24. Mai 2019

Welcome to Tuscany!!! A cloudy sky in Florence is not too bad when you want to go for a walk through the centre! And this is how the tour started, with a visit to the cradle of Reinassance. We could admire some of the most impressive monuments, ...

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2TU160A - Il Migliore Degli Amici - Tuscany by Scooter

9. Oktober 2016

And the tour is over! We had such a wonderful time, the weather was on our side, and the Tuscan countryside proved to be the perfect playground for our scooters. And while this is goodbye for now, we had too much fun not to do this again ...

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Tuscany by Scooter, 2TU1601

11. Juni 2016

Riding day 5, Volterra Last riding day of this beautiful Tuscany by Scooter tour, today we customized a bit the itinerary because Marcela and Donald are already going to Siena for three days after the tour, so their wish was to see something else. So Volterra ...

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Scooter Tour Tuscany - 2TU150A - WOW (Women on wheels)

18. Oktober 2015

The tour is over!!  Thanks for beeing with us, thanks for beeing always in a good mood even when it rained. I learned a lot from you awesome women.  Enjoy Venice!! Wish you a safe flight back home - and stay in touch ...

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2TU150B Tuscany by Scooter

25. September 2015

Day 5: Arezzo Our last day, the Consuma Pass is ahead of us before the city of Arezzo. Since it rained the day before, the temperature went down quite a fair bit, but that didn't stop us! We went up and enjoyed the city ...

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