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Island - Feuer und Eis 3FI

3FI2202 adventure Iceland, beauty, fire and ice

9. August 2022

a great adventure ist waiting for us

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3FI2201 In the land of fire and ice

26. Juli 2022

Welcome to iceland

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Iceland - Fire and Ice, the adventure returns (3FI2102)

8. August 2021

Doesn’t the motorcycle handover always feel like Christmas?

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Fire and Ice - Iceland Adventure 3FI2101

29. Juli 2021

Bikes are ready with adventure tires

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Fire & Ice is over but the memories will last forever...

12. August 2018

On the road along the beautiful Whale Fjord

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3FI 1801 - Iceland: Fire and Ice

30. Juli 2018

Welcome to Iceland!

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Iceland, second lap (3FI1702)

27. August 2017

Day 10: Fludir - Selfoss The final day has arrived and even though the ride is short, it has a bit of everything we have had over these past few days; from asphalt to gravel going through awesome sections full of curves and whole loop round ...

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Iceland: it's an adventure, not a kids game (3FI1701)

5. August 2017

Day 10: Flúðir-Reykjavik Every good story has to come to an end, at some point, and so our last riding day has arrived. However, there are still quite some highlights on the way: morning stop at the Kerid crater with its blue lake, then a very curvy ...

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Final lap around Iceland (3FI1603)

22. August 2016

Day 5: Husavik - Egilsstaðir We leave the north coast and we head east, across the highlands once again. The imposing Asbyrgi canyon in the morning, excavated proabably in just a few hours or maximum three days, then the might Dettifoss with over 200 cubic meters of ...

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3FI 1602 - Iceland Summer Feeling

16. August 2016

Day 8 and 9: Kirkjubæjarklaustur - Flúðir - Reykjavik Our lap around this scenic island is winding up, but the biggest road highlight is coming up today! We will go through the highlands via Landmannalaugar, even the name itself sounds so legendary! 

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3FI 1601 - Iceland First Lap

8. August 2016

Day 10: Flúðir - Reykjavik On our last day there was still someting to see! This big island can leave you breathless every day! Thingvellis, the plain where the old parliament was (already in the 10th century) and also the long crack between the two tectonic plates. ...

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3FI 1501 - Island Feuer & Eis

4. August 2015

Riding Day 8 - Today was the day! The famous Landmannalaugar was our goal to reach for lunch time! Fantastic off-road riding in a landscape looking like another planet with challenging water crossings all day long! The natural hot pot and a snack bought in ...

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