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Abenteuer Nordkap ANC

Adventure North Cape 2023 (ANC2301)

29. Juli 2023

On Saturday, 15th of July this years (regular) Adventure North Cape started in Alesund. The tourguides Stefan, Trummy & Nico met some guests already during breakfast, before they headed out to prep the bikes for the next 12 riding days. After the official Welcome Briefing in the ...

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Abenteuer Nordkap von Ålesund nach Tromsø

14. Juli 2023

Yepp - we made it!

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Adventure North Cape ANC2201 - erstmals seit 2019

27. Juli 2022

Edelweiss Bike Travel ist zurück in Norwegen und das erste Abenteuer Nordkap seit 2019 ist unterwegs. Eine große Gruppe von 20 Gästen schaffte es trotz einiger Flugprobleme rechtzeitig nach Ålesund. Heute Morgen startete die Gruppe bei typischen Sommerbedingungen an der Westküste – grauer Himmel und etwas ...

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Riding North: Adventure North Cape ANC190A

28. August 2019

Tank you for the great Tour

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ANC1901 The way to the North Cape

7. August 2019

Tromsø !!!!! We made it!!! After 3333,3 we are so glad and happy!!!!

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ANC1801 - Conquering the North Cape

9. August 2018

Welcome to the land of the trolls... Norway awaits us and we are anxious to discover and experience this adventure to the most norther point of Europe that can be reached by road.

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ANC1701 - North Cape Adventure

8. August 2017

We made it safe and sound to Alesund. Hope you also arrived well in Israel, India, England, Berlin, Iceland, Austria, America. Thank you for a wonderful time. Hope to see you all again. All the best Ursula and Ted

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ANC170A - Macao 澳門 / 澳门 goes North Cape

21. Juli 2017

Day 12 - Enontekiö to Tromsö - Gate to the Arctic Today is our last riding day and we will leave Finland behind. These long endless Forrests, where around every corner a Reindeer might appear. On our way back to the Norwegian Coast, we will ...

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Adventure NORTH CAPE, Norway

8. August 2016

Final day: Enontikiö (Finland) to Tromsø (Norway) And then, suddenly, it is here: the last day of this fantastic North Cape Adventure tour! All saddled up in the morning even before 9 o' clock (always on time!!), we took off for our last track through Lapland ...

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Adventure North Cape 2015 (ANC 1501)

13. Oktober 2015

Velkommen til Norge! Before the tour could start there was a lot of preperation to do. Some additional motorcycles had to be brought to Ålesund, all the bikes were checked and (if neccessary) maintained and one of our vans (plus trailer) was brought to Tromsø. So ...

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ANC 1401 - Adventure North Cape

7. August 2014

TEXT&PHOTOS: Michael Kreuzmeir and Manuel Marabese Day 10 - Alta to Lakselv After such a big ride we deserve half rest day (yes only half is enough, it's an adventure tour...) where we can sleep in a ...

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