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Im Herzen Europas BOE

Best of Europe

2. August 2022

Next Day was our last riding Day! We stoped for Coffee by the Lake "Plansee" not far to the Castle "Linderhof" - one of "King Ludwigs" (the fairy tale King of Bavaria) Castles! The Tour ended - with another stopover - in the "Biergarden" of the Aying-Brewery! ...

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Best of Europe -BOE2202

20. Juni 2022

what a crazy and warm group

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BOE 2201 - Best of Europe !

22. Mai 2022

A ciity tour by foot before the real tour starts is always a good choice to get in touch with the country and set the anticipation higher. It wasn´t a easy start, Jerrys flight got cancelled and the other ones delayed but this things can´t stop ...

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Best of Europe BOE2103 - Back on Tour!!

31. Juli 2021

Finally back on tour!! After a heavy year of corona crisis, finally all the tours start to pick up again. We are very happy that we have a great group of riders from  the USA  who flew into Munich to join us for the first Best ...

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Best of Europe BOE1905

30. September 2019

Last ride of this beautiful tour, today we headed back to Erding! We left Warth on a winter morning but, as we reached the valley in Reutte, the sky cleared up and we had a great time visiting the palace of Linderhof and then finally cruising into ...

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Best of Europe, 4th edition of 2019

4. August 2019

Take off in Erding

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Im Herzen Europas

23. Juni 2019

... departure from Hotel Jägeralpe in Warth

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Im Herzen Europas (BOE1901)

19. Mai 2019

Maivember here at Säntis in Switzerland

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BOE1804 - Best of Europe

4. August 2018

Everybody back safely in Erding. Thank you guys for a wonderful week. It was a pleasure guiding you. Hope we met your expectations and hopefully we will see each other again. Safe travels and all the best Ursula, David and ...

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BOE1803 - Best of Europe

15. Juli 2018

What a great group of people! Thank you all for a wonderful week. It is much more out there. We hope to seeing you again. Safe travels, all the best Ursula, Tom and Björn

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Best of Europe - BOE1802

26. Juni 2018

Warth - Erding

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Best of Europe - BOE180B

29. Mai 2018

Day 7 - Au to Erding! The last Day!

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Best of Europe BOE1801 - back in Erding!

20. Mai 2018

Steve, Cindy and Robert on Hochtannberg-Pass

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BOE1705 - The last one ... for 2017

10. Oktober 2017

Day 7: Warth to Erding

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