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Abenteuer Alpenpässe CGA

Grand Alps Tour - Why go small, when you can go GRAND? (CGA2302)

24. September 2023

It's time to hit the Alps!  And just about... all of them   The Grand Alps Tour, that's 13 riding days, from Austria to Switzerland, through Liechtenstein and France, and Italy just for good measure. Grand, that is. Come join us on our mountain road ...

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Abenteuer Alpenpässe

6. September 2023

Riding amazing roads in the most spectacular part of the Alps

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Grand Alps Tour - we coming - CGA2202

18. September 2022

Großglockner challenge

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Grand Alps Tour CGA2201 - The real one ;-)

9. August 2022

Our inglorious 4 riders, that get to ride this beautiful Grand Alps Tour with the best mountain passes ever - anywhere.

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The Grand Alps Tour is on again! - CGA220A

3. August 2022

Welcome on the blog of the first Grand Alps Tour of this year with Edelweiss Bike Travel. We will travel through the most beautiful places and over the most awesome passes in the Austrian, Swiss, Italian and French alps and Dolomites. Along the sweetest and romantic lakes ...

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15. September 2019

GRAND ALPS Group 2019

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Taiwan in the Grand Alps! CGA190A

26. Juni 2019

Motorcycle Paradise exists...

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Grand Alps Tour 1802 - the second and last in 2018

3. September 2018

The last day - Kaprun back to Seefeld

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CGA1801 The Grand Alps Tour 2018

6. August 2018

Day 13 - Kaprun to Seefeld

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CGA 170A - Classic Tour Route Grandes Alpes

27. August 2017

and now the group is on it´s way to the last destination Mieming - what a great tour that was: approx 3500km, more than 45 passes, uncountable switchbacks, highest passes of the Alps, 6 countries: Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Italy, Germany.... and so much more .... sunny ...

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Grand Alps 2016 (CGA 016A)

30. Juni 2016

If one picture could say it all....

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Grand Alps 2015 (CGA-1502)

29. Juni 2015

Welcome to the GRAND ALPS TOUR 2015 We've been preparing for you for over 30 years; picking the best roads, nicest hotels, sorting out the highlights that will thrill you and keep you coming back for more!

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CGA1501 Grand Alps Tour

26. Juni 2015

Day 13 - our last riding day from Kaprun to Seefeld The owner of our hotel gave us a great "Race" start in the morning with lightning the Olympic fire in front of the hotel. Our way today brought us to Gerlos high alpine road and Grimsel ...

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