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Pyrenäen Tour PYT

PYT2201 Tour of the Pyrenees

17. Juni 2022

So here we are, in Castelldefels, and we can´t wait for the Tour of the Pyrenees to begin! But before we start the engies we want to discover the beautiful city of Barcelona! A place packed with historic stories to be told as well as a ...

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PYT220A-Tour of the Pyrenees

5. Juni 2022

The Pyrenees are rugged, wild, and beautiful and they are sparceley populated. Nervertheless, there is a wide variety of beautiful roads. This is our playground for the upcoming week with our guests from San Salvador.

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Pyrenees, offering everything a biker wants

15. Oktober 2021

What a view from our gorgeous hotel! The glistening Mediterranean see and lovely smelling pinetrees.

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Spain / Andorre / France

22. September 2019

10 fearless riders from the U.S,. Canada and Brazil have come together to conquer the beautiful endless numbers of curves through the Pyrenees. We will ride through Spain Andorre and France, welcome to join our  journey on the blog

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Pyrenäen Tour 2018 (Spanien-Andorra-Frankreich)

28. Juni 2018


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Pyrenees in warm, sunny weather... ... is over! (PYT1703)

30. September 2017

Spectacular view of Pic du Canigou

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Pyrenees in style (PYT1702)

21. September 2017

Day 5: From Carcassonne back to Catalunya

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Pyrenäen Tour 2017

28. Juni 2017

And again we start a new adventure to cross the Pyrenees by motorcycle. Starting point is Castelldefels, some km South of Barcelona. Brent, Theodore, Edward, Scott and Jan are waiting in the hotel to receive the bikes and get ready for next days ride. Highlight of the ...

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Tour of the Pyrenees PYT1603

3. Oktober 2016

Day 7, Mollo to Casteldelfels

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Pyrenees Classic 1601

14. Juli 2016

Pyrenees Classic

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PYT1502 curve riding the Pyrenees

24. September 2015

Fresh products delivered by a van to a small town

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Tour of the Pyrenees / Pyrenäen Tour PYT1401

15. Juni 2014

"The Taxi Riot Tour" former knows as "The Tour of the Pyrenees" PYT 1401 Last arrival day for the clients always have surprises...this time half of the tour members faced the wold wide taxi riot when trying to leave the airport of Barcelona. No way of ...

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