We’ve been providing you with the finest choices in motorcycle and scooter touring around the globe since 1980. Since our company’s inception, we’ve increased the variety of experiences available, making Edelweiss the undisputed leader in guided motorcycle tours the world over.

  • 1980

    Werner Wachter came up with the basic Edelweiss concept while on a business trip in Las Vegas. He soon quit his job in medical imaging to develop and test the first Edelweiss tour. His wife Coral hesitated momentarily, but thankfully decided to be an enthusiastic partner.

  • 1981

    The first Edelweiss tour made its way through the Alps, the French Riviera, to Florence, and even visited Venice. All five tour members and guides Ulrike Seibert and Werner Wachter had a great journey.

  • 1982

    It's running better! Edelweiss-Spitze is a must for a Kodak moment. Numerous tours are added. Coral Wachter drives the support van on this trip. Even at this early time, the guests´ luggage is waiting in their next hotel room.

  • 1983

    Africa for the first time! Tunisia is new territory for most motorcyclists. It helps to ride with the Edelweiss crew.

  • 1984

    Viva America! A group of 15 motorcyclists from Germany and Switzerland ride 4000 miles through the U.S. and Canada. And we miraculously made it over the Golden Gate Bridge in dense fog without mishap.

  • 1985

    The first Alpine tour in cooperation with MOTORRAD magazine kicks off. Hotel Hirschen in Bregenzerwald is a treat for everybody. Such accommodations make it clear that careful hotel selection was an Edelweiss trademark from the start.

  • 1986

    Israel and the Sinai peninsula made for an interesting tour. Extensive preparation was necessary to make the border crossing from Egypt to Israel possible. Freeing the motorcycles from Israeli customs in Tel Aviv was another story.

  • 1987

    The first Alaska Tour. A small but hearty group was led by tour guide Buddy Rosenbaum from Vancouver, BC, to Fairbanks. After such a long trip, returning by ship through the inner passage was a relaxing end to our journey.

  • 1988

    We broke through the Soviet Union´s bureaucracy after extensive negotiations with INTOURIST and other government agencies. Edelweiss was successful in opening the largest country in the world to motorcyclists.

  • 1989

    Only in 1988 and 1989 we were able to put together tours in Nepal. Afterwards it became impossible to import motorcycles from India.

  • 1990

    Australia down under on BMW R 80 motorcycles. Edelweiss takes its maiden voyage on the fifth continent. Tour guide Geoff Coat leads the first groups through the outback of his beloved homeland.

  • 1991

    The island classic. Ferries, hotels, tour guides and a support vehicle were all included in our third outing on the Isle of Man for TT week.

  • 1992

    The first scouting tour through New Zealand left lasting impressions. This country fascinates with its glaciers, subtropical vegetation and great motorcycling roads.

  • 1993

    Just before Nelson Mandela took over, Edelweiss did the first scouting tour of South Africa. It took three years for this tour to be put on the regular Edelweiss schedule.

  • 1994

    The Alps have long been the most popular destination on Edelweiss tours. A special highlight on this tour is Hahntennjoch: What a dream!

  • 1995

    The daily route briefing is an important part of any Edelweiss tour. Guide Volker Tisken holds court in front of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas on a tour of the Wild West.

  • 1996

    All-new Mexico tours! We mapped out two different routes through mountains, volcanoes and along the Pacific´s jagged coastline. Our BMW motorcycles love the countless switchbacks.

  • 1997

    America coast to coast. Miami to Los Angeles. Europeans love the wide-open spaces and the legendary Edelweiss picnics. Tour guide Oliver Kraft is a genuine meat and potatoes specialist.

  • 1998

    On every Edelweiss tour, picnics unite the troops at lunch time, even on the treacherous Isle of Man race course.

  • 1999

    Quality is the keyword on all Edelweiss tours. The Andalucian region of Spain was a big hit. The hotels are state-run paradores; the motorcycles are BMWs new R 1100 RT, R 1100 S and K 1200 LT.

  • 2000

    Bike-friendly Italy is a motorcycle touring paradise. South of Florence lies Tuscany, a region of flowing landscapes, ancient towns and picturesque vineyards in perfect harmony. Our BELLA ITALIA tour traverses all of this terrain and more.

  • 2001

    A new kind of motorcycle touring is born. Comfortable daily routes that start and end at the same dreamy location in the midst of the Alps, at the base of the regions greatest passes. Comfortable enough to bring the entire family.

  • 2002

    An incredible experience is the new tour through Oman, the easternmost country on the Arab Peninsula. Mountains, desert and the ocean make for a unique touring experience. This tour moves on paved roads and sometimes on unpaved surfaces. Adventure guaranteed!

  • 2003

    To ride or not to ride, that is the question! At our new Dolomites Touring Center you can choose to ride every day on different spectacular roads returning to the same alpine hotel unhindered by luggage or decide to take a day off to kick back by the pool with your family.

  • 2004

    8 new destinations are part of our touring program for 2004. They reach from the very north of Europe to the Pacific Coast of California and South Africa!

  • 2005

    Edelweiss celebrates its 25th birthday. More than 20,000 motorcyclists from all over the world have been touring with us in the last 25 years! In 2005 we are offering 40 different tour destinations on five continents!

  • 2006

    Edelweiss discovers the tibetan mountain range and is looking for Shangri-La! Finally we found it...

  • 2007

    Asia is still attractive for us! In October 2007 we did the first Scouting Tour in Japan! It was a whole success...

  • 2008

    Also in 2008 we at Edelweiss want to ride in the most exotic destinations on this planet: Our tours to the North Cape, Israel-Jordan and Chile-Peru were a great success.

  • 2009

    Edelweiss worldwide: Fantastic tours through Tunesia, Patagonia, Kenya/Tanzania and many other destination were run in 2009!

  • 2010

    In 30 years of Edelweiss Bike Travel we collected lots of experience and impressions of touring on two wheels worldwide. In regards of this mega event we have organized the first tour all around the world – our DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION!

  • 2011

    In order to celebrate the launch of the new Triumph Tiger 800 / XC Triumph Motorcycles and Edelweiss Bike Travel set up a new touring program for adventure bike riders.

  • 2012

    When Werner Wachter approached to offer guided bike tours on Cuba many years ago, Cuban customs balked his plans by confiscating the motorcycles. Many years later, the company finally was able to find a partner, who could manage to import a number of motorcycles into Cuba. The first Edelweissers took off in January 2012 and since then, a three dozen bikers from around the world enjoyed the fascination of this communistic country.

  • 2013

    The Republic of Myanmar, once known as Burma, has long been a country being hard to enter and only a few tourists have managed crossing the border to Myanmar with their motorcycles. In 2013 Edelweiss Bike Travel has put together a fantastic and once-in-a-lifetime scouting tour to this amazing country and will offer that tour as a standard Edelweiss Adventure tour in the future!

  • 2014

    The team of Edelweiss Bike Travel has been extremely proud to announce 9 new and once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle tours as part of the Harley-Davidson authorized tours program and to welcome Harley-Davidson enthusiasts on many more tours in the years to come.

  • 2015

    Edelweiss celebrates it’s 35th birthday with the founder Werner and Coral in Seefeld, Tirol, and in Lake Tahoe area, California. Furthermore Edelweiss stations the first BMW, Triumph and Harley-Davidson motorcycle fleet in Cuba and becomes the first motorcycle tour operator in the country.

  • 2016

    Edelweiss Bike Travel founds the Motoziel Edelweiss Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture between Motoziel Pvt Ltd and Edelweiss Bike Travel. It is the latest entrant in the motorcycle ecosystem in India and aims to be a leading travel solution provider in the rapidly growing motorcycling segment. The fleet for the Indian Sub-continent consists of Harley Davidson, Ducati Scrambler, Triumph Bonneville and Royal Enfield.

  • 2018

    Edelweiss Bike Travel and Touratech start a cooperation and a new travel program with 12 new Touratech tours worldwide. For the first time Edelweiss offers tours that mainly run on unpaved roads.

  • 2019

    After a very successful 2018, Edelweiss expands her travel catalogue 3 unpaved tours and 6 new tour destinations!

  • 2020

    Edelweiss celebrates her 40th birthday! Although due to the worldwide pandemic travelling is restricted, we are looking forward to a bright future full of adventures on two wheels!

  • 2021

    With great sadness but full of fond memories we announce the passing of founder Werner Wachter. With several exciting new projects we are most convinced to continue Werner's & Coral's legacy.