Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

3rd party liability and damage insurance

For a relaxed and carefree journey!

Every booked motorcycle comes with a standard Third Party Liability insurance (no deductible) and edelweiss BASIC (with deductible), which limits your financial risk to the applicable deductible amount in the event of theft or an accident.

To streamline motorcycle handover and return procedures, and to give you the opportunity to further reduce or completely eliminate your financial risk for motorcycle damage, we would like to offer you two additional insurance options. (Please note that these optional deductibles apply to damage only. The deductibles for loss or theft are always the same as those indicated for edelweiss BASIC.

Coverage options

Edelweiss Basic

Automatically included in every booking with Edelweiss.

Edelweiss Cover Plus

This damage insurance option offers a significantly reduced deductible and thus a more manageable financial risk in case your motorcycle gets damaged.

Edelweiss Cover All

With this option your maximum liability for damages to your motorcycle is reduced to zero. Taking over and returning the motorcycle will be very quick and easy and you can look towards the end of the tour with no fear of unpleasant surprises.

Options Extra Information

Both policies may only be purchased before tour start (before the start of the first riding day).

If you are interested in one of these options but have yet to purchase it, please speak with your tour guides. They will be happy to assist you. The costs for both insurance options are also stated on the handover form.

Amount of the deductibles

The amount of your deductible depends on the following factors:

  • Category of the motorcycle you have booked
  • Conditions specific to the tour and the touring region
  • Selected insurance package

Prices of replacement parts

As you would expect from a premium tour operator, Edelweiss always tries to settle damage claims quickly and comprehensively. On the motorcycle handover form you can find a list of required workshop timeframes and the prices of the most commonly used replacement parts that for which you may be charged in the event of damage to your motorcycle (up to a maximum of the amount of your deductible).

We hope you understand that we use only original replacement parts whenever possible. This ensures that the motorcycles we hand out for the tours are in mint condition.

Motorcycle replacement parts can be very expensive, especially when it comes to fairings or wheels. A single side case on a BMW R 1200 RT is more than 500 Euros and the front rim of a BMW R 1200 GS is more than 700 Euros,
taxes included.

Due to import duties, replacement part prices outside of Europe can be even higher. For example, the radiator of the liquid cooled R 1200 GS costs more than 700 Euros in Chile, twice as much as in Europe. In such cases, unfortunately, our options are extremely limited.

We know from experience that even a slightly misjudged parking maneuver can result in a bike tip-over, causing significant damage, especially to side panels and/or fairings.

We ask you to consider purchasing one of the insurance upgrade options; edelweiss COVER ALL is highly recommended. Have some peace of mind and enjoy your tour to the fullest!