HAT 2402 The High Alpine Tour

HAT 2402 The High Alpine Tour 16.6.-23.6.2024

14 Jun 2024
/Markus Hellrigl
/Axel Gert Schneider
Welcome from Erding with Markus and Axel and welcome to the high mountain tour 2402 Let's start the tour with our welcome briefing and the handover of the bikes and of course the two of us are excited to meet our new Edelweiss family. Over the next few days we will ride from Germany to Austria through Italy and back through Austria to our starting hotel. And on top of that, we will enjoy some of the most beautiful roads in Europe. Roads like the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the Gardena Pass and so on and so forth and maybe even the Passo dello Stelvio - depending on the snow conditions - that all will be our playground. We'll start our first ride down south tomorrow, heading clockwise through the mountains. But if you're not sure if this will be your next ride? Well, there's an easy way to find out more about the tour, and it's called the blog. Just check our blog every day and maybe some of your last questions will be answered there & let be this tour the next one on your list. See you tomorrow. Markus and Axel