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NTC1602 - another Norway Touring Center - another Troll

July, 24nd, 2016

Time to say good-bye!

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Worldtour - Tallinn-Moscow-Bangkok

July, 23nd, 2016

Edelweiss dinner in our tour start hotel. Bob and Alane, Stephan and Rhonda...

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(Very) High Alpine Tour - HAT1603

July, 22nd, 2016

Riding Day 5 - Pontresina to Warth (the proper riders' day!) 

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Budapest (CKC1601)

Jul., 22nd, 2016

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Majestic Alps for Lebanon SPT16097

Jul., 20nd, 2016

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Norway Touring Center - NTC1601

Jul., 16nd, 2016

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Best of Europe

Jul., 15nd, 2016

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NTC1602 - another Norway Touring Center - another Troll

July, 24nd, 2016

Time to say good-bye!

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North and South America

Along the Lobster Coast to Quebec. CNF1601

July, 1nd, 2016

What an awesome coffee stop view!

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MCT 1602, another Morocco adventure!

April, 25nd, 2016

Day 13 - Final day - Chefchaouen to Malaga And so unfortunately this tour came to an end!. Thirteen fantastic days in a wonderful, everytime amazing Morocco. Also this riding day was  again under a blue sky and 22 degrees, so a perfect riding day to ...

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Myanmar: unveiling new roads (3MY1601)

February, 24nd, 2016

Day 10 and 11: Hpa-An - Sukhothai - Chiang Mai Our final leg of the tour crosses the imposing Dawna range, the mountain separating Myanmar from Thailand. On this main connection between the two countries we used to need about 4 hours for the 50km over the ...

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Zurück nach Auckland - Nordinsel-Verlängerung CNS1601

February, 11nd, 2016

Tag 6: Russel nach Auckland Es ist unser letzter Tag auf der Strasse und wir genießen ihn in vollen Zügen. Nach einem sehr gemütlichen Frühstück am Hafen von Russel geht es gleich auf die Old Russel Road, ein fantastisches Stück Asphalt voller enger Kurven ...

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Discover our Earth

AROUND THE WORLD, Panama to Los Angeles (1DE1688)

March, 26nd, 2016

12.03.2016 San Jose to Playa Hermosa (Costa Rica) As the sun rises, we set road towards playa hermosa. A total 250 kms of mainly off road. Palm trees, rivers and lost towns. When you get to playa hermosa, you really understand why it's ...

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Another Adventure Machu Picchu is on the way, ACP1601

May, 22nd, 2016

Day 13 - Arequipa to Arica   The last riding day of our Machu Picchu tour has started. And although you might think there is not much to see in this desert area, we enjoyed the calmness of this vast, mountainous area.   I ...

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