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BOE1301 - Best of Europe, in all conditions!

Monday, May 13, 2013 | Anthony Fairweather | Europe

Day 7: Rothenburg to Erding

The final riding day of the tour. We leave Rothenburg after a good night’s sleep and ride to Dinkelsbühl, another well preserved medieval town. After look around and a coffee, we follow sweeping roads across the Fränkische Alb into the beautiful Altmühltal.

Picnic in the Altmühltal

After a picnic lunch it is a short ride to Eichstätt, where the Willibaldsburg provides a perfect setting for the final coffee stop of the tour.

The knights of the BOE leave the castle

A short stint on the Autobahn takes us to the Hallertau, Germany's most famous hops-growing region, the basis for great beer! Winding country roads take us back to Erding and the underground parking at the Henry, where sadly, this tour ends.

Flavio and Jane make their entry.

Mike has done it!

Pouring rain, sleet, cold wind and grey clouds at the onset of the tour could not deter this group of riders from having a good time all week.

Day 6: Heidelberg to Rothenburg

We leave Heidelberg on the busy road following the Neckar river upstream. Once out of the city, the road becomes quieter and there is time to enjoy the view of the green valley. A short stop in Hirschhorn for a view of the castle before we leave the river and climb up a small road into the Odenwald.

Hirschhorn am Neckar

The road leads us to Beerfelden, a small town with a grim attraction close by: A medieval gallows overlooking the rolling hills.

Jane, Flavio, Juan, Linda and Mark marvelling at the gallows of Beerfelden - well, rather the view one has from that spot...

From there the route takes us across the Krähberg, formerly the site of hill climbing races, but now closed to motorbikes on the weekend. Lucky us, we were there on a Wednesday. After the twisties it is time for a coffee and then on along the Tauber valley to Schöntal, a former monastery. We have lunch in its courtyard before setting of to Rothenburg. On the way we stop at Langenburg to enjoy the view from the castle down into the valley and have a glimpse at the vintage cars at the automobile museum.

Lunch in the shade at Kloster Schöntal. Finally the umbrellas are a welcome sight.

At Rothenburg we have time to enjoy a drink on the terrace of the hotel in the middle of the old town, before a massive thunderstorm brings rain and hail to accompany our dinner. The sky clears just in time for the night-watchman's tour, after which we can all go to bed in the knowledge that tonight we are in safe hands.

Rothenburg's one and only night-watchman.

Day 5: Ribeauvillé to Heidelberg

We leave the Alsace and head back into the Black Forest and the famous Schwarzwaldhochstrasse. Brilliant sunshine warmes us as we climb ever higher and our senses are are awed by some of the most beatiful roads Germany has to offer. Long sweeping bends are followed by spectacular views of lakes and mountains as we drop back down into the valleys south of Heidelberg. A quick blast on the motorway takes in to the center of Heidelberg where we ride along the Neckar river and to our hotel for the night.

Yes, it really is this beautiful. Juan leads the way into the fast sweepers.

Pork art on a plate!

Lunch? Yes, please!

At the start of Schwarzwaldhochstrasse.

"When in Rome....", or in this case, when in the Black Forest, have some Black Forest cake. Gottfried and Mike agree!

Yes, you can get an Harley through a medieval city. Well done Mike!

David leads the pack as we head out of Ribeauvillé

Day 4 Rest day:

„Rest Day“: a day of rest and recuperation to replenish one’s energy. Or discover some of the best twisties the Alsace has to offer.

After a leisurely French breakfast (complete with French baguette and cafè au lait) Axel takes us on trip through the vineyards and up the famous Col de la Schlucht. Endless turns take us up high over the Rhine valley and drop us off right in front of the Chateau du Haut-Koenigsburg. We return to Ribeauvillè where Gottfried and Tony have prepared a true Edelweiss style picnic (Including of coure some excellent local Münster cheese). The afternoon is spent re-riding our favourite sections of the Alsace or visiting one of the numerous little shops in the old town center.

Carlos going local by adding honey to the Münster cheese. Will we get the much coveted "Carlos-Seal of Approval"?

Our three valiant tour guides, Tony, Gottfried and Axel

Mike, Gottfried and Mike. "More Edelweiss picnics please!"

Cheese galore!

The Edelweiss chefs await the return of the hungry hordes.

Two of our intrepid Canadians, Linda and Steve.

Mark enjoying himself in the tiny medieval alleys of Ribeauvillé.

Day 3: Schaffhausen to Ribeauvillé

Today our trip takes us from Switzerland through the Black Forest to the most western point of our journey, the Alsace region of France. A quick stop at the Rhine waterfalls leaves us wanting to come back for more, but the open road awaits and clear skies welcome us into Germany. However this does not last and we are soon in the middle of a freak snow fall as we climb the roads intö the Black Forest. We recharge our batteries with some of the best Black Forest cake at the beautiful Witch Mill while the snow passes and then descend into the Rhine valley and our final destination of the day, Ribeauvillé.

Thrashing the twisties, Juan leads the way.

Big Mike is hot on his heels...

And little Mike making sure nobody is left behind.

Coming soon to an Edelweiss catalogue near you. The new all-wood motorcycle tour! Thanks Salah and Gottfried!

Two Edelweiss veterans, Linda and Flavio

More water, this time from below, at the Rhine falls

Come on in, the water's lovely!

DAY 2: Warth to Schaffhausen

We leave Warth to the sound of rain (where have we heard that one before?) and head down some splendid twisty roards into Voralberg and towards Lake Constance. To break up the monotony of riding excellent roads we decide to take the ferry across the lake. We dock at Friedrichshafen where we have the possibility to vist the famous Zeppelin museum, crossing into Germany on the way.

After lunch we follow the Rhine and are now in Switzerland and end the the day in Schaffhausen.

Onboard the fery, heading into Germany

Salah with the new winter expedition kit for this year's Hondas.

Setting of from the Arlberg mountain. We are undecided whether to switch to skiing kit

DAY 1: Erding to Warth

Heavy rain allows us to show off our highly fashionabe rain gear as we pass through southern Bavaria into Austria, visiting Mad King Ludwig's Castle Linderhof on the way. The clouds follow us as ride past the beautiful Plansee lake and up the Arlberg mountain as we head for the our first goal of our tour.

Relaxing at our hotel at 1570m above sea level.From left to right: Linda & Steve, Salah, Juan Miguel, Jane & Flavio.

The whole group in front of the Poseidon fountain at Castle Linderhof.

Tourguide Gottfried fashioning a highly desirable rescue blanket poncho for Linda while Jane assists.

Heavy rain does nothing to dampen our spirits as we set off on what promises to be a fascinating trip of Europe's best roads.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 18:50

This is my third tour with such a great company, and as usual it turns to be greater and greater every time. Wonderful service and tour guides, amazing to feel so lucky to always meet great and wonderful friends. just can't wait for my next one . Thanks for every thing, and see you soon .
jane nguyen
Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 16:15

I traveled with Edelweiss before but each tour and each group is unique. I got many very good new friends and share our pictures between us is a party. I miss all and everybody. Thanks Edelweiss , and the guides Gottfried, Tonny and Alex. Everything was perfect. Till next !!!!
David Canfield
Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 18:58

BoE 2013 was an absolutely wonderful adventure. I cannot say enough about the tour guides, Got tried,Axel, and Tony.The roads they chose for us , a group as diverse as you can get from many countries around the globe, were spectacular, scenic safe and a lot of fun. There are not many things that we get surprised by being better then advertised but this is one. Edelweiss , represented by tour guides, you gave us a vacation of a lifetime.
Now I can start dreaming and planning an Edelweiss tour to Spain or Italy
Thanks for the great trip.
jane nguyen murachovsky
Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 05:48

I had an unforgettable tour ! I saw amazing landscapes and small cities
hidden into the flowered mountains ... and every thing else.
I really was surprised with this tour.
Congratulations Edelweiss , Godfried, Tony and Axel !!! It was perfect !! I'm missing you all!!!
Michael Nehlsen
Friday, May 17, 2013 at 22:21

Best of Europe May 2013, This was a great tour, the best tour guides and the very best group of people I could have ever wanted to ride with on this tour......


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