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SPT1376 The MOTOPANAS in the Adriatic Adventure

Sunday, May 12, 2013 | Edelweiss Bike Travel | Europe

Edelweiss Bike Travel waiting the Venezuela´s Team...

The Group arrived, and MotoPanas are ready for the bikes.

The people from the hotel, "helping" us with the cases.

Split is an awesome place. Nice views, food, history...

And the first day of riding, we visited the National Park of Krka. The water was too cold this time, to take a bath under the waterfalls. To arrive, we used the boat.

First stop... something to eat!

And pictures with the waterfalls just behind de MotoPanas.

Hey fellas!!           why you don´t follow the TourGuide?

If the people smile... good news!!

Time to move to Bosnia.

The new EBT Van?

Great landscapes leaving Croatia.

In Mostar, some views from the Old Bridge, oldtown, etc...

The signs from the war. Something to teach us...

Friends close to a mosq or a bridge... the most important thing is enjoy the trip!

Rest of the warriors.

Fast stop in Medjugorje, To pray for our families.

Dubrovnik... amazing... like always...

And with an electric storm at night.

And the team MotoPanas again on the road, to arrive Split again.

Clear waters and great nights.

Next day, the Isle of Brac, just oposite Split. Funny roads, good food and amazing views.



And not the last day, but the really last night together... time to the T-shirts of the Tour!

And... Ladies and gentlemans... THE FIRST HARLEM SHAKE IN EDELWEISS!!!!

EBT Harlem Shake

See you next time MOTOPANAS!!

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