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Best of Europe BOE1303

Friday, July 12, 2013 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europe

The Best of Europe tour is over and we would like to say thank you to all tourmembers for the great time we had together during these days! Hope to see you soon again!

Michael, Susan, Christopher, Sue, Joe, Nancy, Sean, Mona, David, Gina, Terry, Kristin, Michael, Alenko, Marilyne, Bob, Nancy, Christine, Gerald, Dorothy, Lauri.

Your tour guides, Axel, Domenico and Gottfried

Riding day 7, Warth - Erding

On the last riding days we are going to see the beautiful Neuschwanstein and Linderhof castles, both built by king Ludwig II of Bavaria, and that attract millions of tourists every year. This king was a controversial figure, very introverted and shy, he became king at the joung age of 18 but he was never really interested in the "duties" of a king. King Ludwig is nowadays generally well-liked and even revered by many Bavarians also because his legacy of architecture and art generate a very good tourist income in the region. Neuschwanstein has appeared prominently in several movies and was the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle!

Morning briefing on the terrace


Joe and Bob trying their offroad skills!

Coffee Break at lake Plansee

Lake Plansee

Linderhof Palace

Linderhof Palace

Last coffee break

Riding day 6, Schaffhausen - Warth

Today, we will finally have a taste of the Alps on another beautiful sunny day, the weather seems to be just ideal! We rode from Schaffhausen to the lake Constance (Bodensee in german), a big lake on the river Rhine that is situated between three countries, Switzerland, Germany and Austria! Then a group of riders decided to do a shorter route and followed the lake until reaching Austria and another group did a longer loop to go to see also the Säntis mountain, the highest peak of this region.

We finally reached the beautiful hotel Jaegeralpen, a ski resort located in Warth, where the only neighbours we had were the cows on the surrounding mountain slopes. During dinner, the group received the Best of Europe t-shirt and there was also time to celebrate Terry's birthday!

Lake Constance

Over the Säntis mountain

New BMW model, this is a prototype and will be launched in 2014!

Dorothy and Laurie

Gerald and Christine

Christopher and Susan

Bob, great sweeper!

Riding on the Alps

Most expensive t-shirts ever!

Riding day 5, Ribeauvillé - Schaffhausen

Somebody up there must really like us, another perfect day of sun! Maybe the temperature could have been also a little cooler... but we don't complain at all! Today we left the beautiful village of Ribeauvillé and we crossed the Rhine valley again, to enter the Black Forest again, where we visited Hexenlochmühle, an old mill where we tasted the famous black forest cake. After that we had a delicious picnic and we finally entered Switzerland where, before arriving at the hotel, we saw the huge waterfalls of the Rhine, the biggest in Europe!


"Black" Forest?

Cuckoo clocks!

Black Forest Cake!


The Rhine Falls

Schaffhausen and the Rhine Falls

Rest day, Ribeauvillé

Today everybody could sleep more and, after breakfast, our brave riders could choose between two routes, one shorter and one longer... and the most of them chose of course the longer one! But the shorter one also went to the very beautiful castle of Haute Koenigsburg and, when everybody came back to the hotel, we could taste a delicious buffet made with local food!

Terry & Gina

Visiting the Chateau Haute Koenigsburg

The view from the castle

Walls of the castle


Nice view of Ribeauvillé

Riding day 3, Heidelberg - Ribeauvillé

Another sunny day! Today we left Heidelberg and, after a short ride on the motorway, we entered in the Black Forest to ride on the famous "Schwarzwaldhochstrasse", the most famous scenic route in Germany! After that, we crossed the Rhine valley and entered France, to reach the beautiful village of Ribeauvillé.

Coffee break in Marxzell

David, Mona, Christopher, Susan and Sean

Alenko, Michael, Stephan, Bob and Nancy

Gina, Terry, Kristin, Joe

Kristin, Michael, Joe

Domenico and Axel

On the road in the Black Forest




Ribeauvillé by night

Riding day 2, Rothenburg - Heidelberg

Also today the weather was just perfect for riding! We left the beautiful town of Rothenburg and visited the monastery of Schöntal, a beautiful piece of Baroque architechture. After lunch, following the river Neckar, we arrived in Heidelberg, a town famous for its university and popular tourist destination due to its picturesque cityscape.

Checking the master map


Nancy and Sue

David & Mona

Leaving Langenburg

Lauri and Dorothy

Alenko & Marilyne

Terry & Gina

Inside the Schoental monastery

Guided visit of the Schoental Monastery

Modern frog

Nancy, Gottfried and Sue

View over the river Neckar from the Hirschhorn

Christine and Gerald


Our hotel in Heidelberg

Stephan, who did an Edelweiss California Tour with Edelweiss, met Nancy and Robert there and came to see them in Heidelberg! What a nice surprise

Fireworks in Heidelberg

Heidelberg by night

Riding day 1, Erding - Rothenburg

What a beautiful sunshine when we woke up this morning, and the weather forecast also looked perfect... so we couldn't wait to start riding and somebody also went down to the garage to take the bike already before the morning briefing!

We left Erding and headed north, using also the highway for a short while, then we stopped in Eichstätt for lunch in the old castle of Willibaldsburg, overlooking the Altmühltal (old valley of the mills). Finally, we reached the gorgeous medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber where, after dinner, we took the chance to follow a very "original" guided tour of the historical centre.

Everybody is starting to take confidence with their bikes and for sure we'll soon start to have even more fun riding!

Gottfried doing the Morning Briefing

Gina, Terry, Christine, Christopher and Susan copying the master map

Ready to go!

Sue, what a big ice cream!!!

Michael enjoying ice cream

Mona, Gina, Terry, Gerald, Christine and TG Domenico

Lunch break at Willibaldsburg

Nancy and Bob

Marilyne and Kristin

Gerald, Domenico and Christine

Kristin and Michael

Leaving Willibaldsburg... whatch the cobblestones!!!

Afternoon Coffee Break

Arrived in Rothenburg!

Dinner time: Susan, Christopher, Sean and Joseph

Alenko and Marilyne

All women like the watchmen George in Rothenburg

Guided tour of the historical centre

Sue and Nancy

Reflections of Rothenburg

The watchman

Roofs of Rothenburg

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Sue Mottinger
Friday, August 2, 2013 at 01:52

What a terrific recap of a fabulous trip of the Best of Europe. The photos offer a good summary of the neat sites as well as the fun riders. DoMENico what a photographer- thanks. The food was delicious especially all the ice cream--hmmm good! The Black Forest cake topped it all off. Our 3 guides DoMENico, Axel, & Gottfried were the best and provided so much fun, history, & good riding. This trip met all expectations & more. Thanks to all. Sue aka the Dallas Duo
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 00:59

Ciao Sue! Thank you for your kind comment!!! How are you? I hope great! In Italy it's tooooo hot in these days, I want to go to Norway! A big hug!!!
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 12:48

Oh wie beneide ich Euch, wenn ich diese Bilder sehe.
Liebe Grüsse an ALLE und noch viel Spass und gute Fahrt.
LG Stephan
Monday, July 15, 2013 at 07:48

Thank you for the welcome to the group. Unfortunately I was only one day there, but I was able to experience the Edelweiss family. I have met many nice people and made ​​friends. I wish you a very nice tour and hope to see you again. Thank you also to the Guides !!
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 16:50

Hello Stephan!
It was a pleasure to meet you and for sure a very nice surprise for Bob and Nancy! It's beautiful that a true friendship was born on a tour. Hope to see you soon, greetings from Austria!
Monday, July 15, 2013 at 04:04

Super, it looks like a lot of fun


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