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Gravel, sand & dirt!

Saturday, May 21, 2011 | Thomas Ritt | Asia

One of the most spectacular riding days of this spectacular tour through Tibet. First we coverd 80 km of single track, unpaved, cut into the rock high above the Yarlung River. Then, after a picnic of instant noodles, bananas and snickers we tackled Budrang-La, a mountain pass that is "only" 4980 meters high. It still counts as one of the most difficult rides on this tour, because it's not only unpaved, but because its 80 hairpin turns (50 up and 30 down) are littered with big rocks and loose gravel.

We all made it to the top (and down the other side, too) and bought a prayer flag for good Karma. Our hotel in Tsetang welcomed us with cold beer and hot showers. It was a good day, a very good one. Tibet is just such an unbelievable place!

the road up to Budrang-La Heinz, Tom and Harel are having instant noodles for their picnic in spite of his open-face helmet Jan made it to the top of the pass. If that's not a good reason to smile, then what is? Harel from Israel, Gerd and Heinz from Austria, prayer flag salesman from Tibet
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