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Alps Touring Center - Evasion BMW (ATC140A)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 | Jens Ruprecht | Europe

Day 5 - our last riding day...

After two long riding days today we roll out of our Alpine Experience... but even close to Seefeld there is a lot to see:

Achensee - what a great spot!

or Walchensee - which one is nicer?

Ideal for a last Bavarian lunch together... Of course great food - like everywhere!

The Alps Touring Centre is ideal for 5 days of great riding, and the best - you never have to pack. You spend the whole week in a wonderful hotel, just in the middle of the Alps!And finally here our last picture...

Our last breakfast together - thank you for a great week!

--- your tour guide Jens ---

Day 4 Biker´s heaven - Stelvio - we are coming!!!

Hi guys out there - what a day... just incredible...

The best weather you can imagine, blue sky all day long and 25 - 30 degrees! T-Shirt on the top of Stelvio Pass!

First we rode along the Inn river, before we climbed the Reschenpass into Italy.

Nice church, or???

Then we drove through Glurns and then up the Stelvio - 48 switchbacks, great ride! Hundreds of bikers out there:

Local BMW riders all over...

Close to the top of Stelvio... just a little rest...

We made it - Stelvio, 2760 meters!!!

Jaques and his new Shirt - the girls love it!

Day 3 - Ride to Italy

3 passes today - unbelievable!

Leaving Seefeld in the morning we crossed the Brenner Pass and had first coffee stop in the old town of Sterzing...

Nigel and his Strudel... he just loves it!

We continued to the Jaufenpass a pretty unknown pass, but still great to ride...

a lot of local bikers are around... local means Europeans - everybody wants to ride the Alps!

Once we are in Italy - we have to try the Italian Pasta!

On the way up to the Timmelsjoch, over 2500m!!!

Riding through the snow - could it be any better?

Only Ice-Cream is even better!

Tomorrow Stelvio - motorcyclists heaven...

Day 2 - Ride around Innsbruck!

This morning we left Seefeld with beautiful sunshine and went direct to the centre of the Universe - Mieming!

View over Seefeld:

Mieming, the place where the Edelweiss Office is based is a quiet mountain village, about half an hour west of Innsbruck.

After a coffee with all the Edelweiss-Team we also met the founder Werner Wachter.

Here in front of a typical Edelweiss van:

then we continued on very small roads to the South, right into the ski area of the Oetz-Valley. Having coffee in Kühtai:

Marc from the BMW CLUB QUEBEC!

We continued to Innsbruck, where we visited the historical centre and after a great lunch we came back to Seefeld...

One funny story - guess why Pierre is sitting on the back of my bike???

Jens and Diesel - Pierre

The F 700 GS is running pretty bad on Diesel... no kidding...

But after sucking out all the Diesel the bike is running like new! Tomorrow we are riding into Italy - right over the amazing Timmelsjoch pass - so stay in touch!

Hi guys out there,

yesterday our group from Evasion BMW from Canada arrived to the beautiful town of Seefeld, Austria.

We will explore the Alps together on brand new BMWs!

Welcome to the Alps!

First we had our Welcome Briefing and then we started today for our first ride...

getting on the bikes...

installing the camera! We want good pictures...

One of the beautiful lakes we have seen today, beautiful weather in the morning...

discussing the route, where are we? Germany or Austria???

in front of "Linderhof castle", King´s Ludwig hunting cottage...

Happy Canadians! Great roads around the Zugspitze, Germany´s highest mountain!

Andre and Jens(Tourguide) in front of the Zugspitze

Sylvain with a typical Austrian waitress...

Tomorrow we are exploring the area around Innsbruck, and of course its amazing old town... See you soon!

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Nunzio Coppa
Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 04:40

Hey Compadre, hope you had great time with all your tours. Hope you had a great birthday as well. Lets get together when you get back.
Monday, June 9, 2014 at 13:09

Hey guys,
it looks like you had great fun on the Alps Touring Centre!
We (on the Alps Extreme Tour) learned about you on our way from Austria down to Italy on top of the Stelvio Pass… The people at the sausage stand told us that you were populating the place just the day before us
Nunzio Coppa
Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 22:40

Living the dream Compadre!! Hope you had a nice espresso and cannoli while in italy. ttys
Nunzio Coppa
Friday, June 6, 2014 at 04:11

Looking good compadre!!
David Spall
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 14:40

Hey Nigel, great photo's. Hope your had is OK to ride. cheers


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