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French Riviera by scooter 2CO1401

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europe

Day 5, Cannes and Antibes

On our last riding day we went to Cannes and Antibes, two of the most famous tourist destinations of the French Riviera. Despite the hot weather it was another pleasant day!

Goodbye everybody, have a safe trip back home and see you hopefully again!


Our scooters parked in Cannes

A spot of the "Croisette", the famous Cannes promenade


nice spot

Day 4, the Verdon Canyon

The Verdon Gorge, that could be considered the "Grand Canyon" of Europe, has been waiting for us since the beginning of this tour and now, on our fourth day, we are finally ready for the longest ride! What a wonderful ride from Vence to Castellane, perfect asphalt and smooth curves, a paradise for our scooters! Riding along the canyon was then a little scary, but so impressive!

group picture

The canyon view from the "point sublime"

Le Point Sublime

Impressive view!

Day 3, Monaco

Some dark clouds and rain in the morning... but this time we did not give up and we finally rode to Monaco! During the ride, the clouds slowly disappeared and finally the sun came out. This very small country is very well-known as a tax haven as well as a "vip" tourist destination, and the famous Monte-Carlo F1 car race is the most important event of the year. On the way there we stopped in the centre of Nice with its picturesque market and it was not very easy to find a parking place for all our scooters! Very twisty backroads took us back to the hotel, so we could avoid the rush hour traffic on the coast... and a couple of bottles of sparkling wine were waiting for us to wish happy birthday to Karine!

The market of Nice


Guess why it is called "Cote d'Azur"

How to ruin a nice "selfie"

In front of the Oceanographic museum of Monaco

The tomb of princess Grace Kelly in Monaco

View of Monte-Carlo

Modern shark

The nice village of Eze

Happy birthday Karine!!!

Day 2, Grasse

Today we were supposed to go to Monaco, but a lot of rain in the morning "suggested" us to leave a little bit later and do the shorter route to Grasse, the "Capital of Perfumes", where after a coffee and a walk in the centre, we could visit the famous Fragonard perfumes museum and factory. Grasse has had a prospering perfume industry since the end of the 18th century and many "noses" are trained or have spent time here to distinguish over 2,000 kinds of scent. But the riding was not over: since the weather had become finally very sunny, in the afternoon we took a longer route to see the coast before going back to the hotel!

Emily and Jon

Patisserie in Grasse... also here a very nice smell!

Walking in Grasse

Local band near the Cathedral



View from Grasse

Inside the Fragonard museum of perfumes

Marisa and Jim

Of course there is also a shop inside the Fragonard factory!

nice spot

French cats like scooters!

Vera, Carl and Ryan

view of Grasse

Karine, Prashant and Sujata in Cabris

Angie and Rod

The coast near Cagnes sur Mer

Are you tired, guys?

Vence in the evening, the square becomes a restaurant...


Day 1, Gourdon

Welcome to the French Riviera, where another wonderful Scooter Tour is about to begin! We will explore this beautiful spot of Europe where many famous (and rich) people chose to live... and it's easy to understand why!

On our first riding day we took it "easy", in order to get used to the scooters. We left Vence and, after many nice curves in the "Gorges du Loup" we reached Gourdon, a nice little village overlooking the valley. Riding through the mountains we arrived in Greolieres, where we stopped for lunch before heading back to Vence. Dinner in a beautiful 500-year-old cellar was the good end of a very nice day!

First picture stop overlooking the "Gorges du Loup"

Our scooters

Prashant and Sujata

Rod and Angie

Robert, Ryan and Vera

nice spot of Gourdon

Our scooters parked in Greolieres

The joungest ones...

Lunch in Greolieres

Marisa and Sterling

Riding back to Vence

finally dinner!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014 at 00:12

Hi Dome,
seems you all have fun. It is not Italy, but still...


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