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Grand Alps Tour CGA1401

Sunday, June 29, 2014 | Mark Fay | Europe

Day 12 Klobenstein to Kaprun

Stopped for lunch at Misurina Lake, Dolomites.

Fighting the fog on the Grossglockner, Austria, around 8,200 ft up.

The Ducati boys was left standing today by these mean machines.

Day 11 Klobenstein - Rest Day, ride.

James enjoying the cold water after a days riding.

Day 10 Livigno to Klobenstein (Bozen) Italy.

Coffee break in Glurns.                                                              A visit to Lake Reschen, notice the remains of the church in the water.

Now the boys had a completely different day. The Stelvio in the snow.

They first heard about the famous Stelvio Pass around 8 years ago, well now you have done it. Good effort.

Day 9 Lugano to Livigno

Very wet day, changed the route after our coffee stop in Menaggio on Lake Como, Italy. Took a direct route 150 km to the ski resort Livigno.

Angela thought she was going to have a nice dry day in the support van, but we needed some running repairs.

Day 8 Aosta to Lugano - 250 km

The sun is out and it's already hot.                             Another amazing castle on route.

Day 7 Briancon to Aosta - 250 km

Day 6 Briancon Rest Day - or extra riding.

Out exploring a few of the many castles around this area. Mount Dauphin and Chateau Queyras.

What a perfect location for a picnic that Angela prepared for us, high up on a mountain pass Col D'Izoard in a layby. On the 18th July the Tour de France will pass through here.

What is Sean thinking, (what self service)!                       and David (I wonder if anyone will see me feeding the wildlife)!

Out for the night in Old Town Briancon with a medevil festival just finishing.

Day 5 Chamonix to Briancon

Heading out with the morning sun shining off Mont Blanc.

Day 4  Andermatt to Chamonix

The sun is out and the group will ride route 2 today, approx 260 km.

Coffee break on Brienzer See Lake. I wish the boys would take their helmets off for the coffee breaks!


Admiring the the local art.

Just what the doctor ordered today, a road side shack for a bite to eat.

Even a cool place to chill next to the river and dip your feet.

We also found a new tour guide bike, I'm very happy with it.

Last stop before Chamonix.

Evening meal in Chamonix, overlooking the famous Mont Blanc.

Day 3 was our restday in Andermatt

Although a rainy day was promissed, almost all the group went out for the ride over the passes St. Gotthard, Nufenen, Grimsel and Susten.

Fun in the rain with the Ducatis...

...and of course with the rest of the group!

But the best part of today was our reward for the ride in the rain! Mark prepared a wonderful indoor-picnic for us!...

...which, of course, everybody enjoyed to the full

Plus, at the end of the day's ride the picnic is twice as good with a beer

Day 2  Galtür, Austria to Andermatt, Switzerland

Tour Guide Mark, First time for leading group alone. You know what they say, You never forget the first time.

Peter and David know where they are... but do you also know where to go?

Two of the Ladies in our group: Sheri and Sherry at the Silvretta reservoir

Stopped for lunch in Murg, on the Walensee Lake.

The next pass to be conquered, Klausenpass between Glarus and Altdorf. But many cows and their deposits had to be avoided.

A quick stop to see the Wilhelm Tell Monument, in Altdorf.

Just a few of the motorbikes on route to Seefeld, Austria, for the start of the 2014 Grand Alps Tour for our American and Canadian guests. Its always fun with this long load.

We borrowed a couple of Aussies from the special group to do some manual labour. Thanks for your help.

The 2 groups are now together, the special group! and us the normal group. We will soon depart and go our separate ways, the opposite direction. Angela and myself, Mark (tour guides) welcome our guests and look forward to the days ahead with everyone on our epic journey.

Riding Day 1 - The start, last briefing before we set off, the rain has stopped and everyone is happy.  Leave Seefeld, Austria. Arrive Galtur. Austria.  Angela will lead the group straight into the mountains and taste some of the high passes right from the  start

On the move, goodbye special group have a fantastic trip. Leaving the Seelos Hotel, Seefeld.

Stopped off at Edelweiss HQ in Mieming.

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