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Tigers on the way to the Isle of Man

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 | Michael Göbel | Europe

Day 1 Hinckley - Lynton 310 km

After a special guided tour through the Triumph factory we headed south to the Exmoor National Park with its beautiful coastline and charming little villages.

The Heddons Gate Hotel awaited us with a wonderful setting, a spectacular driveway and a delicious dinner.

The Velez Family in front of the Triumph factory

Foto stop in front of a wedding Castle

Tigers in the green

Day 2 Lynton - Exeter 290 km

Leaving our cosy Hotel in the morning was hard, but there was a lot of great riding, scenery and sightseeing waiting for us today. We said hello to Camelot, King Arthurs Castle, had our first water crossing and did not get lost in famous spooky Dartmoor. What a great day.

Leaving the Hotel in the morning ready for adventure

Group Picture in the sun, Javier, Clara, Jamie, Santiago, Ashley, Ray, Deborah, Mike, Irvine, Blake, Bob, Art, Eileen and the Tourguides Toni and Michael

Beautiful English countryside

Tiger saying hello to the cows

Day 3 Exeter - Abergavenny 300 km

We went back 5000 years in history today, the world famous Stonehenge was our Destination for today. This mystic stone circle is one of the most remarkable sites in England and shurly worth a visit. But may be the medieval town of Lacock was even better, a well preserved charming place, where we had lunch. In the afternoon we crossed the Bridge to wales and had an entertaining ride to our Hotel in Abergavenny.

Riding through medieval Lacock

Eileen and Art

Ashley and Jamie

Blake enjoying the extra ride in the afternoon

Day 4 Abergavenny - Cardigan 315km

The Brecon Beacons await. Twisty mountain roads, tiny mining villages and plenty of sheep are our companions for the longest riding day of the trip. Brilliant sunshine is followed by eerie mists as the clouds descend upon us.

A Tiger in front of a Castle, a rather Fitting Combo.

A quick break in the sun in the Brecon Beacons.

Art and Eileen.

Blasting past the hedges.

Day 5, Cardigan to Betwys-y-Coed, 240km

Snowdonia National Park awaits as we head out for one of the most technical rides of the tour. A fantastic coastal road takes us North as we head for lunch in an old railroad station. The afternoon takes us in the foothills of Mount Snowdon and the main road soon turns into a small single trail. Sheep are our only companions for the next hour as we wind our way up into the mountains and our final Destination for the day, a small Hotel at the foor of Mount Snowdon.

Goodbye Cardigan, we will see you again next year.

Happy Independence Day!

Day 6, Betwys-y-Coed - Douglas, 270km

Today we headed for the Isle of Man. The rain had stopped in the morning and we had a fantastic loop through the Snowdonia National Park in sunny conditions before we reached Carnafon Castle, the crowning place of the Prince of Wales. Waiting for the ferry at the scenic harbour of Liverpool  with its Beatles Museum, was not to bad and we had a very calm crossing to Douglas.

The Riverside Hotel in the morning

What a view!!!

Father and sons....

Tigers at Carnafon Castle

Beautiful lookout on the way to Liverpool

Waiting for the ferry in Liverpool

The paddocks of the TT race course

Day 7, Douglas - Douglas, 180km

The day of the days.  Starting out at 7 a clock in the morning before breakfast to do a lap around the legendary TT race course was really special. It took us nearly one hour. Can you imagine that the professionals do it in under 20 minutes? The sun was out as well and we had a great time,

After breakfast we went out for a scenic loop around the island to find the hidden treashures of the Isle of Man, like Peel Castle and the wonderful Castletown.

Javier and Santiago testing out he new, marginally improved, Edelweiss Support van.

Irv wondering if he would be allowed to try out his Tiger on the beach....

Mike, Debbie, Art & Eileen at Blue Point. Next stop due west, Ireland.

The Valdez Family on the beach at Blue Point in the sun. Yes, actual sun in the British isles....

Day 8  Douglas - Keswick  220 km

It was hard to say good bye to the Isle of Man, we all enjoyed it very much. Back to England the Lake District awaited us with twisty rollercoaster like roads and the challenging Hardknott Pass. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful stop at the Castlerigg Stone circle in the late afternoon.

 The Group approaching the Hardknott Pass

Group photo at Castlerigg Stone circle

Day 9 Keswick - Hinckley 395 km

Unfortunately our last riding day, but good and Long one. A famous motorcycle pass road in the morning and some lovely sweeping road until we had lunch  in Richmond, a nice Little town, where the Tour de France went by yesterday, was our Programm for today. The last two hours on the Highway back to Hinckley in pouring rain and some traffic jams were hard, but we made it!!!

Congratulations to the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coffee stop at the bike cafe at the Hartside Summit

Tigers at the market place in Richmond

Eileen and Art in Richmond

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Mark Cowell
Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 18:45

Hello to everyone in the group who stayed with Pat and Mark at Heddon's Gate Hotel near Lynton in North Devon. We enjoyed meeting you all and seeing all the places you visited after you left us. You even went to England's highest cafe at Hartside in Cumbria (we used to live very near there in Gamblesby and would walk up to the cafe in all weathers!)
Best wishes from Exmoor
Mark & Pat
Mike Rudzik
Monday, July 21, 2014 at 08:53

Michael, Toni and my Tiger Brothers & Sisters,
Though this tour was amazing, it was our new Family of Riders who made it such a wonderful experience! The bumps & bruises heal but the memories will last forever.
From Mike, Deb, Ray & River:
We love you all very much and hope our roads cross again very soon. River is going to be "UBER-EXCITED" to meet his new Moto Mates. Mom & River are happy & healthy and "Sweet Baby Ray" is still spinning yarns as if he never left the UK. I know, strange isn't it? Although, River's Mommy has put Motorcycle Ray on temporary timeout!
Our Sincerest Love to You All,
Mike Rudzik
PS - Michael & Toni congrats on your World Cup Win!
Ed Buelsing
Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 19:23

Hey Michael, great write up. Looks like a wonderful tour with a great group.
Ramona & Dirk
Monday, July 7, 2014 at 20:52

Hi Michael,
schön, Dich mal wieder aktiv auf Tour zu sehen - und wieder hast Du den Wettergott in der Tasche...
Schottland sieht bei sonnigem Wetter echt gut aus...wenn dann der Whisky auch so schmeckt wie der Grappa im Trentino und Veneto.
Isle of Man kennt Ramona zumindest von 2002 (TT live). Coole Insel - Sandstrand in der ein oder anderen kleinen Bucht (Port Erin) und Hochmoor oben auf dem Plateau.
Wir wünschen Dir und allen Mitfahrern noch eine schöne Zeit.
P.S. Übermorgen kommt Jeff ins Ruhrgebiet zum MotoGP-Erlebniswochenende am Sachsenring!
Viele liebe Grüsse, Ramona & Dirk
Jeff Andrews
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 18:01

Beautiful... looks like great time and nice weather. I'm envious!
Allan Engel
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 01:48

How about Scotland and the TT? 5 riding days in Scotland + 3 nights on the isle of Man.


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