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Viking Experience Norway 2014 (CVE1401)

Friday, July 11, 2014 | Manuel Marabese | Europe

Day 7: From Bergen to Fjærland

Today is another day to remember. After leaving Bergen trough the E16 we reach Voss, the adrenaline capital of Norway: rafting, paragliding, canoeing, climbing, skiing... You name it, they got it! Then it's time for two very narrow and pretty fjords: Næroyfjorden and Aurlandsfjorden. Here we are enjoying a picnic, right before hitting one of the finest mountain roads of Norway, the Aurlandfjellet. Underneath there is the longest road tunnel on earth (27km), but we prefer to ride the old roads that climbs the steep wall beside the fjord offering a spectacular view.


Weather can change rapidly... from sun to dark clouds in just a few curves...

Fjærland is an idyllic little place tucked away from anything else and behind it there is the mastodontic Jostedal glacier. Time for the boot beer, well deserved!

The owner of Fjærland Hotel proudly showing is home brewed beer has then delighted us with some local stories and folklore, not forgetting a reflection on climate change and effects on glaciers.

Day 6: Rest day in Bergen

In Bergen there are over 250 days with precipitation a year... and we are here during a sunny one! Amazing! The perfect chance to have a city walk exploring its streets and picturesque buildings. After reaching the neo gothic St. John church we head towards Bryggen, the old wooden houses from the Hanseatic League era, now protected under the UNESCO heritage list.

Enjoying a beer along the warf while a warm sun shines over our heads is quite a treat... we better enjoy it!

Day 5: Sola to Bergen

The prettiest Norwegian town is going to be our destination for today's ride, and we surely wanna enjoy every bits of road while we get there. A ferry, several majestic waterfalls like Langfossen and Låtefossen, the newly built Hardanger bridge over the (of course) Hardanger fjord and much more.... Let's have a look!

Day 4 From Vrådal to Sola (Stavanger)

Sun shines above us... and today is gonna be a day to remember. The ride to the west cost of Norway trough via Lysefjord is simply spectacular! We start visiting Eidsborg stave church...

And while we enjoy a coffee break in Valle, Chris is already preparing a tasty picnic in a scenic area.

Everything is ready for the hungry group of motorcyclists...

Here is the grilling team (in their spare time they act as tour guides as well): Chris, Manuel and Michael.

Pølse (wurst/hot dog) anyone?

The 27 hairpins going down from Oygardstol to Lysebotn, the small village at the end of Lysefjord. There is even a tunnel with a hairpin inside.... look!

Just before getting to Vrådal we stopped by the Telemark Canal to see the last rotating bridge of Norway... and the lady bridge keeper (the last bridge keeper of Norway) made it turn for us!

Day 3 From Oslo to Vrådal

Now the tour starts to become serious concerning the riding: we unveil to our international group the countryside of Telemark, the place where apparently the discipline of ski was born. On the way to Vrådal, a small village on the shore of a lake, we stop by Heddal stavkirke and Telemark Canal.

Fishermen loves these rapids, present everywhere along Norwegian rivers.

In the past Norway had approximately 7000 stavkirke (wooden churches built on pillars) but due to the expansion of the population in the villages new and bigger churches were ordered to be built, and most of the stave churches have been destroyed. Luckily a few have survived and Heddal delights us with her unique shapes and atmosphere.

Crossing a popular area for winter and summer cottages with turf roofs to keep a good and natural isolation from humidity and cold.

Day 2 Rest day in Oslo

The tour has just started but the capital of Norway offers so much that a rest day is mandatory! Of course a short ride around the forests and lakes nearby is a good alternative, but most of the group joins the city walk. Starting with a T-bana ride from Holmekollen to downtown, we walk along the main boulevard Karl Johans Gate moving from 18th century flair like the National Theatre and the Stortinget (Parliament) to the eclecticism of the contemporary shapes of the new opera house.

Jumping back in time we visit Akershus, the fortress built in the 13th hundred to protect Oslo from the attacks coming from sea. Now the fortress hosts a museum with the original interiors.

After walking to the harbour we catch a boat to Museum Island (it's actually a peninsula) and here the choice is endless: Viking Ship Museum, Fram Polar Expedition Museum, Kontiki Museum, Folk Museum, Maritime History Museum... and the afternoon still gives the chance to visit the sculptures of Vigeland Park.

Day 1 From Gothenburg to Oslo

The first day is just a warm up: a long stretch to cover to reach Oslo, capital of Norway, crossing some swedish country side, lakes, forests and a moose ranch. Ah, and some sweet strawberries too, served by a typical local girl.

Time to enjoy an espresso, or better an ice cream for this summer hot days.

The first group shot, by the lake Vänern, near the famous Swedish "movie capital" Trollhattan. Here are the set of production for Lukas Moodisson (Show Me Love) or the Danish director Lars Von Trier (Dogville, Dancer in the Dark).

Abdullah enjoying a break in the shade after lunch...

Finally arrived in Oslo in the picturesque Rica Holmekollen hotel, near the olympic Ski Jump.

Day 0  Arrival in Gothenburg

Welcome to the Trop... ehm, Nordic countries! At the moment the temperature is around 30°C (86°F), quite a warm summer up there! A fantastic group of motorcyclists from Israel, Saudi Arabia, United States, together with the tour guides Chris (Austria), Michael (Germany), and Manuel (Italy) will spend nearly two weeks across some of the most scenic routes of Norway.

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