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Norway Touring Center 2 (NTC1402)

Thursday, July 31, 2014 | Manuel Marabese | Europe

DAY 1: Atlantic Road

How pretty can Norway be? Let's discover it together... another motorcycle tour across fjords and trolls has started... stay tuned!

A well assorted group that spans from Australia to Canada (passing trough Turkey/Netherland, United States and England) has flown all across the globe to reach the charming town of Ålesund, ready to jump on a dozen of shiny beamers (and a Harley!). After the morning briefing we head towards Molde (the city of rose and the jazz festival) and then Bu, where Ergan bunker built by Nazi has been converted into a museum.

Who wants to ride the bear (and take a selfie?), ah it's Mark!

Time to sample some local specialities... Bacalao, prepared with delicious klippfisk, which is dried split cod, one of the most important produce of nordic fishing.

The Atlantic Road and it's most famous curvy bridge.

DAY 2: Trollstigen

Today it's time to get uphill and visit the highest vertical rock wall of Europe: the majestic Trollveggen, whose sharp pinnacles gave birth to Odin's War Hammer. How powerful are Nordic sagas...


With its 11 hairpin the Troll's ladder seems nothing compared to Alpine passes. But... have a look at the impressive view, with the ocean in the background. Dear Stelvio pass, yes you are taller and bigger but you don't have the sea view!

The pretty visitor center area, renovated only two years ago.

Mark and Sandy admiring Ålesund from Aksla viewpoint.

Have a good magical night... tomorrow will be grand!

DAY 3: Geiranger

To reach the king of the fjords we need... a ferry first of all!

And after some riding, here we are, in Hellesylt, where Geiranger starts.

A break by the Jostedalbreen center, the largest glacier in mainland Europe.

Lynne looked quite happy among the rough landscape of the old Stryn mountain road.

Aussies always gets wild when they see snow, here Bruce and Kate.

Orange fluo... either you love or hate it, nothing in between. But in the fog is a damn good color to follow.

Breathing pure nature.

Our HiViz team! You are shining!

The View: Geiranger fjord at its end. Sometimes it gets crowded...

Rich posing like a movie star on his GS...

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true...

Sandy looking at the infinite.

DAY 4: The Fjord Loop

After so many highlights, what can Norway still offer? Some pretty riding, with tiny roads following the coast and a mix of pure Norwegian weather: rain drops, breeze, moody atmosphere and from time to time magnificent sun rays breaking trough the dark clouds. Paradise for painters (and even for GoreTex motorcyclists).

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