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Royal Edelweiss Dream - great tour! (RED1401)

Friday, September 5, 2014 | Jens Ruprecht | Europe

Hello Bikers around the globe,

Great Riding combined with wonderful 5 Star Hotels - what else do you need?

Day 10 Cortina - Innsbruck/ Buchen

Is it really the last riding day? Over 1000 miles on the road already, but we could continue easy for another week...

Another loop through the Dolomites and then back to Austria!

Leaving the hotel in the morning - can you see the fresh snow in the back? Winter is coming soon...

Nice lunch in Sterzing´s old town and then back to Austria... sorry it is over...

Last Bootbeer in the Interalpen Hotel - just great!

Thank you for a wonderful trip - your tour guides

Jens + Ramon

Day 9 Venice - Cortina

After a great rest day down in sunny Venice we hit the road back into the Alps. Online 1 hour from the beach and you are already in some of the best riding areas worldwide - the Dolomites!

Somewhere north of Belluno... just perfect!

Our lunch spot in the middle of nowhere...

and some more great roads... before we slept in our wonderful hotel in Cortina.

Great scenery!

It got cold outside - thanks god there are a lot of biker cafes in the area... let´s go to the hotel!

Day 8 Restday Venice

Rest day sounds good, especially at such a place as Venice. There are many things to discover like hundred of monuments, great brigdes over the canals, plenty of nice bars, restaurants and the famous island of glas-blowing - Murano!

Join us:

Boat ride to Murano...

Inside the factory - real artists!

Just a ball of glas, a couple of seconds later the "Ferrari horse" - Unbelievable!!!

Can you see it already?

Applause, Applause!!!

Richi, Don - did you like the show?

Tomorrow back into the Moutains - the Dolomites are waiting for us!

Day 7 Verona - Venice

Yesterday we arrived in the ancient town of Verona with its unique Roman Theatre - it is wonderful!

We walked around the old town after dinner and heard a Rock Concert from Laura Pausini - inside the Ruins - 20 000 people fit inside, unbelievable. We checked it out this morning, have a look:

2000 years old - and still in use...

Gladiators are still around - and women love them...

Ricardo didn´t like it...

but finally they fell in love again - below the balcony of Romeo and Juliet...

While we(Jens, Richard and Joyce) were exploring the old town of Verona, the others went for a great ride to the nearby mountains:

and finally - everybody in Venice - just amazing!

Venice is unbelievable - look!

of we have another rest day here - stay tuned...

Day 6 Florence - Verona

Leaving Florence is not easy - it is a great place!

A ride over the Apennin Mountains and we are in the Bologna area - and the best - close to the Ducati Factory!

Let´s check it out:

Coffee in the factory - we also got a great tour with our guide Sara through the production - it takes only 1 hour to build a dream bike! Sorry no pictures allowed inside...

But in the beautiful museum:

Mike Hailwood says Hello!

Moto GP forever...

Once we are in this area - Maranello is just around the corner...

great cars - here my favorites...

okay guys - stop dreaming... we have to ride to Verona!

Day 5 Restday Florence

Rest day - that means we have the whole day to explore Florence, history and shopping - what else do you need???

along the Arno river...

At Ponte Vecchio, about 700 years old, today a good place to buy jewels...


Our ladies look happy - maybe they got some presents?

Florence´s Duomo - you have to see it!

and finally a last view from the top at Piazza Michelangelo... what a day!

Tomorrow we are going to visit the Ducati Factory at Bologna... can´t wait...

Day 4 Viareggio - Florence

Short riding day today, but a lot to see.

Vickie in front of the "famous leaning tower" of Pisa!

And then a visit of the ancient town of Lucca, where we had a nice lunch. With some nice music...

In the afternoon we arrived in Florence - what a city!

Today we are having a rest day - to discover the beauty of the old town - stay tuned...

Day 3 Bellagio - Viareggio

After some rain yesterday, we woke up with beautiful sunshine in the morning.

Long riding day - about 350 km.

Most of it on Italian highways - even that is a great experience!

Lake Como in the morning - what a spot...

Don and Vickie - Italian snack on the highway - what a great Pizza!

Brian in between in the locals...

Even Harley Riders can be tooooo fast - discussion with the Italian Police!

Finally they let him go - Richard well done!

We made it to Viarregio in the afternoon, went for a swim in the ocean at had a wonderful dinner.

Day 2 St. Moritz - Bellagio/Italy

today even more pass roads to come - great!

on the top of Julier Pass - just great...

beautiful surroundings - have a look...

The whole group - just 5 bikes - perfect! Brian, Don, Vickie, Joyce and Richard - happy as you can be!

up,up and away - Italy is waiting for us...

Here on the ferry across lake Como - Bellagio - we are coming!

Don on his way to Bellagio - here a look at our Grand Hotel from the ferry:

Tomorrow we are riding South to the Mediterranean Sea - stay tuned!

Day 1 Buchen/Austria - St.Moritz/Switzerland

Just 2 days ago we met with our group in the amazing Interalpen Hotel close to Innsbruck and we are already visiting the 3rd country - isn´t it great?!?

After leaving Tyrol we crossed the border into Italy to ride the world famous Pass Road of Stelvio - unbelievable!

local bikers on the way to the top - just 48 switchbacks!!!

We made it - even Joyce and Richard on the Harleys!!!

Best Bratwurst of the Alps - Bruno´s Bratwurst Stand!

Somewhere - on beautiful roads!

Our little hostal in St. Moritz... the Grand Hotel!

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Don Stallings
Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 07:54

This brings us to the end of of the best vacation I have ever had in my life! Meeting our tour mates and tour guides was only the beginning. Vickie and I will be back for sure! Anyone that has ever thought of doing this trip should take it from is indeed worth the money. Great roads, great tour guides, great company!! These memories will last for a lifetime. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic experience! Don
Joyce Liana
Monday, September 8, 2014 at 18:52

Our first trip to Europe. Our first, but definitely not last, trip with Edelweiss! Magical places, fabulous accommodations, unbelievable food. The BEST is our group! Quick to become friemds. Long lasting memories, and we've got 6 more days ahead of us!
(Don, I think Vickie passed on the coin purse for 2 beautiful handbags!)
Don Stallings
Monday, September 8, 2014 at 08:54

Today we are in Florence (aka Firenze) and having a rest day seeing the sights and trying to walk off some of the pounds we put on so far. First class dining in the evenings and the hotel service is extraordinary. I thought the Westin had great service in Sydney, but the level of service in these hotels make the Westin look mediocre. The group split into 2 groups yesterday with one group having extra miles and tons more twisty roads with a later arrival. 2 tour guides, Ramon and Jens are excellent guides! Today, we look at Italian leather shops so I will have some "fat" leathers for the second half of the trip. Vickie is only going to buy a small coin purse.......NOT! Cheers!
Don Stallings
Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 22:54

What a great trip thus far! We have made some new friends, seen incredible picturesque scenery, eaten enough to lose 5 KMH on the bike and stretch out my leathers, and have had the "royal treatment" at our hotels. We are only on day 4 tomorrow of our ride, and already....I know we will want to do this again! Awesome guides and incredible journeys.


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