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Andalusia Tour (ATS1501)

Sunday, April 12, 2015 | Ted Goslinga | Europe

Day 2: Visiting the Ahambra in Grenada and our first picnick

Brigid and Tony ready for take off after the picnic in the mountains near Grenada

David always enjoying a good ride....and picnic !

Outstanding gardens of the palace

Addas is easy to spot: always at work , even in the Alhambra !

At the entrance of the Alhambra with our Spanish guide Carlos

The awesome palace of the Alhambra in Grenada

Day 1 - Andalusia Tour

With a clear sky and rising temperature we took off from our starthotel in Malaga, Spain.

Everybody in a very good mood and excited to go riding in the Malaga mountains and the beautiful coastal way to Motril.

After a couple of nice photoshops we had a great lunch at the beach. Before we could go on with the after lunch ride, Tony kept us a little bit longer on the lunch stop to see how how quick Ted would cut his helmet lock!

After this we drove on up to Grenada where Manuel had arranged a nice diner in a Morrocon restaurant.


Alex, who suffers from a flu, still going strong!!

Starting Day - minus one

Our great starting hotel at Guadalmar, Malaga.!

... a stranger in town finding her way to the ferry to Morocco.....she looks familiar though...!

.....and ready to roll!!

Bike washing and preparing for Andalusia

Arrival day tour members ATS 1501! A beautiful view of the starting hotel in Malaga, Spain at the evening before!

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Friday, April 17, 2015 at 23:49

Hey Manuel and Ted,
Greetings from the south of Morocco! I wish you a great tour!
Safe travels,


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