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Sicily to Rome RTS 1502

Saturday, May 16, 2015 | Claudia Wenhart | Europe

Our Tour Sicily to Rome just started on Thursday in Catania with the hand-over of the motorcycles and a nice place for the "Welcome" briefing in the garden of Hotel Etna Paradiso.

On our first riding day we head out of Catania westward in direction to our first Foto stop and coffee break in Raddusa.

Sandra, Laura and Kent are happy with best and sunny weather.

Jürgen and Jan enjoy the twisting roads and the beautiful landscape of Sicily.

Phil and Nigel

Further on Piazza Amerina with the famous Villa Romana della Casale was our highlight of the day. More than 3000 square meters of mosaics were found there and - even - ladies in bkinis.

Valle die Templi

Today was the riding day through Mafia region, we stopped in small villages like Prizzi and Corleone.

Phil in Corleone

Jacky and William- the Mafia village Prizzi in the back

For lunch our picnic spot was situated at Ficuzza forest and even thoug the weather wasn't really good, we had a lot of fun.

William and Eric

Jürgen and Ian

Alan guided them to this lovley spot here on the table with Jacky

And the rest of the Group

Motorcycling in beautiful landscape

Ian on the BMW 1200 GS

Dinner at Hotel Baia Taormina with fresh made pasta with squid - Kent, Eric and Phil are having fun with the italian chefs

Restday today in Taormina

Some of us stayed in our hotel or went for sightseeing in Taormina.

Just before the ride, Eric and John at their bikes.

Claudia guided the rest of our group to vulcano Etna.

Nice coffee stop in Rifugio Brunek - Eric and Claudia

John, Eric, Jacky and Bill

Phil and Nigel

Phil in the cable car to the crater


...above the clouds at Monte Etna.

Lava fields at Etna

No comment..... just sit and wait

... what a nice parking lot for our motorbikes in our Hotel Baia Taormina

The old Teatro Greco with a lovely view to Monte Etna

Village Taormina

Lots of small alleys

Porta Messina

The symbol of Sicily - in the ancient Greece called "Trinakria" which means three capes

Dinner at Forza d'Agró

In this little village north of Taormina the three Oscar nominated film "The Godfather" was filmend in this spectacular scenery.

We also have some film stars on our tour... look at this

Eric on top of the hill

Phil with "The Godfathers" gun

Delicious seafood and a lot of fun

Discussing the excellent view from Forza d'Agró, Jürgen, Alan and Phil

Our riding day from Taormina to Tropea

Nice and winding roads between Novara di Sicilia and Francovilla di Sicilia

Sandy, Kent and Laura

.... Phil.... also a very good rider here

... Alan always busy

... fresh seafood and "Pasta Vongole" for lunch

Jürgen and the boss of Grotta Azzurra

... meeting the locals

A short loop through Tropea with the motorcycles ...Santa Maria Dell'Isola on the hill

Today our trip from Tropea to Maratea, daily morning briefing at the pool

First coffee stop in Amantea in a excellent "Gelateria"

Everybody is gettin ready to start again after lunch



Eric and Jürgen

Bill and Jacky


Next stop - Il Redentore - a 22 m hich statue of Jesus Christ in Maratea

... with breathtaking view over the sea

Our day from Aquafredda/Maratea to Pompeij

Jacky, Bill and Jürgen in front of Paestum a major ancient Greek City at the coast of Threnian sea.

... look at the red poppy at Ian's cap

Picnic right next to Paestum at Caseificio Barlotti, a buffalo Mozzarella production site

Apero, Bitter with Cracker

... the buffalo loves Jack's selfy, look at his eyes

... really fres Mozzarela die buffalo.... the ladies have fun at their work

Afternoon stop in Montechiaro

Arrival at our hotel in Pompeij - Alan guides everybody "home" safely

Phil and Sandy

Restday in Pompeij

We started with Hector  -our tourguide - the visit of the ruins of the ancient City of Pompeij

... the Basilica at the main foro

The public bath.... this ara, only allowed for men

Sandy and Kent visiting the old houses

Short trip to Napels in the evening to get the best Pizza in town

Castell dell'Ovo

A short espresso in a traditional Cafe.... and EVERYBODY knows who had to pay for it and why...!!!

Castel Nuovo

Pizzeria "Brandi", where Pizza Margherita was founded

..... the running gag of our tour

OLIV OIL and bread

Everybody arrived happy and safely on our last riding day from Pompeij to Rome .

After ten beautiful riding days, sightseeing and delicious food and wines we had a nice farewell dinner in our hotel.

Have a safe trip home and see you again soon......

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Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 19:39

I've lost track of what day it is, but no worries. This morning greeted us with drizzle and sullen skies in the most beautiful spot on earth, Aquafredda near Maratea. The hotel was spectacular, easily the nicest on the trip, only surpassed by the kind and friendly faces in motorcycle helmets. We departed for Amalfi and Pompei, but not before stopping for a wonderful picnic prepared by our lovely tourguide, Claudia. Everyone loved it.
Oops, I almost forgot the stop at the Greek temples in Paestum before the picnic. The adjective "Breathtaking" doesn't do the site justice. Just wonderful and well worth many times the 10 euro entry fee.
Back on the road after a full stomach, the ride along the Almafi coast was congested, wet, slow, and at times nearly suicidal. A beautiful spot on the planet, to be sure, but with the busses and trucks and constant traffic, it was slow going and a bit of a buzz-kill, at least for me. And we were soaked. The long tunnel on the autostrada on the way to our hotel in Pompei gave a brief and somewhat warm and drying reprieve. On the coast, at times I felt that I was in Big Sur on July 4th weekend. Been there, done that.
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 21:55

Sicily was wonderful and it was sad to say goodbye today, but we all know what awaits us in Calabria and points north! It's been wonderful sharing great roads, incredible food and stunning scenery with all of my new friends! Each day gets better and better!
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 18:09

Awesome!!! Looks like a great ride......
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 04:25

Thanks for posting these wonderful photos. Looks like everyone is enjoying their ride on this tour!
Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 21:04

Hi Sandra, Laura & Kent! Hi Alan!!!
Greets from Northern Germany to the far South End of Europe. Hope you're enjoying Mediteranian landscape and of course food as well. Nice to follow you on the blog and watching you having fun in good ol' Europe - only 2'5tk's away from our home We still remember our "African Adventures" and the great time we spent together on the Capetown-VicFalls Tour. Have a great and safe riding and a fascinating tour!
Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 12:31

Wir wünschen Euch alle eine gute Zeit, viel Spaß, tolle Eindrücke und vor allen Dingen unfallfreie Fahrt


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