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Best of Europe 1502

Sunday, June 21, 2015 | Ursula Peter | Europe

The tour is over - time was flying. We had an awesome week and a lot of new experiences.

Was fun riding with you!!! I wish you a good flight back home and I hope we`ll see each other again!

The road goes on for ever and the party never ends....

Take care

Ursula & Tom

Hi motorcyclers out there!!! The Best of Europe is on the start. A group of people from America and Canada met in Erding/Munich, the bikes are ready to go and everybody is a bit excited.

5 countries - Germany, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria - 5 different cultures, different languages, different food, beautiful roads and a lot of new experiences awaiting us. Come join us....


7. Riding Day: Warth (Austria) - Erding (Germany)


After a night in Jägeralpe - in the middle of the mountains - we are heading for the highlights of the day - Castle Neuschwanstein and Linderhof

a guided tour explained why the Bavarian state was ruined and wanted to get rid of this crazy King.

Tom prepared the famous Edelweiss picnic for the hungry growd. Delicious!

6. Riding Day: Schaffhausen (Switzerland) - Warth (Austria)

The nice little town Stein am Rhein.


The medieval part of the town has been pedestrianised and many of the medieval buildings are painted with beautiful frescoes.
Group picture at the border of Lichtenstein. The weather was just perfect.
The scenery at the Furkajochpass is just mindblowing...
The scenery in direction of the Hochtannenbergpass.

We managed to get a guitar - one string was missing - it didn`t really bother Scotty

I am wilder than you....

5. Riding day: Ribeauvillé (F) to Schaffhausen (CH)

We are entering Switzerland today. The group is perfectly briefed and prepared for the Swiss

But first we are heading back to Germany and the Black Forest

he captain is ready for take off.

cott loves his 1200GS (maybe he is gonna buy one once at home)

eith and Jane can't wait to get on the road.

verybody is ready to leave Ribeauvillé and curious to see where they go next.

Leaving the Alsace

Keith and Jane on top of Kandel - our first stop - 42 Fahrenheit/ 7 Celsius - doesn`t feel like summer - but dry streets

Kandel is the place for the paraglider - but even for them it was too cold

Hexenlochmühle - Witch-hole-mill - the place to buying Cookoo clocks and to try all kind of typical Black Forest food

After his "Butcher Plate" everybody thought Scott will be on a diet - but... you see he couldn`t resist

Most famous brewery in the Black Forest - Rothaus. We did some shopping... because somebody said everything is expensive in Switzerland....

eigh Ann and Joe in front of the brewery

The Rhinefall in Schaffhausen

4.Day:  Rest day in Ribeauvillé

The boys went for a short ride out, while the girls went shopping in Ribeauvillé

roup picture at the castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg


ooking back to Ribeauvillé and we even could see a little bit of the french alps

ol des Bagenelles, only the first one on todays menu, a lot more followed and everybody had a lot of fun.

arrod, Scott, Ron, John, Keith, Joe and Paul enjoying the twisty roads around the Lac Blanc (White Lake)

@Albert in the office: every real KTM fan has to know who Mr. Penton was

Scotty is champion of Florida in offroad racing - I am proud to be allowed driving in front of him...

After the group came back from playing in the Alsace Cols we had picnic

all French specialities - even the wine and beer!!!!

Paul-André and Jocelyne from Canada

no comment

3. Riding day: Heidelberg - Ribeauville/France

Heidelberg was quiet in the morning. So we headed south for about 50 km on the highway, off we got and the "Black Forest" starts already

First stop - Cafe Schubert in Bad Herrenalb - wonderful cakes. They didn`t care about calories

Joseph can`t wait to start

The middle one in the back is the famous Black Forest Cake, yummeehh

John seems to like it as well

we just left the dense fog on "Schwarzwald Hochstraße" - we couldn`t see the hand in front of our eyes, we couldn`t see any speeding cameras as well.  Instead the  flash was visible  while trying to get rid of one of these sundaily mercedes drivers -  due to the the dense fog - maybe the camera couldn`t see my license plate either, hopefully!

Schwaighausen was blocked because of festival. we stopped and had a look

ll people were in their traditional clothes

Brass band was playing

the white "hats" can be worn until you get married

after marriage it looks like this

we arrived in Hotel de la tour in Ribeauville - Ron was shopping before

thats the best after a long day riding

this region is famous for its storcks

2. Riding day: Rothenburg - Heidelberg

Castle Langenburg

Some nice cars and bikes at the German cars museum of Langenburg

he huge and very impressive monastery Schöntal witch dates back 'til 1157

on, Paul and John enjoying the panoramic view over the river Neckar at the castle of Hirschhorn.

hat a nice view after 121 steps from the tower of the castle of Hirschhorn

oats on the wall of the castle are looking for invaders.

arrod found a nice picture spot with his Ducati.

odern knights with their steel horses in front of the castle

ohn finally bought a big beer at the gas station, but sorry mate you'll have to wait 10km more before enjoying it...

he Castle of Heidelberg

anoramic view from the castle in Heidelberg

he bridge in Heidelberg

otel Ritter - oldest building in town

 we had some issues with the van today - but everybody has its luggage - a miracle

1. Riding day: Erding - Rothenburg

the morning briefing is done, everybody knows where to go  - more or less - and we heading out direction "Hallertau" the biggest hops growing area in the world. Germany has 1.399 different breweries, 622 of them in Bavaria - the best beer is coming from this area - some of the group agree

Our first stop is in the middle of the hops growing area in Wolnzach.

Eichstätt - the old cathedral from the 14 th century was quite impressing

Market place in Eichstätt

Keith and Jane

The boys - Ron and John - in front of the Archeaopteryx - does it look familiar to some of you. This picture is on the front cover of an American school book - who knows on which???

Dinkelsbühl - one of the medieval cities along the "Romantic Road"

The hihglight of the day was definitely the guided city tour in Rothenburg with the Nightwatchman

Market place in Rothenburg

He is quite a character - telling a lot of stories about live style in the medieval times

Rothenburg - clinching to a cliff, 6 city gates protected the people from enemies. The man hole - you remember - the hole for latecomer....

He is explaning about hell....

Reichsküchenmeister - our hotel in the center of the city

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Lynn Adsit
Monday, July 20, 2015 at 16:05

Thank you for sharing... We are going on the second July tour and are very excited!
Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 16:16

ciao Ursula! How are you? I miss this tour... and also you of course!!!
Ursula Peter
Friday, June 26, 2015 at 16:05

Caro thanks for the compliment. We had a good tour, awesome riders and a lot of fun. See you soon


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