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High Alpine Tour HAT1104

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 | Marko Bauer | Europe

The evenings in Bozen, Italy, always end a little than exspected - that's why the blog is usually a little shorter...

15 riders from three different continents started the August High Alpine Tour in Erding. The weather was typical European - I call it "High Humidity"...

Maki and Toshi at Lake Chiemsee Rod and Brandon, same lake

But after crossing the Grossglockner Pass, the southern side of the Alps waited for us with warmer temperatures and a blue sky.

The second day lead the two groups straight through the Dolomites, only interrupted by the world-famous Edelweiss picnic...

Picnic on Passo Valparola Great food, great scenery

The day was finished by our first Italian dinner and a little walk through the beautiful city of Bolzano - and, as mentioned before,  this lead to a little bit abbreviated blog.

Day 3:

Rest day in Bolzano, Italy - there is something for everybody! Some of us just can't get enough of the riding and went for an all-day trip back into the Dolomites. The other group took the short trip and explored the region west of Bolzano - the apple orchards. And some of us actually rested and did some sightseeing and shopping:

Bolzano Assumption of Our Lady Cathedral
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