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AROUND THE WORLD - Moscow to Bangkok

Friday, October 9, 2015 | Holger Homann / RAY / Steve Beck | The World Tour

More than 17.000 km from Moscow to Bangkok. Some of us travelled by far more, covering also the Europe section adding another 3.000 km! A great ride with great people !!! Thank you very much !!!
One with the general manager of the Surya Hotel...
Ray kisses the ground while the hotel personal prepares cold towels and welcome drinks for us
We made it !!!
The gang arrives at our final destination in Bangkok!
Optimizing the fuel level to a 0 gets at a certain point (actually at 0 ) a bit frightning Just 3km before the hotel I had to fuel up. The reason for getting such low with the petrol is our shipping which takes place tomorrow. The tank must be nearly empty.
Together with our new Thai motorbiker friends who follow us since Nongkai. They waited for Hans at the border to Thailand to travel with us. These are friends and business partners of Hans and own the Held Bike Boutique shop in Bangkok.
without words
with the Buddha image in the background
In the ruins of Ayutthaya on our way to Bangkok
Edelweiss dinner in Phitsanulok. Later we had to try Sam Song, a Thai rum
First preparations for our shipping from Bangkok. Washing the bikes in Phitsanulok.
The world's oldest Teak tree with an easy 1.500 years
combining the traditional materials with the new ones...
Heinz trying new vehicles
After three months riding materials are getting weak
on the way to Phitsanulok
View from our pool in the Hotel in Dan Sai
Balcony views in our nice resort
Sunset over the Mekong..tormorrow morning we will cross the border to Thailand
The Victory Gate in Vientianne
Fishing techniques.The children know already how to do.
At the Nam Ngum Reservoir on the way to Vientianne
Vang Vieng: View from our balcony in the morning
Passing another Hmong village
On the Vang Vieng loop, landscape, caves and lagoons
and all kind of animals on the road
Awsome landscape!
Our Lao guide explaining traditions and how they live today
We visit a Hmong village...
But how to move further with our support van? This guy made it possible: Gently pushing out the truck with his shovel. Well done and standing ovations from the audience!
Slowly getting one by one thru the mud
Landslide and two trucks stuck
Chang or Change? But in this case it nearly makes sense. Chang means elephant in Laos/ Thailand
Naa..who is first?
Dave and Dan enjoying so much!!
The elephant experience 15 km outside of Luang Prabang. So lovely these animals!
Maybe she considers to change her bike...?
Making our way towards Vang Vieng
Our nice Hotel Maison Dalabua
Dinner at the river
World heritage Luang Prabang
On the way to Luang Prabang...so beautiful
Ray took over the group, here discussing with our local Lao tourguide Yai and our personal Police man Pu Ngön.
...but has also roads which are under construction
Laos is beautiful!
First coffee stop on the way from Luang Namtha to Luang Prabang
Sunset soon to come
And Laos is so much different from China. Everyting here is totally relaxed, the traffic, the dogs, the people..
Welcome to Laos!
The border crossing went smooth. Here we are already close to Luang Namtha.
...and last Fotos in China. Amazing China, a country with so many facettes.
Thru rice fields and banana plantations we make our way towards the Laos border
Cafe Stop on the way to Mengla
Hans thinks to change maybe the bike
David in the Jungle
Picture stop
who can not dance?
Laos is behind the mountain
Heinz enjoys south west China
Kautchuk trees
watercrossing faild!
on Motorcycle you find a easy way through the chaos - this time David
With this part rain is no problem - maybe a new idea for Touratech?
Bernd enjoy 50 km of nice road near Vietnam but still in China
a nice hut - should we stay there tonight?
feelds ready to seed rice
nice jungle road beetween Jianshui and Jiancheng
... the rest of the gang enjoy the food
... Bernd don´t want to wait until the chopsticks are there so he use a old traditional way to eat the fresh rice
Ray is hard working to make rice...
Roads beetween Kunming and Jianshui
Roads beetween Kunming and Jianshui
Roads beetween Dali and Kunming - South China
Roads beetween Dali and Kunming - South China
Roads beetween Dali and Kunming - South China
Roads beetween Dali and Kunming - South China
David lit a wishstick (maybe for his weak batterie)
place for wishes
a nice temple in the jade dragon snow mountains
Heinz, Hans and Holger at the first sightseeing for this day
how to get trough all this sh...
but first city traffic is so boring
Heinz and Dan hiding to the mountains
in the moring we see the jade dragon snow mountains
Bernd in the jade dragon snow mountains
Heinz and Bernd doing a relaxed prayer
or find some well known food restaurants
enjoy the chinese life
eat some unusual food
walk arround in Lijang
today is rest day so visit some shops
...gas and fire... where is the problem???
...a cigarette would be fine
how boring to wait at the lights - what can I do...
dangerous load
and rice, rice, rice terraces
see beautifull waterfalls
eat mango fresh from the tree, direct next to our road
we visit cave temples
now we are in YUNNAN - it means south of the clouds
Some Impressions from Shimian to Miyi
Some Impressions from Shimian to Miyi
Some Impressions from Shimian to Miyi
Some Impressions from Shimian to Miyi
Some Impressions from Shimian to Miyi
Some Impressions from Shimian to Miyi
Some Impressions from Shimian to Miyi
Some Impressions from Shimian to Miyi
Some Impressions from Shimian to Miyi
Dan and Heinz on the way from Shimian to Miyi
No sight - so we do crazy group Picture
Beetween Chengdu and Shimian
Beetween Chengdu and Shimian
Beetween Chengdu and Shimian
Ya´an famous for rain every day, fish dishes and beautifull women
Bamboo Alley near Pingle
Theater Chengdu - Shaddow
Theater Chengdu - Shaddow
culture to do on the Rest Day
Heinz faszinated form the Pandas
The Panda shows us how tall he is
Panda so nearby
Red Panda
Allways someting to check - this time David
Lunch next to the bikes
...blind passenger...
Heinz has an...
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
From Foping to Guangyuan
Qin Ling Mountains
standing at the original possition since a long time
impressive Hall
standing at the original possition since a long time
Sgt. Ray...ready for combat
Sgt. Bernd
Sgt. Heinz
The new Terracotta Army - Sgt. David
...now everybody has to bargain and find somting...
Heinz helped at the sweet Store
We go out to find some food...
Bell Tower in Xi´an
Leaving Pingliang
Pingliang Holiday Resort...
... some expressions
wather cooled breaks! On the local Trucks
Hans on a better road
...but it fits! No inch left!...
...now the Truck looks like a camel...
...to much tires...
...so Ray is changing the load...
...the tires on the roof are the problem - only in China...
We have to deal with this roads and traffic
...Bernd and David are waiting so long - well protected by there helmets from the dirt and noisy road
...the rest they know how to do...
...Heinz and Holger take of the tire by them self...
...Holger don´t want to believe, so he start to explain everting we need is here so it is possible...
...transated by Leo our local Tourguide...
...the first reaction (never seen an BMW before) send this people to an other place...
Heinz has an flat tire - but we found right in time a tire shop...
Temple at a hill
China! Modern infrastrucure meets original Buildings
...this roads are made for a lot of traffic
Last kilometers before Lanzou...
Yellow River
David at the yellow river
Bernd on his 1200 somewere beetween Xining and Lanzou
local traffic
Heinz a view meters down the pass
at 4120 Meter!
at 4120 Meter!
beautifull landscape - looks like the alps but is china
Dan and David in Front of chinese restaurants
nice Temple
Day of Temple and high mountain passes
Daniel and David at the great wall - in Rain
the great wall
the fortress of Jiayugan in rain
our support Van need tire change
...I am ready to join you!
Hans with a local biker, who followed us a few kiloeters
Get explanations from David
Take pictures with the foreign bikers at this time Dan
Holger, Heinz and Bernd take a break
Service Station with nice Statue
Chinese like our Bikes and want to sit on it
we are still in the Taklamakan Dessert
Leaving Dunhuang Hotel
Some expressions from the spot - obviously outside
Some expressions from the spot - obviously outside
sorry no pictures from inside - it is not allowed!
be carefull with your head!
but the the timeless mogao caves are waiting for us
All places are full - Dan is exited some locals seems to be not so interessted
Today we change motorcycle to coach
What a wunderfull view Dunhuang dunes in Sunset
Heinz is lucky to finish soon the day with a dinner in Town
Holger and David in front of the entrance - feeling like Lorenz of Arabia
Ray has found his favorit bike! A bicycle with horn and police lights
Electric Problems again, at that time Heinz could not believe. You can see he think about it. Ray is changing Batterie and Dan is waiting to help at the jump start
Hans on the former asphalt road - now under construction and more dirt road than asphalt
...the kids are amazed
...so Holger has to do some lessions in using GPS for the kids...
...soon we have guest they look after the strange people using the phantastic bikes...
at the lunchstop we park the bike closed to the restaurant...
great chinese roads near Hami
David is bargain
where is the entrance?
we reach the lowest point in China and were joined by some chinese ladies
Last meters to the lowest point
Edelweiss Expedition on the the way
Landscape near the lowest point
Heinz on the the Way to the lowest point in China
David is exploring the lunch possibility
David on brand new chinese Highway
The Hotel Manager want to have a Picture with this heros
Long day - so we reach Asku at Sunset
Ray has to do a photoshooting with the Stuff
finaly we get full
Fill up - allways a discussion
who is more interested we or the locals in us and this beautifull BMW motorcycles
Lunch Stop on the Way to Asku - somewere
finaly the bikes are inspected
we have to pay some more reflecting stickers for the van
Have to show our fireextinguisher and triangle
Ray did some small repairs bevor the check
We are still outside of the official Car Registration and waiting
Dan and Bernd in the position we do most this day - waiting
50:50 chance to go right - not easy to find the way
GoPro need a lot of attention, so Ray is cleaning it on every stop
used by the locals as well
But we enjoy most the dirt roads.
We have to handle the traffic
last miles/kilommeters on beautifull Kyrgyzstan roads hiding to china
David is fixing his bike and teach the locals how to do that
We had fish for Lunch
Finaly we did a good Job
Bernd is building up the decoration
Play video Download
Filesize: 38 MB
Let's see if we can build our own yurt
Play video Download
Filesize: 39 MB
This is truly something different ...
We learn how to build an Yurt from the beginning
Heinz is working hard
Kyrgyzstan Landscape
Kyrgyzstan holiday dream - never finished - we made some pictures
Hans has to do some maintenance his light is broken
old building in front of the mountain range
Kyrgyzstan rider
Now it happens Holger was driving to fast this cost us a lot of time and money
Ray is tasting cream at the market
Local Transport maybe better to use after consuming this flowers
what´s that direct beside the road!
Short Stop for Shopping
Dan on Kyrgyzstan Roads it looks we can make many miles today
Holy Trinity Cathedral
On the Way to Holy Trinity Cathedral
...David, Steve and Heinz use the break for a swim
...but while making Coffe the 2 Dollar wather heater finished his job after one cup but why is David wet?
Breakfast Stop - we have some Food with us...
Bernd likes the Road
This are the roads we expect in Kyrgyzstan
We brought some Presents - Children waiting for the Distribution of the SOS Mama
The Children want to sit on our Bikes an have the Feeling of Freedom
The Group made an Tour through the Village
Get some Information from the Director of the SOS Children Village Choipon Atar
Hidding the Road from Bishkek to Choipon Atar
Hidding the Road from Bishkek to Choipon Atar

Stretching after 450km. Another 130km to go. Today is one of our longest riding days. The reward will be Almaty.

endless roads

In the van: Our third police control today. Mostly they are just interested in where we want to go, where we came from and what we are doing here. But the locals have a tougher time...

Steve on detours

Other bikers

Who finds the knife on this picture?

That's a bike!

Motorbikers meeting. A Kazakh couple on a Transalp and another Kazakh couple on an Ural bike.

Hans and Heinz changing the bike??

Aah..getting closer

The Camel experience...(The small point on the right hand side

Road impressions

no words.

On our way to Balkash we visited a mass grave...

Our Edelweiss dinner in a Georgian restaurant in Karaganda

Our visit in the Karlag (Gulag) Dolinka. This Karlag had the size of former East Germany. How can mankind be like this? Gruesome, repression, torture, death...Germans, Russians, Koreans...hundred thousands of people died here.

Through the backroads of Karaganda

Villages on our way

And then all of a sudden we are in the middle of heavy industry

Basically nothing.

..Aha, Heinz hid the pants.

...maybe something is missing?

Agriculture in big scale everywhere

Today the road construction works are more exhilarating

Early in the morning we are on the way to Karaganda

Just amazing...

A one way sign on a huge square in the middle of Astana where we were alone. 

Skyline of Astana

Our office in Astana

Our office in Astana

....now Bernd needs a rest from the Melon
....Ok!!! How want some ??
Lunch Stop somewhere to Astana....Dan prepared the Melon for us.... perfect job!!!
on the way out of Burabay National Park...great riding
....Bambi is carried in
Photo session with local KIds
Kazakhstan people are always very interested in where we came from, where we want to go and they can t hardly believe how far we have already gone
this friendly Lady told us the story of the separation of Kazakhstan in 1731....
group photo in front of the Kazakh memorial of seperation in 1731 with the eagle on top
David found his place again....without Lehnin
.....and also the Perl of Kazachstan
Burabay....The Kazakh Switzerland.....
Arrival in the Nationalpark Burabay. Though still rainy we drove thru such nice forests and along beautiful lakes, everybody was just happy!
Unsere Hausbesetzerszene beim lunch stop) Squatting of an empty house for our planned picnic which "fell into the rain"
4 wheel drive with team work! A big thank you to the group!
Dan in full action trying to get out the clay of Bernds bike. Amazing scenes displayed here! )
When I realized in what sh___ we were I wanted to stop the other ones. But in that second David passed me already and made an elegant 180° on the ground. WOW !
And then Holger took the decision to make a left turn in order to reach a fuel station for a coffee stop...and I (Holger) can tell you that from now on left turns are forbidden on the whole way up to Bangkok! )

These 500 square meters were our playground for the next hour! The ground was just clay !
Edelweissdinner in Kurgan our last night in Russia!!!!
...and the "road style" changes drastically
Welcome to rainy Kazakhstan
Our late lunch in the late afternoon. We were all hungry when we arrived in the hotel because we had no lunch in the daytime due to the border procedures
Our arrival in Petropavlovsk
Right after the border we experience the change in mentality. The Kazakh are much more open and communicative
WELCOME TO KAZAKHSTAN!!! Here we are on no man's land between both borders and waiting for our group
Dan relaxing
On the way from Kurgan to Petropavlovsk...view up to the horizon
Advertisement for toothpaste
Heinz, engaging with the locals.
A dog seeking for love...and guess what, he got lots of them
WHO is that??
Our coffee stop in the afternoon
And the reason was that we were quite late...
Steve made about 50 pictures of these cows...It seems that Steve never saw cows before...and it seems also that these cows never saw Steve before!
We made it on time! On our way to Ekaterinburg we had two bikes with broken bearings in our back. We found a bearing and also sealing shop in Elaterinburg and were there when it was just about to close. We reached BMW also just in time for all the changes including the tire change for Dan....soon we will be in Kazachstan As planned we left Ekaterinburg and later we reached this Pizza stop. Alexander, the owner, was so happy about the stickers we gave to him...and we created "a movement" in town as David later stated We took pictures with nearly half of the population )
Greetings to everybody from Ekaterinburg in the Ural !
...yes, today we crossed the geographic border of Europe to Asia!!!
What is he doing here...??
...and ready for take off is our dream team!
David jumping on Steves bike...
Headache or sweat?
And you won't believe. Another hour later David found the same symptoms on his bike! Also worn out bearings on the back wheel. So we had to get his bike as well into the van!
First we got Heinz' bike and himself into our support van. Worn out bearings on the back wheel, too risky to drive further.
Rain, rain, rain AND rain!
After lunch we had a "slight" weather change
Just GREAT riding!
Nice villages on our way
We got even an interview...now the second on our trip.
Our lovely coffee stop in a summer sports camp for scholars
The Kungur ice cave experience...
Nice villages
...the back garden of the cathedral
just a 5 min walk from our Hotel in Izhevsk is the beautiful Sobor Mikhaila Arkhangela cathedral
Back roads to Izhevsk .....
.....a Tank from 1940
.....at the World War II Memorial in Agryz ....
....not even 5 min at our afternoon coffee stop and we made already friends for life
.....Certainly he was interested in us.....mmmhh in the bikes ?!
.....a Russian on his three wheeler
.... there are certain similarities between Lenin and David
.....nice bikes
.....just enjoying the view....
after our restday in Kazan we are heading of to Izhevsk. Everybody have charged the batteries for another great day through the russian landscape
The Russian laundry service: Delivery just in time!
the front door with a tree as a sign of life
The ministry of agriculture
one of the largest mosque in the world is in the Kremlin of Kazan, which is regarded as the centre of Islam in Russia
The mosque in Kazan...and next to it the orthodox church inside the Kremlin. Kazan is a multicultural town with peaceful coexistence of different religions and nationalities.
Fire rescue motorbikes fully equipped
Edelweiss dinner in a traditional Tartastan restaurant
At the horizon a first view of Kazan
Stretching the back
Popcorn and fruits. We decided for fruits.
Sad David...now driving in the car to Kazan. We phoned the motorbike repair shop and when we arrived in Kazan they waited already for us.

Preparing the van for the transport
Early start in the morning and after 3km David's motorbike broke down. Gear shift into the 3rd or higher gear was not possible anymore.
Sunset in Nizhniy Novgorod, our final stop for today
...and Heinz making fun
Serious discussion...
Another break at a lake
Murom since 1153 AD
Hans engaging with locals. The Russians are really friendly!
Cathedral in Murom where we stopped for lunch
David at his best!
We arrived at Murom. Below the sandy beach at the river Oka.
From right to left: Dan, David and Hans
The view behind the coffee
Our coffee stop on the way to Nizhniy Novgorod developed in a typical Russian way. First we heard: "Ne rabotaet", then we said "only coffee pozhaluista" with a smile...After they were so friendly...and we were happy to sit on this veranda with its beautiful view
Afternoon break in Yuryer Polskiy at the Cathedral of Saint George

This Cathedral was originally constructed during 13th century. In the 15th century the whole building collapsed and craftsmen from Moscow rebuild the Cathedral completely
The belltower of Saint George
Not yet Bangkok But on the way to Vladimir
Our imbiss on the road. The guy with the chess T shirt is from the newspaper and he interviewed us
Tour start from Moscow - everybody is excited to hit the road. Bangkok we are coming!
Inside the GUM
Red Square
In front of the Saint Basil's Cathedral at the Kremlin
In the evening we had an Edelweiss dinner in the lovely Music Cafe

Heute fahren wir von Moscow nach Bangkok

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Friday, October 9, 2015 at 15:04

Congratulations!!!!!!!! Very cool you all made it safe to Bangkok. Have fun!
Achim Szymanski
Friday, October 9, 2015 at 14:36

Well done! And what's next?
Claudia Wenhart
Monday, September 21, 2015 at 14:26

Hallo Holger,
wie geht's Dir, nach so langer Zeit auf Tour?? Alles noch im grünen Bereich? Sieht ja alles ganz spannend aus und die täglichen Herausforderungen meistert Ihr ja perfekt
Gute Zeit und gute Fahrt weiterhin.
LG Claudia
Holger Homann
Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 07:28

Hallo Claudia,
a lot of challenges but so far all is well!
Many greetings from all of us from tranquilo Laos!
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 17:30

Hi Bernd,
what a nice hat....it fits soooo well !!!
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 15:38

Hey, look at that!

David has moved on from being Helmut in Lederhosen on Alps Extreme to being a proper Vladimir on the world tour!
Great to see you back on tour (even with some bike troubles here and there and, well, in shorts every now and then - took me a moment to get over that view).
Take care sir David, and safe travels to all of you!

Saturday, September 5, 2015 at 18:09

Hi Berny,
....new country ..next new challenge.... wishing you and all other guys good luck for all what's coming now and next.
Keep on running, man....but not too fast..!!!
Joerg Karp
Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 09:48

Hey Holger, nice pictures from your journey. Looks like you have a lot of fun. Have a save trip further on.

Holger Homann
Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 07:30

Thank you Joerg! Best wishes from tranquilo Laos and world heritage site Luang Prabang! Holger
Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 22:47

Hello Holger,
We have 33* C until this Wednesday here in Munich, Germany. Don´t be jealous ! But you all have a nice trip with the nice pics. I´m jealous on you.
Have a safe trip. Take care !

Best wishes from Munich, Germany
Friday, August 28, 2015 at 20:53

Hi everybody,
It was great to meet you in Kazan, the Indianapolis of Russia .
Have a safe trip, and I amlooking forward to more pictures.
Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 11:50

Hello Claudia,
we still have our helmets! Up to now no losses to be claimed
Thank you for the wishes!
Best regards
Claudia Wenhart
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 16:29

Hello Worldtourer,
nice to see you all travelling safe at the same places we were last year .
Be carefull, .... at the parking place in front of the Gulag - tour guide helmets are very hot in demand..... Gerhard knows this best, ha ha.
Have fun.... wished to be with you all.
Greetings Claudia

Hartmann Roland
Monday, August 24, 2015 at 10:47

Guten Tag Hans,
Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin gute Fahrt. Ich verfolge Deine Reise aufmerksam im Blog und freue mich über die aktuellen Kommentare.
Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 19:51

From the pictures it looks like that you all had a fun and exciting trip on the roads in Khazachstan. I wish you all a safe trip. Take good care !!!


Holger Homann
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 14:27

Hello Ying,

it is an exciting trip for all of us! And every day some new challenges and also lots of fun!

Thank you and see you!
Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 00:09

Ho guys! it looks you have a lot of action..... have a safe trip
Holger Homann
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 14:24

Hello Guido,

yes we do! Thank you for your wishes!

Best regards from Holger and Steve
Achim Szymanski
Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 09:13

Wonderful pictures! Keep on running!
Holger Homann
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 14:28

Thank you Achim!
Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 21:12

Lieber Holger,

eine wunderschön e Reise wünsche ich Dir. Pass gut auf Dich und die anderen auf.

Schöne liebe Grüße aus München.
Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at 15:50

Hi Steve,

I wish you a great tour! Take care and safe travels!



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