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CVE 1501 - The Viking Experience

Friday, July 3, 2015 | Ted Goslinga / Manuel Marabese | Europe

Day 8 - Fjaerland to Geiranger

Friday 9 July 2015

Although it was hard to say goodbye to our authentic hotel in Fjearlland (with that oh-so lovely self brewed beer) and that splendid view, a windy but mostly sunny sky triggered everyone to go outside for today's ride along the Jostedalsbreen glacier and it's surroundings. We started the day at one of the visitors centre to learn a bit more about the glaciers and to see a beautiful short movie about it. And as often in the Norwegian mountains the weather gods don't always follow the weather forecast: during the picnic it was still dry but the upcoming wind and dark clouds didn't promise blue skies anymore. But that is also Norway and part of it's charm!. The higher we got on the passes, it didn't only got colder but also the rain turns slowly into sleet and snow. But what a landscape! Hard to believe that it was mid summer!. Everybody enjoyed it, even the slippery and muddy parts. But our experienced rider group took the pass without any problem and soon after that we got to lower grounds. On top of the Geirangerfjord with it's breathtaking views, we slowly descended to our hotel, where we could warm up and enjoy the enormous buffet diner. All together a day to remember!

Line up at the front of the hotel in Fjaerland
Morning coffeestop
Norm and Fabio getting ready for higher altitudes!
Hard to switch from 33 degrees in Brasil to 2.5 degrees in Norway!
incredible landscape

Day 7 - Bergen to Fjærland

Wednesday 8 July

Today the weather's gods seem to play a bit against us with a 90% chance of rain forecasted... Nevetheless, we try to squeeze some sun rays in that 10% chance left! About 300km along fjords, remote rural villages, cows, sheep, dark blue water and plenty of tunnels, at least 50km of them!

Fabio and Fatima in front of Tvindefossen.
Riding the steep Stalheimskleiva.
Time for outdoor lunch in Flåm!
Quite a few cruise ships around these fjords...
The fantastic viewpoint along the old mountain road over Aurland fjord.
There is just a bit of snow here, still. But it's easy to spot tour guide Manuel even in the fog!
Waiting for the ferry... almost there!
Today the van had an electric problem so we are all still waiting for our luggage. What a great opportunity to get together and laugh with some stories and good music. And what a view... so peaceful!
Local snaps: Akvavit Linie, brought two times across the equator and then back to Norway. Crazy eh?
A yummy dinner...
Slice of lamb with local chevre, warm dark bred and beetroot mousse.
Halibut with avocado cream, locally grown herbs and nuts.
And finally chocolate brownie with cardamom ice cream! wow
A cosy little hotel, owned by Bård, who is also researcher in tourism.
Fjærland is also famous as "Book Town". Over 25.000 books spread around here! You can even buy them online.
Idyll pure!

Day 6 - Rest Day in Bergen

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Today we started our well earned rest day with a nice breakfast in the cosy restaurant of our hotel in the center of Bergen. The majority of the group joined our guided city tour through Bergen. ~perfect weather (not too warm....!) for a nice walk through this scenic center. The tour leads us through the shopping area, the open air fish market through the historic houses along the harbour quay. As if we were walking through a film set!. For some followed by a nice lunch outside.

After this, everybody did what a good rest day is meant to be: stroll around town, having a nice afternoon nap, do some shopping, or going on the afternoon ride on the motorcycle!. Although cloudy, no rain during this nice tour over some very scenic roads along the coastal line of Bergen and surroundings

Time to explore the famous Bergen Fish Market, here Fabio and Fatima
Tyskebryggen, the "pier of the Germans", built during the Hanseatic age of the town

Day 5 - Sola (Stavanger) to Bergen

Monday 6 July 2015

A long day ahead of us, 425km to ride and the weather decided to play against us. No problem, we are though enough to cope with Norwegian "summer" (just got a facebook image from a friend. She said "I love Norwegian summer, this year came on a Monday!", well I hope we'll have more of those days during the tour!)


Let's start with a ferry. Izi is very happy... he always wants at least one ferry on his tours!
Not too much traffic on this old road along the fjord because a 7km tunnel is now redirecting all the vehicles leaving this beautiful spot just for us.
Someone said "water"???
And also more water... this year waterfalls are impressive.
A view over Hardanger bridge, opened in 2013: a huge engineering project to ease the road travels in this area. It looks similar to the Golden Gate in San Francisco, but this span is 30m longer! And it is the longest tunnel to tunnel suspension bridge in the world...
Coffee break... but for us is more a "dry break" after so much misty roads.

Day 4 - Vrådal to Sola (Stavanger)

Sunday 5 July 2015 

Today was an abolute fabulous day in the Viking Experience motor tour!. Some of the expereiences today: beautiful lakes, great panoramic views even with big pieces of snow scattered around the mountains, wonderful picnic, visit to the Lysefjord,  and all this still under a sunny sky. It was a long ride but everybody enjoyed it until the last minute......well almost perfect up to the last minute, because exactly 5 minutes before entering the hotel in Sola, there was a little sea fog coming up. But the fantastic ambience of the hotel made that minor thing up!. After the diner everybody was pretty exhausted of all the impressions and one by one took off to their rooms. Sebastian was joining the spa in the hotel so much, that he even forgot the diner and so he hopped in just in time to get his desert. Everyone slept like a baby, so even the normal "earlybird" were sleeping in a little bit!

the beautiful Lysefjord
The Eidsborg church (built in 1240 )
Sebastian playing in the snow
Enchanting views , air temperature 20 celsius, snow all around!
Still some snow along the roads today.
Manuel is getting the bbq for the picnic started...
Yes, kinda narrow with the blue van AND the long trailer attached behind.
Finally, at last... sunset warm light on the atlantic coast.
Beautiful stillness of the Norwegian lakes
First picture stop of the day

Day 3 - Oslo to Vrådal

Finally we start to enter true Norwegian landscape, leaving in the morning Oslo towards Drammen and then passing smaller and smaller villages we reach Heddal Stavkirke, the largest stave church still existing in Norway. The afternoon passes through an idyllic series of lakes, pine forests, apple trees, farms, happy cows and along the Telemark canal. An early check in to the charming Straand Hotel in Vrådal gives us the chance to recharge the batteries before tomorrow's long ride: we will cross mountains and fjords before ending our day on the Atlantic coast near Stavanger. 

Group shot in front of Holmenkollen hotel
Kongsberg is getting ready for the Jazz Festival
Road with a view
The magnificent Heddal stave church
Someone is enjoying a powernap on fresh grass
Lunch on grass eco sofas? Of course, it's Norway!
Beach time for Norwegians... so warm here today!
Ready for the afternoon ride along single lane roads
Interior of a farm house from the 18th century
Last coffee stop, Vrådal is already near

Day 2 - Rest day in Oslo, Norway

Friday 3 July

Again under a blue sky the rest day in Oslo starts with a fantastic breakfast in this unforgettable hotel on top of the city of Oslo...what a view!. Second day of the motorcycle tour through south Norway and Sweden. Norm and John decided to ride together to the Olympic village of Lillehammer, Sebastian puts on his running shoes and went down the hill, while Peter and tourguide Manuel got to downtown Oslo. Tourguide Ted took Izi, Fabio and Fatima for a refreshing morning ride around the enchanting area of the Tyrifjord. What an amazing beauty in this country!

After the morning ride crew got back at the hotel, we descended to the metro station to meet up with Manuel en Sebastian to have a quick but great lunch along the harbour quay. After that we took a small ferry boat to museum island to pay a visit to the Viking house museum. All together a wonderful day. Tomorrow on the bikes again and heading for Vrådal

Inside the Vikingship museum
Izi and Fatima on the boat to museum island in Oslo........
During the rest day tour one moment of silence at the island of Utaya in lake Tyrifjord, where a man killed 69 students on a vacation island because of political reasons.....
Rest day riding tour with Fabio, Fatima, Izi and tourguide Ted

Day 1 - Göteborg, Sweden to Oslo, Norway

Thursday - 2 July 2015

Under a fantastic clear blue sky, the first Viking Experience tour (CVE 1501) took off from Göthenborg in Sweden. After the morning brief everybody was eager to go to the bikes for the first part of the stretch to Vänenborg at the immense lake Vänen in Sweden. The riding temperature was awesome (23-25 C), so we couldn't have wish for more!


At the first coffestop in Vänenborg it seems like we woke up the city. After a short walk and a nice coffee we followed our way direction Norwegian border. But before crossing that, we payed a visit to a moose ranch. For our North American and Canadian riders it was the same as looking at roadkill, so they settled down under a nice sunshade for the lunch. so Fabio, Fatima, Peter and tourguide Ted waited for the owner of the farm to feed the moose. And they are big!!


After everybody had their lunch we headed for the border with Norway and after crossing that the roads immidiatly became smaller and more exciting to ride. 

The last (highway) part of the day was leading us into Oslo. Before we went to our very nice hotel up on the mountain with an outstanding view over Oslo (still clear blue skies!) we took a short look at the giant ski jump which is actually located next to our hotel.

After having checked in, most of the group enjoyed a beer on the sun terrace at the hotel.

During the evening diner, plans were mad for the rest day tomorrow

Fatima and Fabio enjoying the first coffee stop in a still sleepy Vänenborg
Yes , i'm VERY hungry!!
Lunch near the Moose farm in a place called "Ed"......
A group picture in front of the huge ski jump at Holmkollen, just next to our beautiful hotel
view from our words!
Our hotel in Holmkollen...traditional Norwegian style!
Sunset ....almost midnight!!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 01:37

Ted and Manuel, thanks for the great tour and excellent support and guidance you have provided to our group. It was a great experience to learn about the history of the cities we have visited and ride to wonderfull and different roads that we have enjoyed a lot!
I hope to see you in our next tours.
Fabio & Fatima - back in Brazil
Ted Goslinga
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 08:26

Thank you Fabio & Fatima ! You were a great couple to have on this tour!.I bet the weather in Sao Paulo is warmer than up on that mountain pass in the snow! Enjoy and I am sure we will see you both on another tour next year (maybe a bit more south ?!)
Petra Riedel-Zapp
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 13:42

Many greetings to you all specially to my son Sebastian!
Wonderful pictures and a very interesting report of your trip!
Ted Goslinga
Friday, July 10, 2015 at 01:33

thank you very much for your kind comment! Sebastian is behaving well!
Manuel Marabese
Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 22:03

Danke Ihnen! Ja es ist eine tolle Tour!!!
Gerhard Schmittlein
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 09:26

Hey, Ted and Manuel - say warm regards to Norm. I had a great time with him rocking the French Alps last year!!!
Manuel Marabese
Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 22:02

hey Gerhard,
sure we will!!


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