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Viking Experience (CVE1502)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 | Manuel Reheis / Manuel Marabese / Christian Thaler | Europe

day ten - the final end

The next day it was time to "pack our luggage" - means: load all the bikes and bring them back home... With a little help from our friends (thx to Lee, Steve, Brian and Mike) we could finish work within 3½ hours... Manuel left with the plane, Chris & Manu brought the bikes to Austria. Everbody left with mixed feelings. It was a wonderful roadtrip with a wonderful team. Thanks to everybody for that great trip. Hopefully it was the first time we met, not the last... Always remember: with the rubber side down...

thanks to everybody from
Chris, Manu & Manuel
c u soon

riding day eight - Oslo to Göteborg

Time to move on. We headed south. Leaving Norway. Entering Sweden. Many (many many) trees along the almost straight roads, sunshine, summer-temperatures. A worthy end of tour...

good bye Norway...
...hello Sweden!
big Lee in our restaurant "little Lee"
That's not karate. Just few relaxing knocks for Tom.
summer time in Vänersborg

restday - Oslo

That day the team had to descide: guided city tour OR riding. Most of us wanted to go to town so it was only Brian, Marton and Manu to ride through the wonderful backcountry of Oslo. And they didn't regret. They - coincidentally - discovered a challange and a hidden treasure... most  outstandig riding so far!!!

coffe stop in Vikersund. Everything normal so far.

We couldn't access the view point to Utøya so we stopped at a kiosk and talked to a local. She gave us a hint: we should take a little detour and go up the road to Krokkleive. We found a wonderful hotel...

...had delicios sandwiches...
and got another hint: We should take a 20-minutes-walk to "King's view". Fortunately two of us didn't want to hike so we had an offroad-challange with our bikes. Thanks to nice and helpful Sigita from Latvia - hope to see you again next year!
rien ne va plus...
...end of "road"...
so we walked for five minutes...
...and had a stunning view on the countryside...
...and felt happy...
...same way downhill...
...but everybody did very well. We were totally proud... was paps...

riding day six - Vrådal to Oslo

Beautiful and empty country roads along Telemarkkanalen made us cruise very fluently. Before we got to Oslo we had a stop in Heddal to visit Norways largest (and most beautiful) Stavkirke.

Holenkollen ski jump...
...made Brian a litlle bit jaunty...
good mood... the Brazilian "sector"
sunset in Oslo - wow!!!
Muppet show on tour - Waldorf & Statler
good night Oslo - thank you for that wonderful day.

riding day five - Stavanger to Vrådal

On our way to the west we visited the deepest fjord in Norway - Lysefjorden. Riding thorugh a lanscape make us feeling on a different planet. We had an awesome sight down in the fjord and conquered the probably steepest hairpin-road in the country. On the way "home" we had proper fiskeburger-picnic (thanks Chris for his perfect job) and saw one of the last remaining Stavkirke in Eidsborg. What a perfect riding day...

morning mood in...
...Sola strand hotel
Vinie - selfie-man of the year.
photo stop
enjoying "outer space"
what a ride... we love hairpins!
End of Lysefjorden. Or is it the beginning?
view from the panorama cafe Oygardstol with perfect weather conditions
27 hairpins on 5km - one way!!! and best:
it's a dead-end-road - so we had to go back again..
on the way back the landscape was not less impressive
Herve rushing towards picnic
exhausted, Irene?
ready for take-off
the fiskeburger were that big. at least...
Eidsborg Kirkegård

riding day four - Bergen to Stavanger

Afer a cosy day in Bergen it was time to move on. Straight to the south, we were heading to Stavanger. The landscape changed completely, it became much smoother and - best of all - warmer.

windy coffe stop in Steinstø
Hardanger bridge, longest suspension bridge in Norway
the bridge connects two tunnels with blue illuminated roundabouts - we felt like inside an alien space ship
not as high as golden gate bridge - but 200m longer
everybody was i a good mood at Hardanger fjord
impressive Låtefossen...
...not only handsome Mike was happy.
...even more impressive Langfossen...
after the ferry, heading to Stavanger
Magic Vinie solved the problem with the vibrating headlight in a very special way. but it works
glad riders in sola strand hotel...
...with an impressive sunset

restday - Bergen

After three wonderful rinding days we had a little time to rest and relax. In the morning some of us had a guided city tour through wonderful Bergen. Thanks Manuel!!! In the afternoon some took the oppurtunity to ride through the back country...

not only on the fish-amrket. also accepted by the tourguides...
lovely Bryggen
alll you need is love
ooohhh, that ride was really tough
evening mood in Bergen
the highest - and most expensive- burger in my life

riding day three - Fjærland to Bergen

Worst wheater so far - but who cares. We are riders, so there is no bad weather - just bad riding gear... Destination and highlight of the day: Bergen. But we figured out that the way is the aim. Again we went through fantastic landscapes high up in the mountains. 8°C, rain, strong wind and frozen lakes... what can a real rider desire more?

morning mood in Fjærland
Mmmhhhh. A delicious brakfast makes everybody feel good...
On the ferry - right on time
After we passed the blanket of fog...
...some got a bit high-spirited
what a view
"summer" in Norway can be extremely beautiful - and chilly
can you find the riders???
Bergen. Finally.

riding day two - Geiranger to Fjærland

What a day! "Supported" by strong wind we left Geiranger fjord and went up to Dalsnibba, definitely the best viewpoint in Norway. The unpaved gammlestryn road was the next highlight towards southwest, leading through a spectecular rough valley with rocks, snow and ice... and sheep! At Jostedalbreen center we made a short stop to get some information about the biggest glacier in Europe before we rushed further south to meet Chris. And his well prepared picnic... mmmhhh.

morning "breeze" in Geiranger...
...brought a cruise liner into the fjord. Little sidestory: before he became tourguide Manuel was working on exactly that ship...
From 1.500m altitude the same cruise liner looks like a little boat. And we had a fantastic view on Nibbevegen road which was built in 1939...
...not only Terri & Carlos enjoyed the highest stop on tour.
fantastic landscapes along gammlestryn road...
...where we saw "running pullovers" - constant companions those days.
view down on Oppstrynsvatnet
we never go over our "fart limit"...
Jostedalsbreen center... Oppstrynsvatnet
Sir Lee & Lady Manu
Brian rushing by. Maybe he didn's stop because of the oncoming picnic...
...which everybody enjoyed very much.
main course: Pølser... YES!!!
That was a perfect picnic, well done Chris! Thanks a lot!!!

riding day one - detour

Some of the riders wanted to take the long way home. So we did a little diversion through outstanding valleys with endless waterfalls and breathtaking sceneries. Brilliant weather and fluent riding blessed everybody... What a ride, dia perfeito!!!!

heroes of the day at Gaularfjellet
dinner @ Fjordstove in Fjærland. EXCELLENT.... yummy

riding day one - Ålesund to Geiranger (ship-cruise)

Leaving Ålesund with brilliant weather we headed south towards our first highlight - Geiranger fjord. Most famous fjord in Norway, listed as UNESCO world heritage, 100km away from the coastline, providing an outstanding beauty. We could enjoy the breathtaking landscape while cruising with a ship to our destination. The small village Geiranger right at the end of the fjord.

our group waiting for the ferry from Magerholm to Sykkylven...
Ligia is obviously enjoying the ferry-trip
on the way to...
a short photo stop right after Stranda...
... right above Storfjorden.
Herve conquered the dark tunnel...
...and Sergio is checking the bike.
on the Ferry in Geiranger Fjord...
...we saw awesome sceneries...
...and could enjoy the outstanding cruise...
...isn't Norway still a great place to be, Paps???
nice detail: even the cable is painted properly black & white
the brave riders heading up to Ørnesvingen...
two sunshines and a rainbow - couldn't be better...
...view down from Ørnesvingen to Geiranger
Lee enjoys the second best fish&chips in the world
(the best in the world can be found in Ålesund
→ see Blog Adventure North Cape ANC1501)
after an exhausting 80km-ride we decided to relax in the heated outdoor-pool with a stunning view on the mountains. - not the worst day in our lives, right Steve?

riding day one - Ålesund to Geiranger (road-trip)

The alternative route led group no. 2 from Ålesund to Trollstigen, one of the most outstanding viewpoints in that area.

Trollveggen with a vintage police-beetle. No threat for our riders anymore...
Marton was enjoying the descent from Trollstigen... did Mike from Australia. "Almost" on the right side...
...which is... well, the RIGHT side!!!
awesome view down in the valley from Trollstigen
deserted tourist center @ Trollstigen
Chris' favourite lunch: Pølse og Coke
coffee-stop @ Jordbærstova...
...where we had the best strawberry-cake in the world. yummy!!!
a totally satisfied and strawberry-cake-stuffed group lined up in front of the cafe
Paolo jr. is taking some snapshots for the family album
typical tourguide-life. doing some laundry...
outstanding dinner-buffet @ our hotel in Geiranger. fish every day...
just in case you mixed it up...
our hotels provided a little exhibition of some nice vintage cars.

Welcome Vikings!

On Thursday the 13th of August 18 brave riders from Brazil, USA, Switzerland, Australia and even Hong Kong showed up in Ålesund to start the Viking Experience Tour trough the southern part of Norway - led by three tourguides: Manuel (Italy), Chris & Manu (Austria)...

We are looking forward to a nice Scandic tour...

Awesome sight from Aksla down on beautiful Ålesund...
bike-handover: Brian is getting last hints for the new Ducati Multistrada...
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Sally Watson
Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 04:43

Great trip if you are a follower. I
Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 14:20

Thank you sally and steve....two great tours trough skandinavia....up to the north and down to south...chris
Mary Kay Dycus & Tom Reavell
Monday, September 14, 2015 at 22:26

Thank you Manu, Chris, and Manuel for a fantastic trip!!! We enjoyed beautiful Norway, great food and hotels, new fun friends, and most of all a most memorable ride!
Friday, September 4, 2015 at 15:02

It was pleasure and fun meeting you guys up here in Kleivstua Hotell. And Im happy to see you made all the way up to the Kings View aswell hope to see you up here next year and take some more friends with you
best regards, Sigita from Latvia
Terri and Carlos
Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 08:46

What an awesome trip! Manuel, Manu and Cristian you were just outstanding guides, always concerned about every detail,we thank you!
Norway is just a magical place and we will cherish our memories of this trip for years to come.
To all the cool riders we met, thanks for some awesome rides, I hope we stay in touch,
Angela! We missed you and Michael, but like we told the crew on this trip, it's not goodbye, it is until the next big ride, take care all and God bless!
Sergio Segantini, Ligia Segantini e Vinicius Segantini
Saturday, August 29, 2015 at 14:07

Foram dias maravilhosos pilotando por estradas de tirar o folego!!!
Obrigado aos nossos guias Manuel (ITAL), Manuel (AUS) e Chris (AUS) que tiveram todos os cuidados que podiam para tornar nossa viagem especial.
Até o próximo ano Edelweiss...
Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 08:48

Great to meet you guys!
Steve Watson
Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 16:00

The Viking Experience,
What a great ride.
Chris &
Are truly
Great Guides.
The roads were
The picnics were
Great. (Chris )
The new friends we made were
This is a trip,
I would not hesitate,
Hurry up, book it!
Don't you wait.
Happy Trails to you,
Until we meet again!
Terri and Carlos
Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 08:50

It was great riding with you and Sally,hope we meet again!
Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 03:29

Hi there in Norway...

I can spot some familiar faces on this tour...

Warmest regards to Terri & Carlos, great that you made your Norway dream come true

Hey Brian, are you challenging the guides?

And Lee, those who survive Morocco are ready for Norway, hm?

Wishing all of you a fantastic tour. Looks like you're having a great time.

Greetings from Chile (Adventure Altiplano)
Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 18:37

Angela, what a treat to have you comment. I have bragged about you several times as I told my fellow riders about our fabulous Moroccan trip. I can't believe they could pry you out of Morocco but Chile is a facsinating place to ride, a great deal of variety. Best wishes to you for a great season.
Terri and Carlos
Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 09:13

Lee, you are a charmer and an example for all of us,we miss you! Safe travels in Croatia!


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