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Edelweiss 35 years FESCHTL - Lake Tahoe

Thursday, September 24, 2015 | Franziska Falkner / Tobias | North and South America

An amazing 35 year Feschtl weekend comes to an end. We are looking back at a fabulouse riding weekend, we have made new friends and caught up with old friends. We have heard about fascinating live stories and we have come together from different parts of the country, all sharing the same passion which brings us together: riding our motorcycles!


Looking forward to seeing you all either next weekend at our Feschl in Seefeld / Austria or in 2016 in the Smokey Mountains or Sao Paulo (check out our website for further infos on those two events).


All the best,

Coral, Franziska, Tobias and Werner

At Dinner we gave away the Edelweiss Rally prizes and we congratulate the 3 lucky winners of the main prizes! We look forward to seeing you guys on another Edelweiss Bike Travel Tour soon


What is better than an ice-cold beer from the boot of our support car after a fabulouse day of riding? You can tell from the looks on everyone's face how happy we all are.

A coffee and/or cold drink stop in the afternoon is just what we needed.

The well-deserved lunch stop leads us to an Italian Pizza place and it seems that everyone is pretty hungry after an exciting morning of riding.

Off we go to an astonishing day of riding Northern Californias twisties. No traffic, good weather and breath taking scenery, what more can you wish for? We live to tell the tale... 

After welcoming everyone we head out to South Lake Tahoes finest place for dinning - it was awesome and we will always remember the taste and looks of the wonderful dishes from Kalani's. Thanks everyone from the Kalani's crew for the fablouse dinner!

Finally our friends and fellow enthusiast arrive in South Lake Tahoe, and we welcome everyone with a glass (or two) of champagne. So glad that you all came to celebrate with us and a big thanks to the great team of the Landing resort who helped with the organization, especially Blossom and Marko and their team

Doing the pre-ride is a lot of fun, as you can see work for us means having a good time (FYI: you can apply for a job as a tour guide online, anytime ). Found some great roads for group ride, until the current Californian fires crossed our path. After having been detoured from the detoured detour, we finally discovered some hidden treasures - you can look forward to Saturday's ride guys.

Starting our Feschtl adventure in Downtown San Francisco with Eric from BMW San Francisco and Laura from Doubbleju - thank you both for your support. After picking up the bikes, we head out over the Golden Gate to Lake Tahoe. We are excited for the weekend to come, so let the 35 year celebration begin.

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simon henry
Monday, September 21, 2020 at 15:29

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Jim Gardella
Friday, September 25, 2015 at 02:17

What a great group of people! Even though it was my first time riding with everyone I really felt like I was part of the family. Can't wait for my first tour in May 2016 (Best of Europe). Thank you all for making this a experience I will cherish.
Thomas Ritt
Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 10:11

Well, isn't it great to see all those familiar faces? Brett, Jeff, and that must be Lee right there, how cool is that? And - I can hardly believe my eyes - Daisy and James!!! I'm glad to see you had a great time at the Feschtl. Looking forward to seeing you someday, somewhere, out on the road!



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