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Guide City Tour Florence - BIT1503

Monday, September 28, 2015 | Ursula Peter | News / Europe

Before the Tour of Tuscany started we had a Guided City Tour in one of the most beautiful Italian towns - Florence.

Pat and John from England were the guests. It is there first time in Italy and they enjoyed it very much.

Have a look....

the Medici Chappel in San Lorenzo - more than 50 members of the Medici family are buried here

an Original Michelangelo!!!

walking along the leather market - we could hardly resist

in the main Food Market downtown Florence

the whole variety of Cantuccini

it is mushroom time

The Duomo - amazing!!!

Giottos Clock Tower

Brunelleschi - the genius. He designed the dome of the cathedral. A masterpiece of architecture.

thousands of scooters lined up aside the streets of Florence

Il Bargello - a prison in medievial times. Off the beaten tracks, no lines. A treasure inside: the original Bacchus of Michelangelo. He sculpted it at the age of 24!

Pat and John enjoying lunch on Piazza Signoria

street life downtown

next to the Uffizi Gallery - Pat is getting a souvenir

Ponte Vecchio

It was a pleasure guiding round so interested people, overwhelmed by the culture and art of charming Florence. You got infected now and hopefully you will come back.

Thank you so much for waking me up and getting back my jacket

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