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CCC1502 Christopher Columbus

Friday, October 16, 2015 | Manuel Reheis / Manuel Marabese / Claudia Wenhart | Europe

day 8 - Zafra to Cordoba

Our second to last riding day brought us from Zafra to Cordoba. One group took the easy and short route to have enough time to visit Cordoba and the famous Mezquita, which is one of the must-sees in Andalusia. The other group took the most curvy and challenging route of this tour through the Sierra Morena in direction Cordoba.

lucky us! in Constantina we met Valentino Rossi's granddad
awesome roads and stunning views in Spains backcountry...
...right Marty???
best parking lot ever!!!

day seven - Lisbon -Zafra

Today we left Lisbon over the big bridge Vasco da Gama in direction Evora. After 1 hour on the highway we changed our vehicles to four wheel Go-Karts and did a little race on the track. This was real fun. After this challenge we head on to Elvas and finally ended in Zafra, where we had a lovely dinner in a old mill with excellent food.

Just before the race started
hot laps in Kartodorom Evora
The chaple of Bones in Evora - very mystic
in the middle of nowhere
Big aqueduct in Elvas
William and Robert
jaunty John
nice coffee-stop in Elvas
not just Linda enjoyed the day
Dinner in Zafra

day six - Lisbon

Today was our second restday in Lisbon. Some of us went on a city tour with Manuel&Manu and enjoyed the nice and warm flair of Lisbon. The other group went out for a short ride to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost extend of mainland Portugal and continental Europe. Torre de Belem was our last stop before entering the city again. And we got some nice and yummy Pastel de Nata. 

Our Group at Cabo do Rooca
Westernmost Point of Europe
David and David having fun
Selfie...... always fun.... Gaby and Claudia
Lighthouse at Cabo do Roca
Gaby and Chris at the Tower of Belem
Nice view over Lisbon
Nostalgic elevator in Lisbon
The old tram...
...get happy people through town does the tuk-tuk
Church without rooftop, because of the big earthquake in 1755
stunning views on Lisboa...

day five - Santiago do Cacem to Lisbon

Today was a short riding day..... altough it was short... we had some challenges )). Small curvey roads brought us to the ferry to Setubl and further on to Cabo Espichel, where we had lunch. Lisbon was our final destination, where we have a rest day tomorrow.

On the ferry to Setubal
Lighthouse Cabo Espichel
Cabo Espichel
William at Cabo Espichel
Michele and Robert
Linda, Peter, David and Helen
Sir William seems to be happy
Mrs. Tourguide before entering Lisboa

day four - Faro to Santiago do Cacem

From Faro we went out westwards in direction Lagos and Cabo Sao Vicente always along the wonderfull Algarve coast. Cabo Sao Vicente with 200 feet of vertical roch was our stop before Claudia was waiting with a picnic on another beautiful spot at the Atlantic Coast. We were lucky, that the weather was good. Everybody arrived safe in Santiago do Cacem and we had a nice dinner in a typical Portuguese restaurant with yummy desserts.

morning-view from the hotel-terrace in Faro
coffee-stop in Lagos...
...not the worst place to stay!
Milagro enjoying the beach-walk
the lighthouse doesn't just guide ships. It also brought us to...
Cabo Sao Vicente...
...with fresh squeezed orange juice...
...and Humpty Dumpty on the wall
the four magnificant seven
five chickens on a bar
Claudia prepared an awesome picnic in Praia Do Amado
what a spot to have lunch!!!
restrooms? that way...!!!
easy riders in Portugal

day three - Sevilla to Faro

Today we went from Sevilla to Faro. Two different routes brought us to Ayamonte, where we randomly met each other again on the ferry boat across the river which represents the border between Spain and Portugal. For lunch we stopped at Chiringuito Playatta in Isla Canela, where we made some funny picutres.

David und Martina
John has fun too
David with the crocodile
seems like we've been the main attraction in Ayamonte
Chris entering USS Takemehome
the "spirited group" before they randomly met the rest of the gang
keep the girls amused, cause: happy wife ► happy life
...right Claudia???
We were lucky all bikes on one ferry! Crossing the border to Portugal.
Julie and Marty
Gaby on the ferry
navigating in Faro is quite simple: the Portuguese tell you exactly where to go...
the soccer-match Scotland vs.Gibraltar brought funny dressed people into town
the weather wasn't too good...
... but therefore the mood was!

day two - restday Sevilla

Just after one riding day, we have our first restday in Sevilla. A beautifull sunny morning is waiting for us to explore the city. We enter the old city of Sevilla through the old preserved city wall in the north of Sevilla - Puerta de la Macarena. Tiny narrow cobblestone streets bring us in the center of Sevilla. It's like a labyrinth. First stop is the Metropol Parasol a 85 feet high wooden structure with 6 parasols - like big mushrooms.

In front of Plaza de Espana

Our way brings us to Plaza del Triunfo and the Real Alcázar with mudejar architecture.

Rick just relaxing
Cafe con leche before we pass the third largest church in the world Saint Mary of the Sea
Our sightseeing group in front of the Metropol Parasol

alternative programme: riding!!!

short break in Sevillas backcountry
Chris and David enjoyed the coffee stop at least as much as...
William and Gabi

day one - Malaga to Sevilla

Our first riding day brought us from Malaga to Sevilla. We splitted the group in two and did two differents routes in the morning and meet each other again for lunch in Ronda. A beautifull old spanish village situated in the mountainous area. Puente Nuevo is the important sightseeing sport there. The oldest bullfighting rin in Spain is also situated there. In the afternoon we cruised on small twisty roads to Grazalema, Zahara, Coripe and finally ended all up save in our hotel in Sevilla.

happy tourguide Manuel
David and Helen are ready for take-off
Barbara and Dayvid
David catching some good pictures
Michele and Peter at our photostop in the mountains of Sierra Zafalgar
Manuel in Ronda
In front of the bullfighting ring
Puente Nuevo Ronda

¡Bienvenido a España!


26 Riders from Canada, USA and Switzerland came to Malaga to do the fantastic Christopher Columbus Tour. Led by Manuel (Italy), Claudia (Germany) and Manu (Austria) we conquer the southern part of Spain and Portugal.

... makes Gabi happy...
... while John is checking the trunk
the welcome briefing was well prepared...
... the audience was listening
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William McLarty
Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 19:38

There may, or may not have been cheating during the kart racing....

Brock Stearns
Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 18:45

If you're not cheating, you're not trying!


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