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Alps and Lakes 1504

Friday, October 16, 2015 | Björn / Andreas Hermann | Europe

Riding day four - The "rest"-day

The wheather forecast wasn't very promising. 3°C and rain....And even though a great Spa nearby sounded very tempting all riders wanted to make a little spin.

So off we went. Surprisingly we had dry roads when we took off. On the shore of the Pillersee we had a short stop. John remembered beeing here in summer before. What a cooincidence.

When we wanted to continue to our lunchbreak, the Ducati of the Tourguide wouldn't start again. Battery was dead. So Andy hopped on Johns bike and we went to a restaurant just 2 minutes away.

While we had lunch Björn came with the Van and we changed the Tourguide motorbike.

Shortly after lunch the rain started and so it was a quite wet ride home to the hotel.

All in all it was a very nice day.

short fotostop
The road was dry and the scenery with the coloured trees and the clouds really nice
All riders happy
The Pillersee

Riding day three - Gmunden to Kaprun

Today we started the day with taking a group picture. A few minutes later we left Gmunden in cloudy weather but had to put on our rain gear after a few kilometers. We continued on wet roads to Bad Ischl and stopped at Hallstatt to visit the nice city center. And we could not believe it, it finaly stopped raining.

After a coffe break we continued to Gosau and had lunch at the Gosausee. When we continued to Bischofshofen the roads were dry and we could go a little bit faster. In the afternoon we arrived at the hotel in Kaprun and after riding in air temperatures of 5 to 8 degree some group members could not wait to check out the sauna.

Our great group at Traunsee
Take off at the lake
Ready for another great day...
On the road...
Putting on the rain gear - again
Hallstätter See
Town centre of Hallstatt
The castle in Kaprun

Riding day two - Salzburg to Gmunden


Oh what a day...

We are positive people so lets say the sun WAS shining somewhere, we just happened to be at a different place. You could describe the wheather as very highly humid...

Or in other words:it was raining cats and dogs. And it was cold. It snowed down to 1000m (3000ft)

With the rain we wanted to go to a mine where they dug out the salt since 4000 years. But we have not been the only ones and so we would have to wait quite some time and the group decided to skip that.

Instead we wanted to have a coffee to warm us up. Well, the warming up worked pretty well, the coffee not so much. After we climbed what felt like the Mt. Everest (at least to all except our sporty guys) a little sign informed us it would not upen until 1pm. Nobody was freezing anymore though )

Some really nice roads passing many little lakes made us all aware why this tour is  called Alps and Lakes. Great scenery. And at this time a year even more beautiful with all the leaves in different shades of red and yellow.

With all the rain and the leaves on the road we had to keep the concentration up though. Pretty slippery stuff.

But everybody stayed safe and so we made a short coffee stop on the Traunsee before we reached our nice hotel at the same lake.

Elsa and Joseph on their RT followed by Sonny on the Honda
The group leaving Salzburg in heavy traffic
Glen on the R1200R
Somehow they look like they had 5 beers, don't they? But we gurantee: no alcohol involved!
What a view! (just use your imagination and believe the tourguide: its breathtaking!)
I think you see how steep it was...
Great food on the lunchbreak
Gearing up after lunch. It stopped raining eventually
A great little fotostop made up for all the rain we had today
Sonny trying to get the bent key out of the motorcycle...
"Got it!"
Elsa enjoying the view...
"who wants to have Southafrican chocolat?"
Everybody happy!
View from the hotel over "Traunsee"
The market square of Gmunden with the town hall.

Riding day one - Erding to Salzburg

Today we started the last alps and lakes tour for this year in the Park Hotel in Erding. During the morning we crossed the bavarian countryside an had our first stop in Prien at the Chiemsee. We took the ferry to the "Herreninsel" and walked up to castle "Herrenchiemsee".



King Ludwig's castle
Everyone happy at the ferry. Despite the weather we were sitting outside.
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