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Edelweiss' very first Honeymoon Blog

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 | Thomas Ritt | Europe

TOURDAY 23: Day of Departure really early in the morning

That's all, folks! Three weeks of honeymoon are over. Thanks for watching. Let us say goodbye with this little clip, a "Best Of" of our 240GB of videos...


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TOURDAY 22: Back to Malaga

Last Morning of the last riding day. One last look from our private balcony.
A short moment of sunshine on a cloudy morning.
Our last stop on the Mirador de las Ciclistas right above Estepona.
Obviously a popular road for cyclists.
We used the short sunny moment to rest a little...

Tourday 21: Rest day in Ronda

Ronda's landmark, the New Bridge, was built in the 18th century.
This is the view in the gorge. Breathtaking, isn't?
Another nice view from Ronda...
...and an interesting little alley, perfect for our video project!
All villages in Andalucia are white. All of them? No, one little village decided to paint itself blue...

Tourday 20: Arcos to Ronda

In Baelo Claudia we marvelled at the ruins of a Roman settlement. 2,000 years ago this was a bustling town!
This little figurine shows that the Romans had quite a sense of humour
Climbing the 2,000 year old stairs to the amphitheater
Very nice restaurant right next to the ruins. We heard it call our names...
Short breake in Tarifa, Spain's southernmost point
The road to Gaucin offers amazing riding, so our little rest on top of the pass was well deserved!
Ronda is the city of the Toros, the Spanish bulls.
The "Rob Official Support Team" (ROST) would like to wish Rob all the best for a successful completion of the Training Tour. Go get 'em, Rob!!!

TOURDAY 19 - Antequera to Acros de la Frontera

Amazing panorama of the castillo in Antequera and the Don Juan mountain in the back. This is not photoshopped! Well, it is, but only a little...
Selfie at the El Torcal lookout
El Torcal is a stunning rock formation. For those of you who know New Zealand: like a mix of Pancake Rocks and the Castle Rock.
El Chorro as seen from the viewpoint. Unfortunately El Caminito del Rey, a hair-raising little walkway that leads into it, was still closed for the season.
Today's destination: Arcos de la Frontera, one of the famous white towns of Andalucia
Narrow alleys lead up to the Parador, where we stay for the night. Quite a tricky ride...
Next to the Parador is the town's main church
Beautiful sunset

TOURDAY 18 - Granada to Antequera

First highlight of the day: Alhambra.
Most spectecular point of interest in Spain.
A great example of moorish art.
The highest point you can drive with a bike in the Sierra Nevada...
...AND very, very cold, not only up in the mountain today. And one of us decided not to use her heated grips. Guess who?
Now it is time to do some filming...
...after we had some troubles with the technique. Maybe even to cold for the Equipment? Who knows...
Last highlight for the day: picnic on a scenic spot. Well, a little bit to cold to stay long, but enough time to really enjoy the great food!

TOURDAY 17 - Scouting, the last one...

Breakfast in Tabernas, just next door to Fort Bravo/Texas Hollywood.
After testing several curvy roads with multiple hairpins (maybe a part of a future Edelweiss Tour, who knows), time for lunch.
Towards a potential new hotel for a Edelweiss-Tour...
...we saw this impressive castle.
Last stop, last visit of a hotel before we went straight to Granada.
Short walk around in Granada before dinner.
After dinner a second walk with our new tourguides Marko and Claudia.

Last part of our honeymoon trip: Andalusia Tour.

TOURDAY 16 - Great curves, great ride!

She decided to wait for him to take a picture of another great road.
We were too busy riding... time for pictures. Sorry guys, you have to come and see for yourselves.

TOURDAY 15 - Only we two scouting Almeria

We left Malaga and looked back at it from our lunch spot in the mountains.
She stopped to take some pictures, so he had to come back, just too quick...
And this was the panoramic view of the short stop.
We finished our first scouting day with a great dinner at the Mirador Cerro Gordo.
Look at this impressive landscape in the sunset.

TOURDAY 14 - Last riding day with the HOGs

Not much time, but one spot for filming must be possible.
Waiting for the group...
...and taking some snapshots of each other.
And here they come!
We made it. We caught up with them. Next thing on the list: border crossing.
Finishing a great moroccan tour with a great sunset!

We would like to say thank you to the HOGs from Shanghai for letting us be part of their Edelweiss Harley Tour across Morocco. It was a pleasure riding with you guys!

TOURDAY 13 - On our way back to Chefchaouen

Just a few Harleys passing us...
He found something well-known sweets from good old Germany: Prinzenrolle!
Our lunch we took at this great picnic spot. Isn't it romantic?
We're back in Chefchaouen and look at this moroccan four poster bed. Just perfect for honeymooners, right?
Tourguide off duty he thought. Well, as you can see: he thought wrong
She had an eye on the bikes.
Short lesson in tips and tricks with a GPS.
And last but not least some new impressions of Chefchaouen.
The second time we walk through this village and again we found some new beautiful corners.

TOURDAY 12 - Restday in Fez

Some of the famous tanneries are being restored at the moment
The equally famous water clock was built in the 14th century. After its creator died it fell into disrepair - nobody else knew how to fix it...
Two of the countless minaretts of Old Fez
The Blue Gate is the Times Square of the Medina of Fez
Tour guides Ray, Eva and Rob in front of the hotel entrance.
Café Clock is one of the best-known adresses in the Medina. The food here is quite spectacular!

TOURDAY 11 - On our way to FEZ

She has her position for taking photos, he is still looking...
Meanwhile taking a panoramic picture, while waiting for the Harleys.
Nice snapshot from the first ones passing us.
Crossing the Atlas Mountains it was again very cold, sometimes only 2.5°C . We missed the Gibraltar monkeys, but we saw this monkey familiy next to the road.
The boss sitting above in the tree, watching all from above.
Fez at night!

TOURDAY 10 - Another restday in Erfoud

It's time to say goodbye to a fantastic group we had the pleasure to ride with. And sorry, we didn't take any pictures of your departure. But eventuelly we will meet some of you as small reunion at the Touratech Travel Event in Niedereschach, it would be nice to see you again. Have fun and ride safe!

He did a great job making a new video and she took a picture in the right moment.
We had a relaxed morning, but in the afternoon we're busy again, making some movies with our new group, the HOG Shanghai Chapter.
And also take some shots of us and this dinosaur.

TOURDAY 9 - Restday Erfoud

The night is over and we had another walk through the desert. And not everyone is riding on an camel.
Sorry Ted, we had to post this Picture!
Both of us decided to walk through the desert the whole way back. Roundabout 2 hours.
And we enjoyed the freedom to go whereever we want and we made some great pictures.
What a Feeling to go barefoot in the sand!
And yes, even in the desert, you can see beautiful flowers!
The last impressive scenic picture before we had a delicious breakfast.

And we think, we deserved it after this great but long walk through the desert. AND one of us was in heaven when he found Nutella on the breakfast table!

Nice experience, but once in a lifetime and perfect for honeymoon, we guess. But now we're so glad to check in...

TOURDAY 8 - Todra Gorge

It is not easy to decide, which gorge is more impressive. Here you can see the gorge of Todra
A riddle: which one is the better to ride on and causes less problems?
Right on the way out of the gorge of Todra and for one of us it wasn’t all pleasure and fun.
Nice guided tour with information about the Underground water channel.
And we had the chance to see one part of underground tunnels.
Another riddle: what is missing in this photo??
Our Hotel in Erfoud, but not for tonight. We booked something Special...
Well yes, to get there, we had to ride Camels!
And for none of us it was so much fun!
Finally we reached our over night stay for tonight! A night in the Dessert with huge sand dunes around us and a fantastic Tajine for dinner.

TOURDAY 7 - Dades Gorge

We' re right behind Ait Benhaddou and made just a short stop for some filming and taking a Picture of these 4 camels.
Time for a rest. Great but hot day so far, so why not take some thè de menthe at this pretty place and also have a look at the Souvenirs.
Wow, what a great scenery for a Edelweiss Picnic: look at this so called brain rock Formation.
Just right on time to take some shots from the preparation.
How cute, as dolls we' re part of the picnic! Nice idea Ursula
Yeah right: Make life a ride! Or otherwise: ride, eat, sleep, repeat!
We did it! We' re having a great ride through the unbelievable Dades Gorge. We can't just get enough and one of us was a lucky one to ride this twice.
Great winding road to ride on, nothing else to say...
On our ride back this Panorama Picture is a must: the view on this famous hairpin every rider combines with Marocco. But hurry up, we spent a lot of time in the Dades Gorge, The sun will soon go down.


On the way to Aid Benhaddou: coffee-stop, but not for us. We go straight ahead to scout some good film and foto-places.
Well, not always undisturbed, and as you can see: HE not SHE can't resist to buy something.
Not such an easy gravel road, including deep ruts, sandy surface, and lots of potholes. AND one of us had successfully mastered the first water crossing!
Next stop for some great pictures and short filming sessions.
We just arrived at our hotel for tonight. In the middle of nowhere, an unbelievable overnight stay.
Three very lucky tour guides (one off duty), because it was just a great day on the bike. We had so much fun.
Just a short rest to get new energy for visiting the village Aid Benhaddou.
We made it to the top and were rewarded with this overwhelming view. But now back quickly. We are soooo hungry…

TOURDAY 5 - Restday Marrakesch

First visit in Marrakesch at the rest day: Bahia Palace.
Look at all this colours.
Next Stop: guided tour through the souks: typical open air market place in the northern region of Africa.
No tourist in the foto! Just a beautiful scene in the souk with all the different booth.
Visiting Marrakesch, then visiting the place Jamaa Fna is a must…
…and you get this great scenery in the evening…
…with all the snake charmers,
unbelievable fruit booth…
…and at this time you can eat right on the market place. Great food!


We reached Casablanca and went straight ahead, no, not to Rick's Cafe, but to the Hassan II Mosque.
Impressive Moroccan architecture.
Oooh, we had to hurry up, more Pictures later. Ursula calls for us... get an intensive view of the interior by a guided tour. Look at this detailed carving of the entrance.
E.T. is calling, or does it not look like an UFO? Well no, it is a ritual washing place in the basement of the mosque.
Just nice sitting in the sun, in front of the mosque and all this cute cats around us!
One of the rare moments when you have enough signs in order to see where to go. We have just reached Marrakesch.
See that lucky guy, now it is time to relax after a long riding day.


He has all the technical gimmicks - she uses it for artsy fotos! A panoramic view of Chefchaouen, the blue city.
Upstairs, downstairs and the other way round and so many shades of blue. And where is the blue house we will stay overnight???
A beautiful road through a gorge. A great moroccan scenery or what do you think?
A beautiful curvy road and eight bikes lined up like pearls on a string - that's what we call a perfect day on a Edelweiss Tour.
Men at work! There is no way for a Edelweiss Tourguide to shut down the tourguide-mode completely, not even while on honeymoon. What the heck! The main thing is: we have fun
Waiting for the group. Usually boring, but not at this great panoramic view.
Tourguides among themselves. You can be sure, they were talking shop.
The beautiful beasts (below).
WE are in Rabat, but HE is in heaven. Perhaps tomorrow morning there is some Nutella at the breakfast buffet...
Sparkling lights everwhere, well we are pretty close to 1000 and 1 night.


First driving-day, first adventure: just a few kilometres driven and one of our bikes ran out of gas. Shit happens.

Well, one of us had to go to the gas station and organise some fuel. And then hurry up to reach the group.

But of course we didn't want to miss this spectacular view point of the rock of Gibraltar at Mirador El Higuerón.

Yes, as you can see, we' re really in Great Britain And around this red telephone box there is a beautiful botanical garden. Great place for a break.

We reached our destination for tonight and did a short ride to the top of Monte Echo to enjoy the great view down to Ceuta. We reached Africa, but not yet Morocco.

Nice scenery: on the left Hercules, which you pass by ferry, before you reach the port of Ceuta; in the middle and far in the background: the rock of Gibraltar, and on the right just a nice lighthouse.


Any Edelweiss tour is special, but this one is just sensational: Simone's and Tom's honeymoon tour across Morocco and Andalucia. Feel free to follow us around...

A brand new bike for the honeymooners - yeah!
One of the major sights in Malaga is Picasso's birth place. Too bad it's so hard to find. Should have taken the Guided City Tour with Ursula...
Even Picasso likes Tapas. And beer from Munich....
Picasso was way ahead of his time. He used an I-Pad for sketching his masterpieces!
Not the KKK, just Good Friday in Spain. What an experience!
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Ted Goslinga
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 12:58

Hi.Tom and Simone. Finally time to read the entire honeymoon blog. Great pictures and fun writing! Hope to have you again on a future wedding anniversary tour (no camels allowed )
Michael Göbel
Monday, April 25, 2016 at 18:38

Well done! Hope to see you on your 25th aniversary tour, if I am not too old for that then......I will be 80!!! All the best!
Andrew Steuter
Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 22:20

Congratulations Simone & Tom!
Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 21:52

Thanks Andrew, we hope to see you on our first anniversary tour.
Viktoria Neuner
Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 19:32

Beautiful pictures
Have fun, Vicky
Eva Köfler
Monday, April 11, 2016 at 23:17 war mir eine Ehre euch auf einen Teil eurer Honeymoon Reise zu begleiten...

und danke nochmals für die hilfe Tom auch wenn du nicht in charge warst

wünsche euch noch eine schöne Zeit... wir sehen uns

lg Eva
Simone & Tom
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 20:15

Es war uns eine Ehre, Gäste auf deiner Tour zu sein! Great job!!!
Und gern geschehen, wir haben gern mitgeholfen. Nur dumm, dass ich's nicht gefilmt hat. Wär'n cooler Zeitraffer geworden...
Tobias Wachter
Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 14:56

Wow, tolle Bilder! Viel Spaß auf Tour...
Ursula Peter
Monday, April 4, 2016 at 20:01

Hi Papparazzi,
very well done!
Regards from Fes
Claudia Wenhart
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 15:12

Hallo Ihr zwei,
das sind ja tolle Bilder. Wünsche Euch ganz viel Spaß, tolles Wetter und viele Kurven, genießt die Zeit zu zweit.
Liebe Grüße bis in einer Woche in Malag
Monday, March 28, 2016 at 00:47

Hey ihr honeymooners > super Blog. Freu mich sehr für euch und bin gespannt auf eure Reise + weitere Bilder und Berichte Genießt die Zeit! Grüße
Saturday, March 26, 2016 at 17:46

Hallo ihr beiden. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß auf der Tour und einen "guten Kurvengeist" für eure Zukunft!
Saturday, March 26, 2016 at 14:06

Wow - wir glauben es nicht!!!!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Euch beide. Alles Liebe und eine wunderschöne Tour, Claudi & Markus
Simone & Tom
Saturday, March 26, 2016 at 20:21

Da schau her, ihr habt es schon gefunden, und wir wollten euch heute noch den Link schicken, als Überraschung! Ja, so kanns gehen, bis man schaut ist man verheiratet...
Hoffen wir sehen euch bald mal wieder. Vielleicht auf dem Touratech Travel Event? Da werden wir auch dieses Jahr wieder den Edelweiss-Stand betreuen. Wär nett!
Liebe Grüße aus Ceuta!
Pablo Piferrer
Saturday, March 26, 2016 at 06:25

Congratulations!! Enjoy. looking forwards to a beer soon.

Regards from Mexico!

P.S. There's a pair under the seat...


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