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Around Mount Etna (CSI1601)

Sunday, April 17, 2016 | Manuel Marabese / Michael Göbel | Europe

Day 5: Cefalù - Catania

It's time to close our loop and tackle Etna from north-west. Another gorgeous day of blue sky, deep blue water, coastal cruising and narrow twists around Nebrodi Park... Sicily is simply stunning!

Final day group photo up on the Etna lava fields!
In the background you can have a glimpse of Lipari islands
Jan and Sonja admiring the panorama from Portella Maraglia
Etna is back! And smoking from its main crater today!
Roofs of Cesarò
Perfectly aligned near the statue of Cristo Redentore
Jim and John went for some appetisers today... 16 samplers of local delicacies. Well except for the tripe, right?
The Rifugio Bruneck, missed by many during the free ride up to Etna!
Gabi on her Monster. Last photo stop at the lava field, it's time to go back to Catania!

Day 4: Rest day in Cefalù

On our second day we have the chance to split the group: those iron-butters (not in the sense of butter) that wants another long ride are following Michael during his 300+ km scouting and those prefering a more laid back trip are going with Manuel for half a day around little roads in the Madonìe park.

Castelbuono, an imposing yet elegant fortress from the 14th Century
Gangi and in the background (without myst) there should be Etna... but it's still far away, tomorrow we will have a better view!
Definitely a coffee with a view, in Petralia Sottana.
Klaus is surely enjoying these perfect sweeper bridge at the feet of Isnello. This road was part of the famous Targa Florio race.
Andrew, Sam, Dave, Markus and Klaus looking forward to a delicious lunch in Cefalù
And here we are, buon appetito!
Charming terrace of sea front restaurant. So hard to choose what to eat, everything is so tasty in Sicily!
An evening passeggiata (stroll) before having a pizza on the main square.

Day 3: Agrigento to Cefalù

Sicilians have their very own coast to coast, crossing the sunny island from the shore facing Africa to the shore facing Italy... Agrigento to Cefalù passing through Raffadali, Prizzi, Corleone and Caccamo is a great ride indeed!

Group photo with Valle dei Templi in the background
A tiger among flowers
John aka Godfather finding his way home
Corleone's roofs
Verdant valleys in this season
Dave and Sam posing in front of the imposing (doh!) Caccamo Castle

Day 2: Loop to Selinunte

Today it's already a rest day! What? After one day? Yes, because this is our new concept of touring, a mix between a classic Edelweiss tour and a Touring center, so instead of packing and moving to a new hotel every day we do it only every second day. More relaxed and gives everyone the opportunity to customize the activities during the trip.

So let's go for a full day loop to Selinunte (the largest archeological park of Europe) and back through some challenging mountain roads in the inland. Sicily is surrounded by turquoise-blue Mediterranean water... A cruise along the coast should never be missed!
The view atop Scala dei Turchi. Here we are closer to Africa then to the Alps!
Sciacca, old thermal town, it's a lively spot to sip the first espresso of the ride.
We splash a bit now, and instead of an exhausting walk all over Selinunte with our motorcycle gear we let the golf cart touring us around...
Mind boggling views with the Acropolis right on the coast.
We can go even offroading with this toy, maybe we can consider a full tour of Sicily on one of those!
Temple of Hera, the only one fully reconstructed (in 1958) after the earthquake of the 3rd century destroyed most of the site.
It's soon time for lunch! Let's go down to the beach, it looks so nice a calm.... but... oooops today it's school trip day and we gotta share our Eden with a few teenagers, nevermind...
After the morning coastal scenery we ride up to the hills of Sambuca di Sicilia. Marlene and Klaus enjoying a photo stop...
With the good company of Andrew, Markus and his uncle Klaus.

Day 1: Catania - Agrigento

Welcome to Ital.... ehm, Sicily! Yes, Sicilians are very proud of their nationality and are not to be confused with regular Italian. As soon as you start touring this magnificent region it's clear that the strait of Messina is much wider than a twenty minutes ferry ride... Ready, go!

Quite a cheerful group featuring Germany, England, USA, Canada and the leading duo Italian-German are eager to ride for a week around the most picturesque roads of Sicily!
Rainbow on the first morning... will it be a good sign for the weather? We will see...
A recent snowfall has painted in white the tip of this 3323m volcano, the biggest in Europe.
Crater at Rifugio Sapienza, luckily it's quite today...
The road to the pass: quite a dream!
Even from far away Etna is imposing: such a clear sky!
A red Italian beauty is always ready to pose.
Michael playing some good tunes is a great add-on to an already wonderful evening
Cosy terrace with Valle dei Templi in the background...
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